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2020.10.08 18:03 SaintRidley Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ May 2, 1988

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words, continuing in the footsteps of daprice82. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
The Complete Observer Rewind Archive by daprice82
1-4-1988 1-11-1988 1-18-1988 1-25-1988
2-1-1988 2-8-1988 2-15-1988 2-22-1988
2-29-1988 3-7-1988 3-14-1988 3-21-1988
3-28-1988 4-4-1988 4-11-1988 4-18-1988
4-25-1988 * * *
  • [NWA] The biggest story of the week is Barry Windham turning on Lex Luger to join the Four Horsemen on the April 20 WTBS taping. They made it meaningful. Windham and Luger were challenging Tully and Arn for the tag titles and they posted Luger, who bled for the first time in seven months. And Windham tried to make the tag on two occasions, but Luger wasn’t there, and J.J. Dillon got in his ear and with a bit of encouragement he lariated Luger so Arn could get the pin. Luger and Brody doing clean jobs in the same week has Dave joking the Road Warriors will be next. Anyway, Midnight Rider followed Windham into the heel dressing room and was jumped by all the heels, who unmasked him. But the faces saved him before we could find out who this mysterious enforcer of what’s right could have his face caught on camera. Windham rode off in the Four Horsemen’s limo holding the mask to close the show. Given the cards they’ve got set up all around the country for May, Dave thinks this must have been a spur of the moment thing, but by all accounts it came off fantastically.
  • The Crockett Cup, on the other hand, did not come off fantastically. At least not on the first night. Totally disorganized is the phrase Dave uses. The wrestling was excellent and the second night was a very good show, with the exception of having a half full arena. The first night had nearly a full house. The only good thing about the show, aside from the wrestling, is really that the right team won. Dave reviews both nights. Anyway, main things of note: Tony Schiavone announced at the beginning that Windham had pulled out and that Luger would pick a new partner, which everyone assumed would be Midnight Rider and would lead to them going to the end. The bracket was a mess and basically wasn’t really used. The first match was a forfeit since The Green Machine didn’t make it to the building on time (he was there by 8 pm when the tickets said the show would start, but the show started at 7 so yeah). Music miscues happened, the Mexican delegation was Curtis Thompson and Gene Ligon in red versions of the Cruel Connection’s outfits, and the Japanese team was Johnny Ace and John Savage because the actual Japanese team “missed their flight” or so they said. Steve Williams and Ron Simmons took on Rick Steiner and Mike Rotunda at the point the intermission should have happened and was supposed to be the final second round match according to the program, but yeah let’s roll with it. The crowd cheered the announcement that Ron Garvin was injured (following the use of the spike by Kevin Sullivan in the aftermath of the Prince of Darkness match, which meant Sting had no partner. Well, Lex Luger’s looking for a partner, so here we are, the beginning of Sting and Luger as the worst best friends. The final match of night one should have been the Midnight Express vs. the Varsity Club, since they were the only remaining teams left not to have second round matches. For some reason we got the Midnights vs. the Sheepherders instead, and this counts enough, because it’s how the Midnights made it to the quarter finals. Oh, and Flair, who won Most Hated Wrestler by the PWI this past year, gave a promo and got a standing ovation. Very hatred indeed.
  • And that’s just night one. But before night two, Dave talks about Ricky Steamboat’s gym in Charlotte. Dave went to pick up some t-shirts because those make great gifts. Well, the guy at the front desk refused to sell Dave anything because it was 5:01 pm and the gym was closed. “I flew in from California just to buy t-shirts” was not a convincing argument either.
  • Anyway, night two of the Crockett Cup began with announcements, and the crowd was buzzing because word of Barry Windham’s turn was starting to get around. But since it hadn’t aired, pretty much everyone was going off secondhand information. Anyway, the first announcement had to do with Garvin’s injury and the crowd cheered again. Then they announced Windham was out and had joined the Horsemen, and people were beside themselves hugging and cheering this news. And when Sting and Luger were announced, the women in the audience punctured everyone else’s eardrums. Night 2 sees a much improved quality of matches. The Fantastics vs. Varsity Club get 4 stars and Dave notes they had the best opening match he’s seen in years. Sting and Luger beat the Midnights in a 3.75 star match and Dave praises Sting (not “one of the elite workers in the world yet” but definitely on his way). Road Warriors vs. Powers of Pain used the over the top DQ Dusty finish they used last month for Midnights/Fantastics in the same arena, and Dave can’t believe the booking there. Arn and Tully beat the Fantastics in a 3.5 star match.Flair and Nikita Koloff had a completely predictable, watchable, ho hum match. The finals saw Sting and Luger beat Arn and Tully in another 3.5 star match, and Luger put some work into this one (he wasn’t in much at all in the earlier matches, and he blew up after 10 minutes in this one.
  • Dave guesses that the reason the finals drew so poorly comes down to a few factors. Nobody believes the $1 million prize, for one thing, and tournaments don’t draw without a really strong bracket. Nobody cares about Flair vs. Koloff. Midnight Rider isn’t doing anything for anybody and they put all their tv energy into that. The Crockett Cup has a three year history and has yet to sell out a building once. It’s time to re-evaluate. Fewer teams and matches would be a good start, and that would allow a meaningful world title match on night one. Getting outside teams would be good too because it would provide some drawing power by putting on the show people the crowd is not used to, but easier said than done.
  • Akira Maeda’s UWF sold out its debut show for May 12 in 15 minutes. Dave thinks this might be a record for pro wrestling. Fans camped out on April 15 outside the Korauken Hall box office to get tickets the next morning, and more than 6,000 fans were turned away once the show sold out. This news is forcing some re-evaluation of opinions on UWF. With this, Maeda is now the hottest guy going in Japan. It’s leading to demand for UWF to have television, and Tokyo Channel 6 wants to broadcast specials. They’re looking at the 11,000 seat Ariake Coliseum for August. Dave personally thinks UWF will attain a cult following for its hyper-realistic style, but it’ll lose the mainstream general public because of the lack of flash, high flying, and showmanship. That said, a Japanese reporter told him that if Maeda becomes “cool” in the eyes of Japan, he’s going to be “cool” regardless of what his style is and people will follow what he’s doing. If something is “in” in Japan, everybody follows it, according to the reporter. UWF gaining a following will likely hurt Baba and Inoki because they’ll look fake by comparison, and it’d wreck any plans WWF might have of entering the Japanese market beyond a week’s tour a year. Money shouldn’t be a big issue - they only have six wrestlers on contract and two front office people, so they can reinvest profits into the company heavily. That said, they only have three guys (Maeda, Nobuhiko Takada, ad Kazuo Yamazaki) with name value, which only gives them three options for main events, so staleness is a possibility. Only time will tell.
  • War is brewing in Oregon and Roddy Piper has thrown a spanner in the works. He’s appearing on April 30 for Don Owen. Piper turned down lucrative offers from the WWF and NWA in the past year, so this definitely feels like a personal favor to help out Owen, who gave Piper his big break in the late 70s. Even when he worked for WWF, Piper refused to work in Washington or Oregon because they weren’t Owen’s shows right up until the end of his career, when he worked a couple shows in Seattle and Tacoma after Owen had given up running those cities. He even worked Owen’s 60th anniversary card in 1985 when he was the top heel for WWF. Piper’s appearance has forced Billy Jack Haynes to push his debut card back a week to May 7, and Owen’s bringing in Tom Zenk and Curt Henning for that night.
  • [All Japan] Bruiser Brody jobbed clean by pinfall to Jumbo Tsuruta on April 19 to lose the International Title. The finish was a back suplex and it’s the first pin he’s taken in Japan since 1980.
Watch: Jumbo Tsuruta vs. Bruiser Brody
  • [WWF] The April 30 Saturday Night’s Main Event was taped on April 22. Results saw Beefcake beat Danny Davis and cut his hair. This was supposed to be HonkyTonk vs. Beefcake, and they ran ads for it all the way to the last minute, but Honky didn’t wrestle Beefcake. He did work both the taping and the taping from the night before and never dropped the Intercontinental Title, though. Duggan beat Hercules by DQ. Demolition beat the Bulldogs by DQ in a non-title match. Ted DiBiase beat Don Muraco. Randy Savage retained the WWF Title against One Man Gang. Andre the Giant squashed Jake Roberts, who got his heat back after the match with the snake.
  • Former Atlanta promoter Paul Jones passed away on April 17 at the age of 86. When they announced his passing at Jerry Blackwell’s tv taping in Marietta for his promotion some fans cheered because they thought the announcement was about the NWA manager Paul Jones.
  • There’s a movie called Tokyo Pop coming out shortly and a few joshi have non-speaking roles. Bull Nakano is among them. It’s apparently not a very good movie, and not worth it if you just want to see Bull.
  • The Edmonton Athletic Commission has warned Stampede that no spitting, swearing, or brawling in the crowd will be allowed going forward.
  • [Stampede] Wayne Hart and Gary Allbright (the latter to make his debut as Volcan Singh) injured their knees in training. Referee Hermann also has a bum knee that’s keeping him out, so yet another brother (Ross Hart) is filling in.
  • Apparently Owen Hart is having second thoughts about going to WWF. Three Japanese tours a year and working the rest of the year apparently seems pretty satisfying to him.
  • On April 23, Memphis formally announced a talent trade deal with World Class. Jerry Jarrett has taken over as booker for Memphis from Jerry Lawler, and he made the announcement that the Von Erichs, Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy, Chris Adams, Terry Taylor, and “World heavyweight champion” and “first Black World champion ever” Iceman King Parsons would be coming in shortly. World Class has cut down Fort Worth shows to every other Sunday, which frees up some Mondays to come over to Memphis for work. Most of the guys in World Class could use the dates, because just working for World Class means they aren’t making any money. TV fans had no reaction to this, apparently.
  • [Memphis] Downtown Bruno called out Jerry Lawler on tv on April 23 while dressed kind of like Ric Flair. This led to Robert Fuller jumping Lawler from behind and putting a noose on him and dragging him around before choking him over the ringpost. Jeff Jarrett made the save. Continental did the same angle in Birmingham on April 18 with an airdate of April 23 with Tony Anthony and Tom Prichard, and since some cities get both shows some are upset at Fuller and Bruno doing it and copying the deal. Nobody seems upset at the whole lynching aspect, just at the copycat thing.
Watch: Robert Fuller hangs Jerry Lawler
  • Continental’s version of the noose angle got a lot of heat. Dirty White Girl/Lady Mystic (she’s used both names) came out with a black eye and pleaded with Gordon Solie to get Tom Prichard through two whole matches, with the idea that Tony Anthony (whom she valets) punched her. Eventually Solie gets Prichard and Anthony sneaks up behind him and handcuffs him then ties a noose around his neck and drags him to the ring where he hangs him and blood comes from his mouth. They destroyed the old set during the brawl, which is leading to the rename of the promotion as the Continental Wrestling Federation and the building of a new set.
Watch: Tony Anthony hangs Tom Prichard
  • Continental is doing a tournament in late May for a new CWF champion. Whoever holds the title will also be number one contender in the area for the AWA World Title, which Continental now recognizes as the world championship of record.
  • [All Japan] Brody and Tenryu’s title unification match drew 4,400 fans out of a capacity of 7,000 and ended at 30 minutes in a double countout. Since Brody dropped the title to Tsuruta, that means that the big une 10 Budokan Hall show will be headlined by Tenryu putting up the PWF and United National titles against Tsuruta’s International title.
  • All Japan’s ratings have dropped significantly since being moved from prime time to Saturday nights at 10:30 pm.
  • May 20 to June 26 are the dates for this year’s IWGP tournament in New Japan. Announced names include Billy Gaspar (Bob Orton), Owen Hart, Adrian Adonis (who has lost something like 80 lbs according to those in touch with him), Mr. Pogo, El Canek, Dr. Wagner Jr., and more.
  • New Japan is doing a big show at Ariake Coliseum on May 7. Inoki will defend the IWGP title against Vader, and Keiichi Yamada will challenge World Karate Association champion Don Nakaya Nielsen for his title. Nielsen had a famous match in 1986 against Akira Maeda which really helped establish Maeda’s popularity. Dave thinks it’s likely Yamada will be the first pro wrestler (to his knowledge, anyway) to do a job to someone from a different sport in one of these mixed matches, which would set Nielsen up for another mixed match in August against a bigger name wrestler.
watch: Nielsen vs. Maeda from 1986
  • Antonio Inoki gave a guest lecture at a school recently and a kid asked him if he could beat Giant Baba. Inoki said if he met Baba and couldn’t beat him, he’d kill himself.
  • WWF won syndicated ratings again for the week including March 27, taking third place overall with a 10.9 in 255 markets. Crockett got 6th place with an 8.4 in 183 markets, and All-Star Wrestling Network got a 5.6 in 164 markets. These numbers are for the weekend of Clash and Wrestlemania, and WWF predicts a new record for the following week, but we’ll see how that works out for them.
  • Adrian Adonis has either threatened to or already gone through with filing a lawsuit against the AWA over his ankle injury in January. That injury cost him a tour of Japan
  • There was an angle in Southern Championship Wrestling on April 17 where Mr. Atlanta knocked out Mr. Wrestling II and tried to unmask him. Out of nowhere comes a second Mr. Wrestling II to make the save. They’re calling the new guy Mr. Wrestling, and he’s being played by Joe Powell. Interestingly, over a decade ago Powell worked as an imposter Mr. Wrestling II.
  • Nearly everybody Dave said was gone from WWF in the past couple issues is still around. Outback Jack and Mike Sharpe were on tv recently in jobber roles, while Terry Gibbs and Craig De George did tv interviews. And even Hulk Hogan appeared as a surprise on April 21 to squash Boris Zhukov. He’s not booked for any other shows until the end of May, but obviously that doesn’t mean as much with the surprise appearance on the table.
  • Harley Race was hospitalized and had to have a foot of intestine removed.
  • Butch Reed was apparently fired along with Sika and S.D. Jones.
  • At the Superstars taping, Savage vs. Andre for the title was the dark match. It went three minutes and Andre choked Savage from the jump, and the fans just chanted for Hogan the whole time. Savage got DQed for hitting Andre with a chair when he started chasing Elizabeth.
  • Mel Phillips has been replaced as ring announcer by Mike McGuirk. Aside from messing up a couple tag team introductions, she did a good job on her first day.
  • A possible hint for the role of Big Bubba Rogers. Jimmy Hart said he’s looking for a bounty hunter to get Beefcake for what he did to Hart’s hair, so that might be him.
  • Dave responds to a letter asking him not to cover POWW or GLOW and requesting his opinion on the long-term effect of Wrestlemania IV sucking. Dave thinks it’s obvious at this point that Wrestlemania won’t have much long-term negative effect and that Crockett has already squandered whatever positives they had coming out of Clash by failing to realize that building the entire show around one person is the opposite of what they should do. Like a skilled politician, Dave argues that Vince can tell everyone his show was a success so often and convincingly that they forget, while Crockett too often fails to follow through and correctly take advantage of anything they manage to get hot.
  • Another letter heaps praise on the Malenko brothers for not needing a gimmick. “The Malenkos have a gimmick called wrestling, a term that seems to be forgotten, but as long as the Malekos are around there is still a chance it won’t be extinct.” I like me some Dean Malenko, but “guy who wrestles good” is a terrible gimmick if you have nothing else going for you, and Dean’s no font of charisma. There’s a reason he had a ceiling.
  • Owen Hart is rumored to be debuting for WWF in July as a masked wrestler with a gimmick something along the lines of Tiger Mask in terms of appeal to children. Dave thinks this would work great if he had people capable of working at his level and if WWF would let him do his good moves rather than try and quash his style to keep the rest of the crew from looking bad. And thus we have the first early mention of the Blue Blazer.
  • WWF is thinking of running a Randy and Elizabeth tv special. Dave thinks it might be a possible head to head against Crockett’s July ppv. Not until Summerslam 1991, Dave.
  • Starting with Survivor Series, WWF will be on tv in France.
  • Dave speculates that Crockett turned Windham due to unimpressive house show attendance. The April 17 Charlotte show drew “one of the smallest crowds in years” and the April 24 show at the Omni only drew 1,400, or less than 10% capacity, for what was an excellent show. Dave heard from someone in attendance that the Midnight Express vs. The Fantastics was a five star match. They had three shows booked for May, but after how poorly this show did, they cancelled two of them.
  • Crockett’s July ppv is tentatively scheduled for July 10. That’ll be the first Great American Bash ppv, and Dave’s guessing that they’ll keep the same plan for the main event and go with Flair vs. Luger.
  • Finally, the most important news of the year is in. WWF’s new tv announcer is Sean Mooney. He used to produce This Week in Baseball and co-hosted Light Moments in Sports with Joe Namath.
NEXT WEEK: WCCW announces card for Parade of Champions, Oregon war heating up, April 30 Saturday Night’s Main Event, Wrestling telethon in June, transcript of hour 1 of Bruno’s radio interview, and more
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2020.10.07 17:08 daprice82 Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Sept. 30, 2002

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-7-2002 1-14-2002 1-21-2002 1-28-2002
2-4-2002 2-11-2002 2-18-2002 2-25-2002
3-4-2002 3-11-2002 3-18-2002 3-25-2002
4-1-2002 4-8-2002 4-15-2002 4-22-2002
4-29-2002 5-6-2002 5-13-2002 5-20-2002
5-27-2002 6-3-2002 6-10-2002 6-17-2002
6-24-2002 7-1-2002 7-8-2002 7-15-2002
7-22-2002 7-29-2002 8-5-2002 8-12-2002
8-26-2002 9-2-2002 9-9-2002 9-16-2002

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Sure, 10:08am is a good time to post this, right? Ugh. Sorry my schedule is all stupid lately.

  • We open with the death of Ted Petty, better known as Flyboy Rocco Rock of legendary ECW tag team Public Enemy. Petty passed away at age 49 of a massive heart attack while traveling to work a show in Philadelphia. He was riding with his girlfriend and told her he was having trouble breathing. She asked if he was having a heart attack and he never responded again and pretty much died at that moment. She called 911 and paramedics told her they would meet her at the next toll booth (she was driving) but when she got there and paramedics arrived, he was already dead. He had complained of chest pains for about a week prior, but never went to a doctor about it. Petty was known to keep himself in good shape and despite the gimmick, he didn't have a big reputation as a partier or drug abuser and it looks to have just been possibly an undiagnosed heart issue rather than anything scandalous. Dave recaps the history of Petty, his rise through the independents, forming Public Enemy, where they were huge stars in ECW and a major reason for their that company's rise in 1994-95. They also had brief runs in WCW and WWF that didn't work out great. This obituary has quotes from Gabe Sapolsky, Lance Storm, Mick Foley, and others. Dave notes that Petty was known to have saved his money well over the years, especially the big WCW money they made, and he only wrestled for fun these days, not because he needed to.
  • WWE Unforgiven is in the books and was a night of controversy, good wrestling, and bad finishes. The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar match ended in a double-DQ and that was not the original plan. The original plan, devised by Pat Patterson, was for Lesnar to pin him, and then Undertaker would snap, go berserk, and leave Lesnar bloodied and beaten down in the ring after. Undertaker was extremely against the idea of doing a pinfall job, feeling there'd be no reason to do a rematch afterward (despite the post-match angle that was planned). Taker went to Vince and convinced him to change the finish, which head Smackdown writer Paul Heyman wasn't thrilled about. So they did the same angle, with a double-DQ and then Taker snapped and still murdered Lesnar after the match. Needless to say, most people are looking at this as Undertaker not wanting to put over Lesnar. The crowd hated the double-DQ finish and pretty much everyone except Taker and Vince realizes it was a bad decision. That being said, Dave kinda sees Undertaker's point about needing to keep him strong to do a rematch, since they don't have anyone else built up for Lesnar. So he's not too mad at it, but Lesnar needs to win the next match clean with the F-5.
  • The other big swerve of the show was Stephanie McMahon being forced to participate in some Hot Lesbian Action in front of the crowd because Billy & Chuck lost to Jamal and Rosey. Needless to say, that didn't happen and the crowd was furious but, like, did they really expect Stephanie to get naked and start munching some box in front of the crowd? That's a really crude way of putting that, sorry. But yeah. WWE's thinking was that, since babyface Stephanie turned the tables on heel Bischoff, the fans would accept it. But that was a pretty obviously flawed theory and clearly not understanding their audience of horny dudes.
WATCH: Stephanie McMahon doesn't actually do HLA
  • Other notes from the PPV: Benoit vs. Angle was the clear highlight, the best technical match in WWE in ages. Then there's Triple H/RVD, and Dave says a lot of people in the company are accusing Triple H of working the match in a way to purposely expose RVD's weaknesses. Triple H has apparently spoken out against RVD in creative meetings recently some felt this was Triple H's way of putting the brakes on that push. The way the match ended sets RVD up for a feud with Ric Flair now, meaning no rematch with Triple H, and that leaves Kane as the only halfway credible challenger for his title. Lance Storm took a scary bump off the top rope during the opening match and was shaken up for a moment but ended up being fine. Dave jokes that Ric Flair came out to Bob Sapp's entrance music (Sapp has been copying Flair's entrance for his MMA fights in Japan. Aren't jokes better when they're explained?!). The announcers spent half the match talking about how Flair isn't the wrestler he once was and how you can't beat father time. How does saying that help anyone? Some idiot in the crowd had a sign that said "Guerrero moed my lawn" and Dave mocks them for misspelling it. Dave gives Benoit/Angle 4.5 stars and calls it a MOTY candidate. The Stephanie/HLA segment took place ending with lesbian Rikishi giving Bischoff a stinkface. LesnaTaker was a good match until the finish killed the whole damn PPV.
  • WWE confirmed what's been known for months, officially announcing Seattle's Safeco Field as the home for Wrestlemania 19. They had a big press conference with all the top stars except Rock and Hogan, and they all cut short promos and teased potential matches and angles. They also had a press conference and the only notable things were Vince being asked about the downturn in business, which is said was temporary and wrestling is cyclical and how things will be hotter than ever when Wrestlemania comes.
  • Mitsuharu Misawa became the first ever 2-time GHC heavyweight champion, winning NOAH's top title in what was said to be one of the best matches of the year. His opponent, Yoshihiro Takayama, suffered serious injuries from the bout and word is he'll likely be out of action the rest of the year. The show, which only had 2 weeks of promotion, sold out Budokan Hall and out-drew AJPW's recent shows in the same building that featured Goldberg. Takayama (who is kinda like a Japanese Mick Foley and has built a career on being able to take ungodly punishment) suffered a broken nose, dislocated AC joint, torn ligaments in his shoulder, broken right eye socket, and more. Takayama was basically trying to re-create his brutal MMA fight with Don Frye and so he told Misawa to beat the shit out of him and, well....he did. Harley Race was there and congratulated Misawa after the victory in the ring. Anyway, on this same show, Kenta Kobashi wrestled his first singles match in almost 2 years, and looked great. There's word he may be back in the title picture soon, which no one ever expected to happen again after all the knee surgeries.
WATCH: Mitsuharu Misawa vs. Yoshihiro Takayama - NOAH 2002
  • Tons of new details on the story of Brian Ong, who died at the All Pro Wrestling school in California last year and the story just came out. Well, it came out big, being picked up by all the major California news outlets and Dateline NBC is looking to do a story on it as well. Ong died back in May of 2001 when he was training with Giant Singh (Great Khali) and a spinebuster spot went awry. According to the police report, Ong was told the trainer he was dizzy and then started vomiting. 911 was called but when they arrived, Ong was unconscious. As they started to take him to the hospital, they noticed he no longer had a pulse and rushed him to the hospital while doing CPR, but he died en route. Police spoke to everyone there, including Singh who was said to be very upset about what happened and in his limited English, told them he didn't mean to hurt Ong. The report says Singh was so shook up and emotional that he couldn't even remember his own birthday. Regarding what happened, the story that pretty much everyone told is that Ong basically took the move wrong and didn't tuck his chin, which caused his head to hit the mat before his back. When he got up, he was disoriented and not responding to people and then began vomiting and passed out. Anyway, this all happened back in 2001 and was kept quiet until the family filed the lawsuit and the story got out. Lots of people knew Ong had died, but very few knew that it happened in wrestling practice. In fact, several wrestlers had heard that Ong died in a car accident. Singh has since been signed by NJPW and has been working there since last year.
  • Former WWE star Brian "Road Dogg" James did an interview this week talking about the drug issues that cost him his WWE career. James said he's had drug issues since high school and the only time he's been clean since then was when he was in the military. When he got out and got into wrestling, his addictions got worse and never stopped. By the time he was fired from WWE, he was separated from his wife and has spent much of the last year and a half living in a halfway house, in and out of rehab. He talked about being proud of what he accomplished in WWE with DX but also said he's not proud of being high through most of it and teaching kids around the world to yell, "Suck it!" He said since joining a Christian-based rehab 6 months ago, he's become a more religious person. Said he didn't have a problem with any specific drug in WWE, but the fact that he was making big money and was famous, he lived a rock & roll lifestyle and his problem was with all the drugs. He said WWE tried to help him and intervened several times and he doesn't blame them for firing him. But he also says he doesn't think WWE realized how bad his problems were. After they fired him, he went to jail for a DUI, and he was already on probation for a domestic violence charge. He violated parole again by failing a drug test and spent a month on house arrest. When he got out, he got another DUI and spent another 3 weeks in jail before going to rehab. So that's what he's been up to the last couple years.
  • The Nicole Bass $120 million sexual harassment lawsuit from way back when is still a thing and it went to trial this week. Bass and Vince McMahon himself both testified. Bass claims she was sexually harassed by WWE agent Steve Lombardi (Brooklyn Brawler) on an overseas flight to London in 1999. "He grabbed my boobs," Bass testified while crying on the stand. "He crushed me into the galley wall and pressed up with his whole body grinding against me." She testified that she tried to knee him to get him off her, but missed, so she then slapped him and pushed him back into his seat. Lombardi was in the courtroom and the New York Post claims he was smirking during her testimony. WWE lawyer Jerry McDevitt's counter argument is that Bass was a lousy wrestler who is making up the story because she was upset about being fired. WWE denied any knowledge of the incident and said Bass never reported it and no one else on the plane has confirmed seeing it. McMahon testified that he believes Bass is making up the story. "You're just trying to throw dirt against the wall, trying to make something stick," Vince said directly to Bass during his testimony. In her lawsuit, Bass also claimed Shawn Michaels simulated a sex act when standing behind her, that male WWE employees often went into women's locker rooms, and that during an angle where she was supposed to get hit with a guitar by Jeff Jarrett, they used a real guitar instead of a gimmicked one, causing her to be injured. Bass testified that company masseuse François Petit came into her dressing room uninvited and saw her in the shower. She also claimed Triple H and Billy Gunn once came into the women's locker room with no warning to check out the local strippers that were going to be portraying Godfather's ho's that night. So that was the first day of the trial, it's still ongoing at press time.
  • IWA wrestler Chicky Starr has left the promotion and is jumping ship to WWC, the latest shot fired in the war between the 2 Puerto Rican promotions. Starr had been unhappy with the booking in IWA and tried to rally the wrestlers against Savio Vega (head booker) to complain about it. In response, Vega booked a match with Starr and a partner against another team and the loser would have to leave the promotion for 90 days. Starr knew about the match and the angle, but he didn't know the finish until he arrived to the arena. When he found out he was losing and Vega intended on enforcing the stipulation (meaning no work for Starr for the next 3 months), he walked out on the company, called up Carlos Colon, and struck a deal. Starr left WWC back in 2000 and Colon had made it clear he would not take back anyone who had walked out on him. But WWC is desperate right now and others convinced Colon it was necessary for business, so he took Starr back.
  • Motoko Baba officially announced her farewell from AJPW to fans at the recent shows. Ms. Baba is the only person remaining in the company who has been there from the start in 1972. She said she will no longer have any duties or involvement with the company and starting next week, it will become an all-new promotion under Keiji Muto's leadership. Tokyo Sports newspaper ran a story, with a quote from Antonio Inoki who predicted Muto would run AJPW out of business in 6 months. Dave jokes that Inoki didn't make a prediction on how long it's going to take himself to run NJPW out of business. Because he damn sure seems to be trying. When asked, Muto shrugged off the insult and wouldn't even say Inoki's name.
  • NJPW announced Seiji Sakaguchi as the new company CEO. Dave says it was a surprise because Sakaguchi is on the board but hasn't been involved with NJPW business much in recent years and was planning to retire soon, so this came as a shock. But he's good friends with Inoki and Inoki respects him enough that Dave hopes he can stifle some of Inoki's insanity. Basically filter him like he's Antonio Russo.
  • Dave reviews the latest NJPW episode of TV and says it was among the worst shows ever. The tag team main event was the worst match Dave can remember NJPW ever putting on last. Chyna was there cutting terrible promos to build for the match nobody wants to see with her vs. Masahiro Chono. She also cut a promo on Hiroshi Tanahashi saying he doesn't know how to wrestle, which is the funniest goddamn thing I've ever typed in these Rewinds. They showed the moonsault that Tenzan nearly killed himself on and it was brutal. Dave says he doesn't understand how he didn't break his neck. All in all, NJPW sucks right now and Dave ain't here for it.
  • All Japan Women is bringing in a woman billed as Amazing Kong for some shows. They're promoting her as the female version of Bob Sapp, since they're both large and black and she'll probably be booked to be dominant like Sapp is. So....yeah. In case you're wondering, yes, this is Awesome Kong very early in her career.
  • ROH's latest show featured a ladder match with Michael Shane vs. Paul London that had fans chanting "match of the year!" when it was over. Low-Ki also lost the ROH title to Xavier (RIP) which many fans were questioning. But the goal from the beginning was always to have a strong first champion with hopes that Xavier would then be solidified as a top guy by beating him. So that's the goal. The show also featured a tournament to crown ROH tag team champions, won by Christopher Daniels & Donovan Morgan. The show did get some criticism for running too long and had too many matches, but overall good show. Oh, it also featured a promo by 2 new debuting wrestlers by the names of CM Punk and Colt Cabana, who apparently showed up to the arena (not booked, they had worked a 3PW show earlier in the day across town) and worked out a deal on the spot to get booked on this show. They'll make their in-ring debuts for ROH in November.
  • America's Most Wanted aired their story on the Messiah thumb chopping incident. They interviewed Messiah and some other indie wrestlers and showed a bunch of deathmatch clips and whatnot. Nothing much more to it that hasn't already been covered here. The case remains unsolved officially, but we all know what's up and the story heavily implies the same thing. The story on America's Most Wanted pretty much painted it as wrestling being an unseemly business and dirty things happen.
WATCH: America's Most Wanted story on Messiah thumb incident
  • TNA's getting a new influx of money soon but no details have been released. All Dave knows is that it's said to be from a huge international company, and word is the money is enough to keep the promotion running for several years. Of course, this is pro wrestling and Dave hears that shit from people all the time so until a deal is signed, take it all with a grain of salt. Negotiations are still going but within the company, it's thought to be a done deal. Dave is curious what the power structure is going to be and who's going to be fully in charge of TNA when this is all said and done. Historically, people who try to run wrestling companies without any wrestling knowledge don't fair well.
  • Notes from TNA weekly PPV: Jeff Jarrett and Brian Christopher totally blew off the angle they've been building for weeks, no match, just a misunderstanding and now everyone's moving on to new programs. Former Road Dogg debuted as BG James who came out in a mask and revealed himself, to zero reaction and cut a promo about he and Jarrett walking out of WWF together in 1995, which no one remembers. Saved by the Bell star Dustin Diamond faced Tiny the Timekeeper in a worked boxing match angle that was terrible. CM Punk made another debut, this time in TNA, teaming with Ace Steele in a three-way tag match. There was a tag team battle royal style match with confusing rules that made no goddamn sense. Buff Bagwell was brought back, since they have new money coming in. And X-Pac, going by the name Syxx-Pac, made his debut with Scott Hall. But overall, pretty awful show.
  • Steve Austin is scheduled to go to trial on Oct. 9 on the misdemeanor domestic violence charges he's facing after the incident with Debra a couple months back. Most cases of this type are settled out of court before they go to trial so it probably won't get that far. Austin did his first public interview this week and said he's undecided about returning to wrestling but right now, the divorce with Debra is off and they are trying to work things out. Dave says WWE wants Austin back, but it's largely dependent on him getting his personal life in order first and then really, it's a matter of whether he even wants to come back.
  • Notes from Raw: they made a new rule for the brand split, no more jumping back and forth. Now wrestlers can only switch brands if a trade is worked out between Bischoff and Stephanie. This was done because Bischoff's character is going to be the heel GM who mistreats all the talent and they wanted to close the loophole because otherwise, why wouldn't everyone just quit and go to Smackdown if they could? At least WWE in 2002 was still trying to tell halfway logical stories, as opposed to 2020. Big Show vs. Jeff Hardy was awful, with Big Show looking terrible "and Jeff is just another story." The Pete Rose/Kane commercial for No Mercy is great. Randy Orton was apparently the first "trade" as he has been moved to Raw and was pushed hard as a babyface. So hard, in fact, that Dave suspects they're intentionally trying to give him The Rock debut treatment, where they put him over so much that the fans turn on him and then he can be a hated heel. Dave actually likes the idea. Speaking of Orton, there's been talk of forming a new Four Horsemen group soon, with Triple H and Ric Flair leading it, along with Randy Orton and someone else still to be determined (still 4 months away from it happening, but this is obviously the first mention of what becomes Evolution).
WATCH: WWE Kane & Pete Rose commercial
  • Juventud Guerrera got a tryout at the latest Smackdown tapings in a dark match. He was specifically told before the match to slow it down and limit his high spots. So of course, he went out to the ring and went 100MPH and did probably twice as much stuff as they wanted him to do. Didn't win him any brownie points (yeah, seems like that was a bad idea because he doesn't get signed and instead goes to TNA. Eventually makes it to WWE in 2005 and Vince has him riding a goddamn lawnmower to the ring which is one of the less-talked about racist things WWE has done over the years).
  • Notes from Smackdown: Lesnar beat Cena in a total squash match (won't be the last time) and Dave thinks Cena can't get anymore buried right now so it doesn't matter. Until they turn him heel and repackage him, he's dead in the water (sure enough, Cena was thought to be on the verge of getting released around this time, until the heel white rapper gimmick revived his career and the rest is history). That's pretty much the only thing worth noting.
  • Goldust did an interview this week and was asked if he thought there would ever be a gay babyface character in WWE and he said no, feeling like the fans won't accept it. That was sadly true for far too many years and even now in 2020, it's still an issue. Look at all the shit Sonny Kiss was catching a few weeks back when he was scheduled to challenge Cody for the TNT title, for example.
  • WWE has signed a couple new developmental wrestlers and will be sending them to OVW. The first is Sylven Grenier, a Montreal wrestler that Pat Patterson knows. The other is Orlando Jordan, who's been wrestling in Maryland independents. Dave says he's heard a lot of good things about Jordan in particular and from what Dave has seen of him, he definitely has potential.
  • Dave has heard from a lot of sources that there's concern about Jeff Hardy. Those close to him feel Jeff doesn't care about wrestling anymore and is completely burned out. He's been late to numerous shows in the last few weeks and was fined multiple times for it and didn't even show up to the recent PPV until midway through the show. Needless to say, there's some people in the locker room who are a little upset about it. Basically, if Jeff doesn't want to be here, why does WWE keep pushing him so hard ahead of guys who work hard and want that spot? But hey, Jeff Hardy still gets a superstar reaction, so there's your answer (yeah, Jeff really needed rehab and time away at this point. He'll get it soon enough).
  • WWE has hired a new ring announcer named Justin Roberts, who has been doing announcing on the indies for awhile. He was brought in for Smackdown because the normal ring announcer, Tony Chimmel, was on vacation. Roberts did a good enough job that they hired him to be a full time employee.
  • Shawn Michaels did a interview and said he wasn't hurting too bad after his match at Summerslam, at first. But about a week later, the pain kicked in. However, he did say he thinks he still has one more match left in him. Dave figures that'll probably be at Wrestlemania (turns out he still had about 500 matches left in him).
  • On the new Hulk Hogan DVD, they show a match from 1979 with Hogan vs. Ted Dibiase at MSG and it's billed as Hogan's first WWF match ever. It was indeed Hogan's first match in Madison Square Garden, but it was not his first WWF match ever. He had been doing TV squash matches in WWF for at least a month prior to that match. Don't ever try to slip an incorrect fact past Meltzer.
  • Dave says that Jim Cornette apparently loved the letter that Larry Matysik sent in to the Observer last week. In fact, he loved it so much that he made everyone in OVW read it to learn about the psychology of booking.
  • Porn star Kendra Jade was at WWE's latest PPV and she's apparently trying to get into wrestling. Some fans reported that people recognized her and some parents and even kids took photos with her.
  • The current plans for Smackdown is to build the show around 3 teams: Edge/Mysterio, Chavo/Eddie, and Benoit/Angle. Dave thinks that sounds pretty incredible (indeed it was. And so the Smackdown Six was born).
NEXT WEEK: Keiji Muto officially takes over AJPW, Vince McMahon floats the idea of reviving ECW, Nicole Bass/WWE trial continues, and more...
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2020.09.26 17:31 ConorCulture Rebookiversary Pt. 8 - Slammiversary 10

Austin Aries (c) defeats Kid Kash to retain the X Division Championship
Austin Aries embarks on the same length title reign he did in real life, and is still holding the belt heading into Slammiversary. With this being the 10th anniversary of TNA, we need some special surprise people for the show. After the video package showing how we got here, Hulk Hogan comes out to open the show with a promo. Austin Aries interrupts and demands to know who the mystery man to face him is. It’s the returning Kid Kash reveals Hogan, who comes out fired up and ready to go. He moves like he’s still in ECW in his 20s, but ultimately succumbs to a Brainbuster from Aries, who keeps his title and is getting closer to the 300 day mark.
Hernandez defeats Samoa Joe (c) to win the TNA Television Championship
Samoa Joe wins the vacant title off early in the year and holds it to this point. He has a dominant run as around this time he started to act like he actually cared a bit more. Hernandez wants to win his first bit of singles gold in TNA, and does so. The encounter is exciting with both guys being high flying big men, and a Muscle Buster countered into a Border Toss.
Tara defeats Gail Kim (c) and Miss Tesmacher to win the Knockouts Championship
Miss Tessmacher is taken under the wing of Tara, telling her to use her wrestling ability instead of looks to get ahead in TNA. They win the Knockouts Tag Team Championships and manage to make it a Three-way Match for Slammiversary, against the champion Gail Kim who is currently in the midst of the longest Knockouts Championship reign of all time. Tara wins after a Widow’s Peak from the middle rope, becoming a duel champion. Despite the loss, Tessmacher celebrates with her. Since she’s no longer working for Bischoff, she ditches the “Miss” and becomes Brooke Tessmacher.
Mr. Anderson defeats RVD in a Full Metal Mayhem Match
After the Three-way match for the #1 Contenders between Hardy, Anderson and RVD went into The Charismatic Engima’s favour, Anderson is at RVD’s throat about costing him the match. This leads to him demanding another match, but he doesn’t receive such. So he takes his anger out on RVD, but RVS prepares for his attack by coming prepared with a steel chair. Next week though he’s surprise attacked with a chain. The week after is the final attack, where RVD hits a Superplex off the side a ladder through a table. Hogan then comes out and announces their match will be Full Metal Mayhem. RVD takes himself out after missing a Five Star Frogsplash through a table, allowing Anderson to pin him to win.
Bobby Roode defeats Sting with Hulk Hogan as special guest referee
Both these guys have changed a lot since last year. Sting would reform Fortune under Christopher Daniels, A.J. Styles, James Storm and Kazarian at Bound for Glory to defeat Immortal in the main event. Afterwards he would become the GM of Impact, as he said he was done with wrestling. But 6 months later, he met Bobby Roode, and soon enough he quit his position to face him at Victory Road. He would lose after inadvertently hurting himself, meanwhile Hulk Hogan would take the GM role, once again a babyface. After this loss Sting starts to go crazy, and his Joker Sting gimmick is born. Hogan is worried for his safety and if he’s in a good enough state to wrestle, but Sting convinces him through his unorthodox promos.
Bobby Roode meanwhile would get his world title push heading into Bound for Glory, where he would lose to Kurt Angle in a big surprise. In an even bigger surprise though, his Beer Money partner James Storm would defeat Angle the next week. This is one of the biggest feel good moments in TNA history, with everything right in the company. Immortal are gone, Sting is in charge, and James Storm has won the gold. But 8 days later at Turning Point, Bobby a Roode would smash Storm with a beer bottle to win the title off of him. This creates the two new top main eventers within two weeks.
Roode would hold the title until Lockdown; defeating guys like Sting, A.J. Styles, Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray, but would lose it back to James Storm in a Steel Cage Match. Roode would then resume his feud with Sting, which begun after Roode defeated him at Victory Road. The match was non-title though, and Sting wants a TNA World Heavyweight Championship match. He’s granted it by Hulk Hogan. Roode would attack Sting during the match though, and get into a fight with James Storm causing a no contest. It would restart though, with James Storm hitting Roode’s Northern Lariat to win. The week after, Sting would defeat Roode in a Lumberjack Match, showing his training did pay off. Roode isn’t happy, and challenges him to a match for Slammiversary. This was one of the highlights of the card, so everything including the post match stuff stays the same.
A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle defeat Bad Influence (c) to win the TNA World Tag Team Championships
Styles and Bad Influence have been at each other for months now, with Kazarian and Daniels constantly mentioning a secret of AJ’s they will expose.AJ refuses to believe they have any secret of his, and gets Kurt Angle on board to help him take the guys down. Bad Influence attacks Kurt with a chain on Impact, meaning he goes into the match with busted ribs. They then tell A.J. that at Slammiversary they will reveal to the entire world what Styles has been doing, but Styles still believes they know nothing about him. His primary concern is still if Kurt can go for the match.
They have the same match as they did in real life, a high impact affair between arguably the four best workers in the company. Styles and Angle win the tag titles off of Bad Influence, and then he takes to the mic. “Kurt, I’m so glad that you helped me win these titles. But, those injured ribs of yours - were my idea.” He then kicks him in the midsection and hits him with a Styles Clash. He then picks up both titles...and hands them over to Kaz and Daniels. A new power trio is in TNA, and Styles for the first time in 8 years - has turned to the dark side.
Joseph Park defeats Bully Ray (with Devon) in a Monster’s Ball Match
The storyline and segments stay the same, with Abyss leaving after Ray destroys him at the end of 2011. He wouldn’t be seen then, but instead Joseph Park would - Abyss’ lawyer brother here to convict Bully Ray. The only part is, Joseph Paris IS Abyss - he was beaten too badly by Ray and became schizophrenic. Park doesn’t know how to wrestle though, and has to go to OVW to train. He gives up though, and instead decides the match will be a Monster’s Ball. He will try and replicate his brothers magic and use the Monster’s Ball preparation to become as violent as possible.
The 24 hours in a cage with no food, water or sunlight changes Park - as this once again makes him Abyss. He enters out as Abyss despite with being advertised as Joseph Park wrestling. He would dominate as Abyss, taking apart Bully. Devon would then flash a mirror in Park’s face, and he turns back into Joseph. This allows Bully to get the upper hand. He then takes out some thumbtacks, and this then turns Park into Abyss. They start to go to town, but the mirror works once again to make him Joseph Park. Bully would then bust him open, and he once again becomes Abyss. Devon tries the mirror again, but it doesn’t work as he still sees the blood. He would then win as Abyss, tearing off his suit and putting his mask back on. Abyss has returned.
James Storm (c) defeats Jeff Hardy to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship
James Storm wins the title off of Bobby Roode at Lockdown in their third match in the trilogy: Roode winning the first match after turning heel, a draw at Genesis in a Last Man Standing Match, and then Storm winning at Lockdown. Storm would then embark on a proper reign with the gold. After defeating Sting at Sacrifice, Jeff Hardy would come out on Impact for a promo. After winning the Three-way Match against Anderson and RVD, he comes out for a promo. He says that after last year, he has been an embarrassment for himself. What he did at Victory Road has changed him forever, and he will never truly recover. He lost his title, his rocket push as the leader of Immortal, his job, the trust of his friends, the trust of his family.
All he was left with was to take more pills, have another drink, smoke another, inject another, snort another, whatever. But he threw it all away. With nothing left, he needed a bit of magic to create something. And that was the hand of new GM Sting, the only man left who would give him a chance. He’s stayed on the clean and narrow since. He won’t turn on anyone or fall down again, this was his rebuilding time. Now the project is ready to finish. So 15 months later, he is competing for the title again. This will be his everything, it will be the biggest match of his life. So James Storm better hold onto his title for dear life, because there is no chance in hell he is keeping it.
Storm and Hardy have a contract signing where they both talk about those they’ve been betrayed by, those they betrayed, their self destructions, their rebuilding, and it all leads to here. Both with everything to fight for. Storm after exactly 10 years in TNA, showing up on the very first show and now being in the main event 10 years to date - now holding the world title after every hurdle. Jeff Hardy, having the most famous crumbling and fall from grace in TNA history, scratching and clawing his way to the top once again, now being back on top. Neither can lose, only victory. They wrestle like this is their mindset too. No moves keep the other down, every fibre of fighting spirit they have keeps them alive. It takes Storm a Last Call Superkick, followed by another, followed by one in the ring post to put Hardy down. Bloodied and battered, Hardy lays down.
Is this end?
Or; is it just the beginning?
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2020.09.25 20:34 ConorCulture Rebookiversary Pt. 7 - Slammiversary IX

Amazing Red defeats Brian Kendrick, Doug Williams and Kazarian (c) in an Ultimate X Match to win the X Division Championship
Douglas Williams goes on a 7-month long reign with the title until dropping it at Bound for Glory to Alex Shelley. Shelley’s third reign with the belt would be short however, as Jay Lethal would then defeat him at Turning Point to enter his fourth reign with the belt. He would hold it until dropping to Samoa Joe, a man feuding with Immortal. Bischoff books him in a match with his fellow Immortal-hater, A.J. Styles, for his X Division Championship at Victory Road. AJ wins, but then drops it next week to Kazarian after interference from Doug Williams. Kazarian then holds it up until now. Meanwhile, Kazarian and Christopher Daniels have been feuding, but Daniels never gets his title match.
Doug Williams and Magnus have been part of Immortal since its inception alongside Team 3D, Hogan and Bischoff, Abyss and Jeff Hardy. Williams costs A.J. the match and the week after sees the reformation of The TNA Front Line - more on that later. Brian Kendrick then also is a hater of Immortal so he wants at Douglas Williams, who wants at Kazarian. This sets up a Three-way feud, and Amazing Red joins the fray after winning the X Cup at Sacrifice. The four guys agree to an Ultimate X Match for their encounter. Kendrick sacrifices himself from winning, hitting a Hurricanerana off the structure to Doug Williams, just to make sure it doesn’t get into the grasps of Immortal. Amazing Red and Kazarian then fight on the cables, with Red winning and retrieving the title. Afterwards Christopher Daniels then comes out and blindsides Kazarian, raising Red’s hand to a chorus of cheers.
Winter and Mickie James defeat Sarita and Rosita (c) to win the Knockouts Tag Team Championships
Sarita and Rosita join forces with Hernandez and Homicide to join the Latin American Xchange. They would then soon after win the Knockouts Tag Team Championships to hold all the gold for a short while. But Mickie James arrival to TNA births a new lease of life into the division, and this is soon followed by her friend Winter. They challenge LAX for the titles, wanting some immediate gold to establish themselves as top contenders. They get their wish, with James pinning Rosita to win the belts.
The Motor City Machine Guns (c) defeat The Latin American Xchange to retain the TNA World Tag Team Championships
The Motor City Machine Guns would defeat Beer Money at Victory Road to win the titles, and hold the belts until December where they would drop them to The Young Bucks. The Bucks would defeat them at Genesis again, but soon lose to LAX. MCMG would then regain them at Lockdown, have a Three-way Ladder Match with The Bucks at Sacrifice, and then here - the rubber match. MCMG win for the third time in a row, fully cementing themselves as the best team in TNA.
James Storm (Front Line: 1) defeats Abyss (Immortal: 0)
The rise of Immortal has sent TNA into a frenzy. Dixie was conned by Hogan and Bischoff into handing over power and now they control the show. The ones who take charge against them come in the form of first A.J. Styles, and then Samoa Joe. They’re two-on-eight though, but soon enough the ranks start to fill. Beer Money are one of these guys who band with AJ and Joe. Immortal send a message though, and break Roode’s shoulder.
This leaves Storm in outcry, and he is the one to announce what will happen at Slammiversary. He says he wants to fight Abyss (the guy who hurt Roode), AJ and Joe say they want to fight Team 3D, and Sting says he wants to fight Matt Morgan. If The TNA Front Line get more wins, Immortal are out of power. If Immortal gets more wins, they stay in power and every member of the TNA Front Line is fired. Storm and Abyss fight first, with two Last Call Superkicks sealing the deal for the first win going to the Front Line.
Angelina Love defeats ODB (c) to win the Knockouts Championship
Tara would defeat Velvet Sky at BFG to win her TNA Knockouts Championship back she lost earlier in the year. Tara would drop it to ODB, but she would then lose it to Angelina the same night. Mickie James on her debut night would defeat Angelina, but then ODB would take the title off of Mickie. Angelina doesn’t get her rematch, ODB gets the first title shot. This leads into this match, where Angelina wins the title back to enter her third reign with the title,
Team 3D (Immortal: 1) defeat A.J. Styles and Samoa Joe (Front Line: 1) in a Tag Team Street Fight
A.J. Styles is originally set to defend his TNA Championship against Desmond Wolfe at BFG 2010, but he has to pull out due to his health issue. This leads to a match with Jeff Hardy, which ends with Immortal forming. Him and seven others then rule the roost of TNA. A.J. Styles meanwhile is busy plotting with Samoa Joe to reform their TNA Front Line to take down Immortal. Fortune split apart with Wolfe being gone, with Beer Money turning face and Kaz staying heel.
Immortal have so much power that they cancel Against All Odds, and instead replace it with an Immortal branded PPV called “Forever” (Immortal Forever as the full title, similar to nWo Souled Out). The main event sees Jeff Hardy defeat his old friend Rob Van Dam, but it’s crashed by Styles and who announce that they declare war on Immortal. The battle lines are then drawn when Beer Money, Eric Young and Motor City Machine Guns come out and each faction stare at each other. Immortal send a message next week when Abyss takes out Samoa Joe’s protege, Okato, with a lead pipe.
In the Lethal Lockdown Match, The Front Line (Styles, Joe, Beer Money and a mystery partner) take on Immortal (Abyss, Matt Morgan, Team 3D and Doug Williams). The mystery man is Sting, the current world champion who we thought was out of action. He’s not, and is here to finally end Hogan and Bischoff once and for all. Immortal win after Hogan interference, and their new main guy Matt Morgan gives it to Sting afterwards; more on that later. James Storm then declares what will happen at Slammiversary, and AJ/Joe are set to face Team 3D. But these four guys can’t contain their hatred, it must be a Street Fight. Styles/Joe have a lot of the same spots as their match on real life from this show, but additional ones involving their teammates. A 3D through a table wins Immortal a point to even the score.
Kurt Angle defeats Jeff Jarrett; Since Angle won, he became the #1 contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Had Jarrett won, he would have received Angle's Olympic gold medal.
Mr. Anderson (c) defeats D’Angelo Dinero to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Hardy holds the TNA World Championship for 6 months after his BFG win. The biggest test though is all building to Victory Road though, with the returning Sting stepping up to challenge him, after him and Kevin Nash bailed months ago. Then Hardy of course, does what he did, and Stings win the title in a frustrating way. He would have his first defence at Sacrifice against the majorly over D’Angelo Dinero, but he would be in a losing effort when The Pope would win in a huge upset. Dinero would lose the belt 17 days later to Mr. Anderson though, after Anderson uses dirty tactics to win his first world title.
Dinero is majorly furious that the run of his life was cut short by a cheater, and gets a match for Slammiversary using his rematch clause. Anderson then in anger, attacks him with his microphone and busts him open with it. He then uses a dog collar to choke him out. The battle is set, Dinero has every want in the world to beat Mr. Anderson up. This is his second World Championship match at Slammiversary in a row, but this time he’s going in as champion - and he sure as shit ain’t gonna go 0-2 in world title matches. Sure enough he doesn’t, because after a hellacious match he wins clean as a whistle to retain his title.
Sting (Front Line: 2) defeats Matt Morgan (Immortal: 1)
After Jeff Hardy loses his TNA World Heavyweight Championship and is suspended at Victory Road, “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan is handpicked by Hulk Hogan himself as his official endorsement and the new leader of Immortal. Morgan goes on a tear, dominating in Lethal Lockdown and injuring the TNA Television Champion, Hernandez, to win the title. In Lethal Lockdown he targets Sting specifically, and in his promo on Impact he’s interrupted by Sting - who doesn’t the first time ever, finally descends form the rafters and storms the ring to beat up all of Immortal. 16 months of anger have led to this beat down, and the Impact Zone explode.
Sting would then rant the next episode about Immortal and the state of TNA. He goes over the points he made last year, but this time it isn’t “I think Hogan and Bischoff are untrustworthy” it’s that they ARE untrustworthy. After BFG, him and Kevin Nash had enough. He was sick of it, and Dixie Carter doing nothing about it. But he realised that TNA needed a hero, and with The Front Line slowly forming - he completed the set. “Matt Morgan: I think you’re a tall lumbering talentless piece of meat, and I want to beat your ass with the black bat.” Morgan fakes out an attack, but Sting is prepared.
Morgan says he wants Sting’s TNA World Heavyweight Championship, but The Pope has the match for Sacrifice. Matt Morgan hits Sting with a Carbon Footprint while Dinero is stunned, and this allows Dinero to hit his finisher to win the title to a huge ovation. Afterwards, Sting wants blood. On an episode of Impact, every match is followed with a segment of Sting beating up a member of Immortal. The last two are Hogan and Bischoff, but when he arrives to the office - he’s stopped by Miss Tessmacher. She says this isn’t right, this won’t resolve the issue. Sting then begrudgingly follows her plea.
James Storm then announces what will happen at Slammiversary - Immortal vs. TNA Front Line. They accept the offer, and it’s 8-on-8. AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Sting, James Storm, Robert Roode, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin...and Kurt Angle. Angle comes out and claims his allegiance is with TNA. Scott Steiner then comes out. Then Amazing Red. Then Brian Kendrick. Then RVD. All the babyface roster come out and claim their allegiance is with the Front Line. They will take down Immortal, and prove that Immortal isn’t Forever. This the last visual before Slammiversary, with Sting pointing the bat at Hogan. After a hard fought match, with Sting doing everything he can for a 52 year old, a F5 countered into a Scorpion Death Drop wins the match. Immortal are out of power, everyone keeps their jobs, and after 18 months since they arrived - Sting took down Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff.
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2020.09.24 22:33 ConorCulture Rebookiversary Pt. 6 - Slammiversary VIII

Kurt Angle defeats Kaz (with Chelsea)
Christopher Daniels defeats Douglas Williams (c) and Homicide to win the X Division Championship
Douglas Williams wins the X Division Championship off of Amazing Red at Destination X. He then would go on the same rant about how the X Division is full of flippy midgets who can’t actually wrestle, and are all gymnasts in a wrestling ring. He is a real wrestler and will put this division into shape. Christopher Daniels is one of his targets, and he’s constantly called a loser and a man who will never live up to his past success. He main evented Slammiversary before, he main evented Bound for Glory before, and now he’s weak.
Daniels then starts to work his way back up the card and earns himself a #1 Contenders match, but him and Homicide end up in a double pin predicament. This makes it a Three-way match. They all compliment each other in styles: Homicide death defying dives, Williams’ technical excellence and Daniels high flying ability. Daniels wins after a chair-assisted BMW.
Desmond Wolfe (c) (with Ric Flair) defeats Jay Lethal to retain the TNA Television Championship
Desmond Wolfe wins the Legends Championship off of Abyss at Bound for Glory 2009, and renames it the Television Championship in 2010. He keeps hold of it through the Ric Flair vs. Hulk Hogan war, where Abyss and Wolfe rekindle their feud. Abyss is used as a weapon by Hogan and Bischoff. He doesn’t speak, he’s just unleashed on Fortune or whoever is causing trouble. Wolfe manages to successfully defend his title against Abyss at Destination X, but by the skin of his teeth. In annoyance Abyss kidnaps Chelsea, Wolfe’s girlfriend. She returns back though, and Fortune keep their distance from Abyss.
They then enter a feud with Jay Lethal, who has been going around the X Division as a Flair impersonator. “The Nature Boy” Jay Lethal challenges for the the title against Douglas Williams at Lockdown, but loses. Lethal and Flair then have that famous promo the night after, and this begins their feud. Lethal wants the Television Championship so that he can finally graduate beyond X Division status, and will do it while stylin’ and profilin’. In their match, Wolfe uses his mat based grappling to constantly counter the high flying of Lethal. He goes for the Tower of London, but Lethal slips out and hits a Blockbuster! Wolfe no sells it though and rolls through into a Pop-up Tower of London! Desmond Wolfe retains the title, and looks to be unstoppable.
Tara, ODB and Hamada defeat Daffney and The Beautiful People in a Six-women Knockouts Bimbo Brawl Match
In the feud between Angelina Love and The Beautiful People, Tara refuses to side with Angelina after she won the Knockouts Championship off her. She still wants to destroy The Beautiful People, and bands together Hamada and ODB to do it with her. Daffney then teams with Lacey and Madison, after Lacey laid down for her in a match where the loser had to do a strip tease. This is enough to convince her to side with them heading into the match. It’s also made a Bimbos Brawl, which is basically The Beautiful’s People signature stipulation. A no disqualification tag match with stuff like makeup boxes and ugly sticks as weapons. The faces win, when Tara hits a Widows Peak on Lacey Von Erich.
Abyss (with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff) defeats Sting in a Monster’s Ball Match
Sting has been lurking in the shadows of the Impact Zone for all of 2010, having made his return on the first Monday Night Impact. Hogan and Bischoff have had their eye on him constantly, especially when he teamed with their team for the Lethal Lockdown Match. Sting would then reveal his motives after Lockdown, saying that he saw what Hogan and Bischoff did to WCW and lived through the whole thing. He built WCW and watched it crush, and now he has built TNA and will not sit aside to watch it fall apart with them at the helm. He himself calls out Abyss to a Monster’s Ball Match for Slammiversary, to which Bischoff accepts on his behalf.
Abyss at the moment is in a feud with AJ Styles over the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. He loses at Lockdown in a Steel Cage, and wants a rematch. He has to earn it though, and does this by chokeslamming Samoa Joe off the stage to win it. Abyss is suspended for this by Hogan. AJ is angry he injured his friend and wants revenge. Hogan says Abyss is too dangerous and can’t be in a ring. AJ threatens to no show Sacrifice unless he wrestles Abyss. He gets his demand and the match is made. They wrestle a 10,000 Thumbtacks Match, the winner being whoever slams their opponent into 10,000 thumbtacks. AJ of course wins, after Sting pushes Abyss off the top rope onto the tacks.
Abyss attacks Sting on Impact in frustration and debuts Janice. Sting escapes before he can be hit with her though. Bischoff convinces Hogan to keep Abyss around until the match is over, because they both know they want The Stinger gone. Hogan doesn’t want to, but he does agree. He breaks the news to Abyss, and for the first time all year speaks. “‘They’ won’t be happy...” he says. Bischoff offers Sting a man in his corner, but Sting says he doesn’t trust anyone enough to do that. He remembers what happened with the Main Event Mafia. The match is an improvement from their last encounter at Genesis 2007, opening with Sting going ham with the baseball bat. He uses this throughout. After a lot of hardcore spots, most likely using thumbtacks, Abyss drops Sting with a Stinger Splash into a Black Hole Slam to win. Hogan then can’t face himself to break the bad news.
Beer Money Inc. defeat Matt Morgan and The Amazing Red (c) (with Hernandez) to win the TNA World Tag Team Championships
Beer Money dominate the TNA Tag Team division under the leadership of Ric Flair, working with Fortune. Matt Morgan and Hernandez are partners that don’t like each other, and this is proven at Destination X in their match with the champions. Before they fight after the loss, The Amazing Red defuses the situation - a guy they’ve both been friendly with on the off. Matt and Red then meet the next night on Impact and suggest a trio run, but Hernandez says he needs to take some time as a solo guy. Morgan and Red work well together aS a team, and dethrone Beer Money on the Impact before Lockdown.
They then defeat Team 3D at Sacrifice, but are attacked by Beer Money after the match. Hernandez then comes for the save, and they form a power trio. This leads into the match for Slammiversary, where Hernandez will be in his buddies corner. They lose the match after Red is taken out with a sneaky broken beer bottle, and they double team Morgan. Hernandez then rushes in after they get the pin and calls them out, to a 3-on-3 match for Victory Road. Beer Money choose their partner, they choose the stipulation. They accept the offer.
Velvet Sky (c) (with The Beautiful People) defeats Angelina Love to retain the Knockouts Championship
The Beautiful People defeat Tara and Angelina Love at Lockdown, with Velvet getting the pin to finally for the first time win the Knockouts Championship. She pins Angelina Love, and afterwards Tara can’t face to help Angelina any further. Velvet is a double champ with Madison and Lacey holding the tag belts, and she is on top of the world. She cuts a promo on Angelina Love stating that she was always the one to hog the spotlight of the title picture, she was always given the big matches, when you all just saw - Velvet is the more beautiful, and more talented person.
Velvet, Madison and Angelina have a Three-way at Sacrifice, and it’s basically a Handicap Match. This sets up one-on-one, for the first time ever, Velvet Sky vs. Angelina Love. They have a duel of the entrances but in a...slightly different way than the epic kind. Velvet then once again wins with help from her fellow Beautiful People, and she beats up Angelina with the ugly stick afterwards.
Jeff Hardy, RVD and Samoa Joe (with Ink Inc.) defeat The Band and Eric Young (with Scott Hall) in a Six-man Tag Team Match, if The Band lose they will be fired
When RVD debuts for TNA, him and Jeff Hardy start to have a bit of a frenemy relationship. They’re mates, but also really want to beat the other. At Lockdown they team with Sting and Team 3D as part of Hogan’s team to take on Fortune - represented by Desmond Wolfe, Kaz, Beer Money and Ric Flair himself. RVD and Jeff then have their match at Sacrifice finally and it’s Full Metal Mayhem - a perfect stipulation for them.
The Band meanwhile are running a muck over TNA. They tried to reform the nWo with Hogan and Bishoff on the first Monday Night Impact episode but Hogan denied, instead giving Watman an X Division Championship match for Genesis against The Amazing Red. He would lose, and then in revenge they’d start to target bigger guys. Eric Young would join their cohorts at Destination X. They would be in a losing effort at Lockdown to Amazing Red and Matt Morgan over the tag titles, and afterwards would go ham backstage. They tear their locker room apart and demand they be given the opportunities they want. Hogan then intervenes here. He says they have one shot to STAY in TNA, because he can’t have them around here. If they don’t win their match at Slammiversary, they will be fired.
RVD and Jeff are chosen to be their opponents. They need a third man though, and it’s not going to be Jeff’s stoner friend Shannon Moore. Instead, Samoa Joe comes out. Him and his protege, Jesse Neal, who has been teaming with Shannon Moore as part of Ink Inc. make it go from 2-on-4 to 5-on-4. Scott Hall and Ink Inc. will be in their teams corners for the Six-man Tag Team Match at Slammiversary, which is a clusterfuck. Kevin Nash starts off by dominating Jeff until Samoa Joe comes in and takes him down. Eric Young runs around Joe with his speed to counteract.
RVD then gets a hot tag and outmatches Young at his game. He hits a Van-Daminator for a near fall. Scott Hall tries to cause a ruckus, beating up Ink Inc. on the outside. Samoa Joe then brawls him to the back and it’s 2-on-3. Jeff and RVD work as a team to take down Eric Young, hitting a Swanton + Frogsplash combo only for Waltman and Nash to break it up. Joe comes back and cleans house; Rear Naked Choke on Waltman is broken up by Young and all six are in the ring brawling. They slowly drop, until it’s RVD and Waltman. RVD hits a Van-Terminator, and then Samoa Joe dives off the middle rope with a Senton to follow up. Jeff Hardy hits a Swanton, and covers to win. The Band are fired, and Hogan’s boys prevail.
A.J. Styles (c) defeats Mr. Anderson to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship
A.J. Styles defeats Kurt Angle in an Iron Man Match in the main event of Bound for Glory 2009 to win the TNA World Championship, and starts to go on the run of his life. He doesn’t turn heel and align with Ric Flair, but instead is the top face putting on top matches at the top of the card. He goes through Joe, Daniels, Abyss, Kurt Angle, and then Mr. Anderson steps up to the challenge. After his fantastic match with Kurt Angle at Lockdown capping off a fantastic feud, he takes to the mic on Impact to run his mouth on A.J. calling him a company bitch.
Anderson references his time with WWE, saying they tried to control him and he left. He says he uses to respect Styles but now he’s just another company guy who is controlled by the higher ups. He thought someone would step up to Hogan and Bischoff, but no Styles is still a boot licker. He decimated Kurt Angle, bloodied and battered him inside of that steel cage. He recites his famous line “good guys don’t go far, so thank god I’m an asshole.” Then follows with “and I want your ass, and your Championship, at Slammiversary.”
Styles then comes out to address Anderson’s comments next week, and says the only reason Anderson really left: is because they didn’t kiss his ass and make him a bigger star than he really is. He isn’t that kind of contender, and just because he has jumped ship doesn’t mean he is all of a sudden gonna he one. He’s facing even better talent than before now. So if he wants this coveted title, he will have to run a Gauntlet against guys who he sees as being lower than him since he came from up north. Anderson does the gauntlet, and wins, using his ruthlessness to about three of four midcard faces. They then stare down after the match, and Anderson goes to speak - but hits a mic check and assaults Styles. “I’m not what you think, so good luck - ass kisser.”
They both make big entrances and start off hot. Anderson and Styles work technical, but A.J. outmatches him. Anderson flies with a Crossbody, but A.J. is an 8-time X Division Champion - he obviously wins that game. This leaves Anderson to resort to what he does best: brutalise, and cheat. Mr. Anderson resorts to cheating to keep up with Styles, hitting a low blow when the ref isn’t looking and the mic check but AJ still kicks out. He busts him open with rights and lefts and tries for an Avalanche Green Bay Plunge, but Styles counters and hits Mr. Anderson with a Styles Clash off the middle rope! A.J. retains his World Heavyweight Championship and now crosses the 8-month mark with his reign.
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2020.09.22 04:18 SteveMcQueen36 Playing through the WWF - Part 3 (1988 to 1989 SummerSlam - Wrestlemania V)

I am using games like WWE2k19, 2k20, and Fire Pro Wrestling World to simulate and play through the WWF's PPV's and other events. The outcomes will be different thus forcing me to change story lines. Let me know what you think. This issue covers SummerSlam '88 to Wrestlemania V. When the Mega Powers EXPLODE!!!

WWF SummerSlam - August 29th, 1988 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden

No. Results Stipulations Rating Times Note
1 The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers (Jacques Rougeau and Raymond Rougeau) def. The British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid) Tag team match 92% 18:32 The Rougeaus looked amazing in this match. The crowd hates them but they seem to be fueled by that hate. They fly around the ring with so much skill. The Bulldogs looked... off. It's clear that Davey Boy Smith needs to take some time off for a few months. Jacques won after a Moonsault.
2 Curt Hennig def. Bad News Brown Singles match 88% 15:57 Curt Hennig is a newcomer to the WWF and he is taking on Ted DiBiase's body-guard, Bad News Brown. Bad News plans to make mincemeat out of Hennig. But it's mostly in Curt's favor. Curt Hennig wins after a Fisherman Suplex.
3 Rick Rude (w/Bobby Heenan) def. Brutus Beefcake Singles match 76% 15:44 The match started off with a pose-off with Rude clearly out-flexing Beefcake. Then the match started when Beefer started getting more cheers and Rude clotheslined him to the outside. These two traded blows and moves before Beefcake was opened up outta nowhere. Rude won with the Rude Awakening.
4 The Powers of Pain (The Barbarian and The Warlord) def. The Bolsheviks (Boris Zhukov and Nikolai Volkoff) (w/Slick) Tag team match 70% 17:52 The newest dominating tag team in the division is The Powers of Pain. The Warlord and The Barbarian hit hard and don't stop until they get blood. That's what happened in this match. Barbarian was literally biting Nikolai on the forehead. Demolition is on notice. The Warlord won with a Power Slam on Boris Zhukov.
5 The Ultimate Warrior (c) def. Honky Tonk Man (w/Jimmy Hart) WWF Intercontinental Title 79% 18:10 The Honky Tonk Man is great at irritating the Intercontinental Champion. Warrior had been wanting to slap Honky down for weeks! This match was clothesline after clothesline. Honky didn't stand a chance. He was done after a Gorilla Press Slam. The Ultimate Warrior wins after a Gorilla Press Slam.
6 Bam Bam Bigelow & Big Bossman (w/Slick) def. Jake Roberts & Ricky Steamboat Tag Team Match 98% 29:18 Wow! What a tag team match. These guys gave it their all but Slick's team had too much power. For everything Roberts and Steamboat had, Slick's team was ready to knock them down. Bossman pinned Steamboat after a Bossman Slam in the middle of the ring.
7 Demolition (Ax and Smash) (c) (w/Mr. Fuji and Jimmy Hart) def. The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart) WWF Tag Team Titles 60% 27:52 A surprisingly dry and boring match from two teams I would have expected more from. It was a back and forth until Demolition really started laying it in thick. Bret Hart was pinned following a Tombstone from Smash.
8 Leilani Kai (w/Judy Martin) def. Wendi Richter (c) (w/Rockin' Robin) WWF Women's Title 72% 13:07 Leilani Kai and Judy Martin have been beating up on Richter for weeks. It started on SNME when they double-teamed Richter after her win over Sensational Sherri. Then it started happening every time she was interviewed. Richter didn't even wait until the ring bell was rung. It was a good match that Richter had in the bag. She was a woman unleashed. Beating Kai all over the ring. That was until a chair from Judy Martin, from the outside of the ring, cost Richter the match. Leilani Kai won with a Backslide.
Main Event The Mega Powers (Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage) (w/Miss Elizabeth) def. King Kong Bundy and Ted DiBiase (w/Bad News Brown) Tag Team Match 77% 16:34 Hogan and Savage joined forces when it was Randy Savage who saved Hogan from a DiBiase beat down. The two shook hands and it was magic from there. Bundy and Hogan were a treat for the crowd. Hogan wins after the Big Leg Drop on King Kong Bundy. After the match Miss Elizabeth is kidnapped by DiBiase. Savage makes chase.... Hogan poses.
81% 173:06
Total Time: 2:53:06
This was the first Summer Slam and it was a pretty popular one. The Mega Powers were everywhere doing promotions all over the country. Hogan didn't want to be in a big feud since he was filming a movie at the moment. The Ultimate Warrior is getting an enormous pop and he might be poised to be the next in line for the world title. Wendi Richter want's revenge but she needs some time off after the beating she took at the hands of the Glamour Girls.

WWF Survivor Series 1988 - November 24, 1988 - Richfield Township, Ohio

No. Results Stipulations Rating Times Note
1 The Honky Tonk Man, Bad News Brown, Rick Martel and Greg Valentine (w/Jimmy Hart) def. The Blue Blazer, The Ultimate Warrior, and The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart) 4-on-4 Survivor Series Match 100% 49:39 The Hart boys looked great but Honky was using chairs and taking everyone into the ringside area. The Ultimate Warrior held his own, but was ultimately beat down before being eliminated first! Blazer went next. The Hart Foundation then eliminated Martel and Bad News Brown, but fell to Rhythm & Blues. Rhythm & Blues were the survivors in this match.
2 The Rockers (Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels) and The British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid) def. Demolition (Ax and Smash) and The Bolsheviks (Boris Zhukov and Nikolai Volkoff) 4-on-4 Survivor Series Match 83% 30:39 This match was a knock-down drag-out battle. It was great. All of the teams looked fantastic and worked really well together. The Rockers took out the Bolsheviks, but got smacked by Demolition. It looked bad until Davey Boy Smith eliminated both Ax and Smash on his own. Great show. Davey Boy Smith and Shawn Michaels are the Survivors.
3 Akeem, Bam Bam Bigelow, Big Bossman, and Butch Reed def. Jake Roberts, Ricky Steamboat, Curt Hennig, and Don Muraco 4-on-4 Survivor Series Match 86% 41:53 Akeem was eliminated by Don Muraco. Who was teamed up on and beaten down before being eliminated by Bossman. Bossman then went on to deliver two Bossman Slams to Ricky Steamboat eliminating him. Butch Reed overpowers a weakened Jake Roberts to eliminate him. Mr. Perfect was last to fall. There is just too much power on that side of the ring. The survivors are Slick's Squad; Butch Reed, Bossman, and Bigelow.
4 The Glamour Girls (Judy Martin & Leilani Kai) (c) def. Wendi Richter & Rockin' Robin Tag Team Match 82% 12:02 Wendi Richter and LeiLani Kai had a feud to settle and it was settled here. Richter was working much slower in this match. She refuses to take time off. But when Rockin' Robin got in the match really picked up. Robin hit Judy Martin with a really tough running cross-body. But it was Leilani Kai that was the deciding factor. Leilani Kai wins with a Pinning German Suplex to Wendi Richter.
Main Event Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Brutus Beefcake, and Roddy Piper def. Ted DiBiase, Rick Rude, King Kong Bundy, and Hercules 4-on-4 Survivor Series Match 93% 58:42 This was an awesome match if your a fan of Hulkamania. It started out with Hercules being eliminated by Beefcake. Then Beefcake by Bundy. Then Bundy by Hogan. Then Rude by Hogan. Savage by DiBiase. Then DiBiase by Hogan with the Leg Drop. The Survivors are Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper who both eliminate Hercules last.
90% 223:35
Total Time: 3:23:55
The Survivor Series is proving to be one of the best PPV's in the company's history. Always consistently good matches. This year we got the Mega Union with not only Randy Savage, but also Roddy Piper and Brutus Beefcake. Hogan really has some great friends. But DiBiase proved to have deep pockets as these guys took a beating for the Million Dollar Man. And it looks like Wendi Richter will be taking some time away from the WWF.

WWF Royal Rumble 1989 - January 15, 1989 - Houston, Texas

No. Results Stipulations Rating Times Note
1D Jim Powers def. Barry Horowitz Singles match 99% 19:45 Jim Powers and Barry Horowitz are enhancement talent that knows how to put on a good match. They didn't tell any one they were going to take advantage of the twenty minute time limit. This is one of the greatest Dark Matches of all time. So much emotion and anger. Jim Powers won with an Electric Chair Slam.
2 Tim Horner def. Sam Houston Singles match 92% 19:24 Tim Horner and Sam Houston are both big names in Texas and this match really got some great cheers. The crowd was still coming into the building, but they got a great show. Horner was dominating for most of the match. Really working over Houston's midsection. Then Horner put Houston away with a Flying Body Press.
3 Best 2-of-3 Falls: The Blue Blazer and The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart) def. Dino Bravo and The Fabulous Rougeaus (Jacques Rougeau and Raymond Rougeau) (w/Jimmy Hart) Tag Team Match 78% 32:32 The Blue Blazer has been working with the Hart Foundation in a lot of Six-Man tag matches against Slick's Squad in the months leading up to the Royal Rumble. During those matches, The Rougeau Brothers would poke fun during promos against The Hart Foundation. This led up to Bret Hart challenging Jacques to a 1-on-1 match on SNME. But Hart lost after being distracted by Dino Bravo beating up The Blue Blazer at ringside. Now both teams are going to settle their differences in a 2-of-3 Falls Six-Man Tag Match. The match was wonderful. Bret Hart was on point. Blue Blazer was lightning quick. It was a sight to see. Bret won both falls on the Rougeaus with the Sharpshooter on Raymond and Dino Bravo.
4 Leilani Kai (c) (w/Judy Martin) def. Rockin' Robin WWF Women's Title 70.% 13:15 The Glamour Girls are holding all of the gold in the Women's Division. After defeating the Jumping Bomb Angels on SNME for the Women's Tag Titles, Leilani Kai went on to defeat long-time champion, Wendi Richter at Summer Slam. With the help of her partner, Judy Martin. Martin has been integral in helping Leilani Kai keep the Women's Title around her waist. But tonight, Judy Martin is banned from ringside. Can Leilani Kai beat Wendi Richter's best friend? Yes. Leilani Kai and Robin had a great back and forth match with Kai eating a lot of offense from Rockin' Robin. But Leilani Kai is a veteran that knows the ring better than her opponent. It was easy for Kai to pick up the victory after two running power bombs.
5 Harley Race (w/The Wizard) def. Haku (w/Bobby Heenan) King of the Ring Final 80% 18:16 The King of the Ring was a tournament that had taken place across various events leading up to the Royal Rumble. Haku vs. The Blue Blazer on Prime Time Wrestling and Hercules on Saturday Night's Main Event. And Harley Race vs. Koko B. Ware and Butch Reed on Superstars and Wrestling Challenge. Tonight they meetup in the final. A hardened veteran setting out on a new journey in his career. Or the young up-and-coming superstar of the tag division. Haku came out fierce. He attacked Race's forehead and tried to bust him open. But Harley Race beat Haku back. It turned into a bloodbath on the outside. Harley Race wins this hard-fought battle with a bloody Piledriver.
Main Event Bam Bam Bigelow wins the 30 Man Royal Rumble Match Royal Rumble Match 81% 58:53 The final eight are Akeem, Bossman, Bigelow, Piper, Martel, Studd, Savage, and DiBiase. It came down to the newly turned face, Bam Bam Bigelow vs. his former partners, Bossman and Akeem. And the Million Dollar Man. Million Dollar Man threw out Akeem while Bam Bam threw out Bossman. Then Million Dollar Man tried paying off Bam Bam. Bigelow threw Ted DiBiase out last to win the Rumble.
83% 159:05
Total Time: 2:49:05
The Royal Rumble was exciting! Bam Bam Bigelow came out on top of the Royal Rumble vowing to put the WWF heels on notice. Harley Race and Haku had an obviously bloody match. All of that while Hulk Hogan was absent filming a movie.

Wrestlemania V - April 2nd, 1989 - Atlantic City, New Jersey - Historic Atlantic City Convention Hall

No. Results Stipulations Rating Times Note
1 Hercules def. King Harley Race (w/Bobby Heenan) Singles match 70% 11:51 Harley Race had won the inaugural King of the Ring tournament in a finals match against Haku at the Royal Rumble. After that show, Bobby Heenan dropped Haku and picked up King Race to be in his crew. However, Race hadn't foreseen that Heenan's former talent, Hercules, had turned face and would be looking to stop The Heenan Family in anyway possible. At WrestleMania V these two clashed in a 1-on-1 bout that saw Harley Race taken to the limit. Hercules defeated Race after a Football Tackle.
2 The Twin Towers (Akeem and Big Boss Man) & Butch Reed (w/Slick) def. The Rockers (Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty) & Bam Bam Bigelow Six-Man Tag Match 84% 26:01 Slick's Squad has been a thorn in the side of the WWF baby faces for months now. But tonight Bam Bam Bigelow and The Rockers are going to try and shut Slick up. Bam Bam took the fight to Big Bossman, these two kept just punching each other in the face. It was great. The Rockers got some double offense in, but Akeem and Bossman are too much for the young team. Not to mention Butch Reed dominating them. Akeem won the match for the heels after a Series of Short-Arm Clotheslines. This is Butch Reed's last match in the WWF.
3 Ted DiBiase (w/Bad News Brown) def. Jake Roberts Singles match 100% 25:51 Ted DiBiase left Bobby Heenan just before the new year and purchased the assistance of Bad News Brown, as his personal bodyguard. He has been feuding with Jake Roberts for most of that time. DiBiase tried to pay to get Roberts fired from the WWF. But Jack Tunney wouldn't be swayed. So Roberts put his snake, lol, on DiBiase. This pissed off DiBiase leading to this match. Which was phenomenal. A 5 STAR Banger for sure. These two duked it out for over twenty minutes before moves even came into play. DiBiase had he upper hand for most of the match and he kept it. Roberts passed out in the Million Dollar Dream.
4 The Islanders (Haku and Tama) def. The Fabulous Rougeaus (Jacques Rougeau and Raymond Rougeau) Tag team match 80% 24:51 Haku and Tama are one of the most dangerous tag-teams in the WWF and after some injury leave for Tama. The team is back together. At least they aren't some weird face licking team from Australia that wags their arms up and down. I hate that team. The Islanders though are awesome. Haku wins the match for them with a big Tongan Kick square on Raymond's chin.
5 "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig def. The Blue Blazer Singles match 80% 12:24 The Blue Blazer has been wowing the crowds with his dexterous style. Curt Hennig has been also wowing the crowds with his impressive technical nature. In this exhibition of talent, Blue Blazer and Hennig put all they had on display. It was a fantastic bout that incorporated British, Lucha, and classic Catch-as-Catch-can styles. While Curt Hennig won the match with the Perfect Plex, the match still elevated both superstars.
6 Demolition (Ax and Smash) (c) def. The Powers of Pain (The Barbarian and The Warlord) WWF Tag Team Titles 92% 26:14 Demolition had recently turned face, leaving Mr. Fuji to be beaten-up by The British Bulldogs on Superstars. The crowd loved them and their new badass style. Mr. Fuji, still hated by the fans, picked up a new team, The Powers of Pain. A wreckless, destructive, and powerful tag team that has been running rough-shot in the tag division. Now they are challenging Demolition for the WWF World Tag Team Titles. The match was a brawl. Demolition and The Powers of Pain beat the shit out of each other. There was even a spot with the referee being sandwiched in between Smash and The Warlord. Knocking down the referee and busting him open. Ax won the match after a Shoulder Buster on The Barbarian. The champs celebrated in the ring and rode motorcycles out of the ringside area. Yeah!
7 Leilani Kai (c) (w/Judy Martin) def. Velvet McIntyre WWF Women's Title 83% 14:12 The Glamour Girls are tremendous heels. Cutting promos on various tag-teams and finding new ways to cheat. They have really excelled after leaving manager, Jimmy Hart. The WWF have even sent this dastardly duo to Japan to represent the WWF Women's Tag Team Titles across the world. Velvet McIntyre has been the main face since Wendi Richters departure earlier in the year. Velvet vowed to get the Women's Title around her waist tonight. And while Leilani Kai and McIntyre had a great match. Velvet couldn't get the job done and submitted in a Boston Crab. Putting the WWF Women's Title out of reach. Kai and Martin hugged in the ring and the crowd showered them with garbage.
8 Strike Force (Rick Martel and Tito Santana) def. The Brain Busters (Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard) (w/Bobby Heenan) Tag team match 90% 27:54 Bobby Heenan debuted the Brain Busters on SNME in October of '88. They instantly made an example of Sam Houston & Tim Horner and then systematically destroyed every jobber team. Now Arn and Tully will show the world their talents and their intentions for the WWF Tag Team Titles. Demolition will be on notice. But Strike Force is being pushed hard right now to try and get Santana and Martel over. The match was great. Everyone looked good. The Brain Busters looked amazing. But it just wasn't in the cards. Tito Santana pinned Arn Anderson, you read that right, after the Flying Cross-Chop. Strike Force... uggh.
9 The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart) def. Rhythm and Blues (Greg Valentine and The Honky Tonk Man with Jimmy Hart) Tag team match 71% 17:13 The Hart Foundation have been feuding with Rhythm & Blues for the better part of the year. Bret and Honky have a deep seeded hatred for each other. Unfortunately, that emotion didn't come out in the match. It was a good match with a lot of things that worked out well. But it actually ended up being the worst of the nights tag matches. Bret Hart won with a Piledriver on Honky Tonk.
10 The Ultimate Warrior (c) def. Rick Rude WWF Intercontinental Title 89% 17:32 The Ultimate Warrior has been on a tear since arriving in the WWF. Winning the Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania IV and now holding it for over a year. Warrior has been locked in a feud with Rick Rude who has lost in various pose-offs and matches. These two went at it trading blows. Trading clotheslines. Trading Dropkicks. It seemed like Rude would beat Warrior when he choked him with a camera cord. But no. Warrior defeated Rude with a Big Splash.
12 "Hot Rod" Roddy Piper def. Bobby Heenan (w/The Brooklyn Brawler) Singles match 82% 7:23 Bobby Heenan has been angling to get the WWF World Title into the Heenan Family ever since Andre retired. So, Heenan tried to lure in Roddy Piper with a promise of money and a match with Hulk Hogan. But Piper refused to turn on Hogan and vowed to shut the Weasle up for good. And he did, putting Bobby Heenan down on the mat with a Sleeper.
Main Event Randy Savage (w/Miss Elizabeth) def. Hulk Hogan (c) WWF World Heavyweight Title 87% 16:27 The Mega-Powers EXPLODE! Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan have been two of the most dominant champions in WWF history. Savage is in the height of his popularity and has just come off of a record breaking Intercontinental Title run of 771 days. Hulk Hogan held the WWF Title for an uncanny 1093 days before losing to Andre the Giant. However, now in the middle of his second run, Hogan is facing his greatest threat. His best friend. His compadre. His brother, man, whatcha' gonna do? Savage is mad that Hogan made "advances" toward Elizabeth. And he believes that Hogan is too arrogant. The crowd can't wait, this is one of the biggest matches of all time! - Hogan hit the big boot on Savage - Savage hit a huge dropkick on Hogan sending him toppling to the outside - Hogan hit a Leg Drop but Macho was near the ropes and reached them. "Macho Man" Randy Savage defeats Hulk Hogan with the Flying Elbow Drop to win the WWF World Heavyweight Title. Hogan and Savage embrace after the match and Hogan holds Savage on his shoulders.
84% 227:53
Total Time: 3:47:53
Hogan and Savage were deep in a feud when this match took place and the crowd was glad to see them posing in the ring together. Now Hogan is leaving the WWF for a bit to work on some other projects. The Ultimate Warrior is a promising Intercontinental Champion and showed off in a great match with Rick Rude. The future of the WWF looks promising with Macho Man at the helm.

Title History

WWF World Heavyweight Title

No. Champion Championship change Event Location Reign statistics Notes
1 Hulk Hogan 3/31/1984 WWF on MSG Network New York City, NY 1 1093 Hogan is the first WWF champion according to this title history. He won the WWF title in a single night tournament at MSG from The Iron Sheik. Hogan did well promoting the title and defended it quite a bit. However, it was a double-cross from his friend Andre the Giant that dethroned this king.
2 Andre the Giant 3/29/1987 Wrestlemania III Pontiac, MI 1 368 Andre the Giant had been best friends with Hulk Hogan for years before turning on him and joining Bobby Heenan. This partnership would be lucrative since Andre would beat Hogan for the WWF Championship at Wrestlemania III. Thus striking a blow to Hulkamania and weakening the iconic one. Andre would also defend the title quite a bit. He was undefeated until Wrestlemania IV.
3 Hulk Hogan 3/27/1988 Wrestlemania IV Atlantic City, NJ 2 369 Hulk Hogan regained his title from Andre the Giant in front of over 100,000 people in Atlantic City, New Jersey! It was a decent match that also served as Andre's retirement match.
4 Randy Savage 4/2/1989 Wrestlemania V Atlantic City, NJ 1 Randy Savage won the title from Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania V when the Mega Powers EXPLODED! Meltzer would report that Hogan is going on to make some movies in Hollywood before returning to the WWF. Savage is a great face and will be an amazing champion.

WWF Intercontinental Title

No. Champion Championship change Event Location Reign statistics Days Notes
1 Greg Valentine 1/17/1985 WWF on PRISM Philadelphia, PA 1 73 Greg Valentine was the first IC champion that I started the game with. He defeated Pat Patterson for the title, technically making him the second champion. But again, I started my game with him as IC champ. He would lose the title in a very bloody match with JYD.
2 Junkyard Dog 3/31/1985 Wrestlemania I New York, NY 1 258 JYD was one of the most beloved and most punishing champions. His battles were always bloody and always crowd favorites. He dropped the belt to Randy Savage on Saturday Night's Main Event at MSG.
3 Randy Savage 12/14/1985 WWF at MSG New York, NY 1 771 Randy Savage held the WWF Intercontinental Title for an unprecedented amount of time. He was one of the best champions of the eighties. Defeating opponents like Ivan Karloff, Harley Race, Brutus Beefcake, Rick Rude among others.
- Vacant 1/24/1988 WWF Royal Rumble Hamilton, ON - CAN 1 63 Randy had to vacate the title following an injury at the hands of the Honky Tonk Man's guitar shot.
4 The Ultimate Warrior 3/27/1988 Wrestlemania IV Atlantic City, NJ 1 The Ultimate Warrior won the IC title in a one-night tournament defeating Jake Roberts in the final. He has been a terrific champion so far during his feud with Rick Rude.

WWF Tag Team Titles

No. Champion Championship change Event Location Reign statistics Days Notes
1 The U.S. Express (Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo) 3/31/1984 WWF on MSG Network New York City, NY 1 586 The U.S. Express was a great tag team that started the game as Tag Champs. They would lose them to the British Bulldogs at the Wrestling Classic.
2 The British Bulldogs (Dynamite Kid & Davey Boy Smith) 11/7/1985 The Wrestling Classic Rosemont, IL 1 871 The British Bulldogs vs. The U.S. Express in a fantastic bout. Dynamite and Rotundo were meant to do battle. They have defended against Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff, The American Express, The Hart Foundation, The Islanders, and many more during their impressive multi-year run.
3 Demolition (Ax & Smash) 3/27/1988 Wrestlemania IV Atlantic City, NJ 1 While the British Bulldogs were the most popular team in the WWF. No team were turning heads faster than the big, angry, Demolition. Ax and Smash along with their manager, Mr. Fuji, have been running rough-shot over the WWF. They had their eyes set on gold. The Bulldogs are good, but they couldn't best the beasts.

WWF Women's Title

No. Champion Championship change Event Location Reign statistics Days Notes
1 Wendi Richter 3/31/1985 Wrestlemania I New York, NY 1 1,247 Wendi Richter beat Leilani Kai for the WWF Women's Title at Wrestlemania I in 1985 and held it until 1988. It was a tremendous reign that almost no one will be able to beat.
2 Lelani Kai 8/29/1988 SummerSlam '88 New York, NY 1 In 1988 Leilani Kai and Judy Martin changed the face of women's wrestling by taking their tag team out on the world and inspiring many young women wrestlers. Leilani Kai would put the crowning achievement of the Glamour Girls by winning the Women's Title from Wendi Richter at Summer Slam '88.

WWF Women's Tag Team Titles

No. Champion Championship change Event Location Reign statistics Days Notes
1 The Glamour Girls (Judy Martin & Leilani Kai) 3/16/1985 WWF on PRISM Philadelphia, PA 1 1,044 Judy Martin and Leilani Kai are one of the greatest teams in Women's Professional Wrestling. Their work around the world is tremendous.
2 The Jumping Bomb Angels (Noriyo Tateno & Itsuki Yamazaki) 1/24/1988 Royal Rumble Hamilton, ON - CAN 1 The Jumping Bomb Angels (Noriyo Tateno & Itsuki Yamazaki) were one of the coolest teams the WWF ever let slip though their fingers. Much like the duo of Io Shrai and Kairi Sane.

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2020.09.11 17:00 PaulPM1 My Fantasy All Time Summerslam

Dream Summerslam Card – Paul (2020) – The Games”
Announcers: Jim Ross & **Jerry “The King” Lawler (**Unless Stated Otherwise) Referees: Mike Chioda (Mens), Jessika Carr (Womens)
Opening Video Package Content: Gladiator Theme Opening Video Package Theme: Time is Now by Moloko
J.R says welcome to Summerslam and says we have breaking news that there is going to be an exclusive interview with Bray Wyatt later on tonight.
1. NXT Fight Pit Match - (Announcers: J.R, M Ranollo) (Guest Referee: Nigel McGuinness)
Build: Past vs Future (talking up tyler bate all the time) dunne to regal, you don’t like me cos I remind you of the younger you, just I won’t get stuck in the middle tier and let myself down with drugs etc I will be world champion, but I need to take you out and prove the doubters wrong.)
William Regal vs Pete Dunne
Finish: Dunne distracts the ref and hits Regal with brass knuckles then grabs a groggy regal and hits him with the bitter end.
2. Lumberjill Match (Announcers: J.R, M Ranollo, Paige) (Guest Referee: Ronda Rousey)
Build: Beth previously announced she wants her final match to be at summerslam, and she wants it to be against her best friend Natalya, and that through a friend she has convinced the Mcmahons to allow Ronda Rousey to be special guest referee (as shes thinking about joining WWE), a week before the summerslam paperview wwe do a tribute night to beth and this climaxes with a contract signing to end raw, beth signs the contract and natalyas music plays, then plays again, the titantron changes to refs and paramedics running to a beaten unconscious Natalya on the floor, beth runs backstage and demands to see the cctv, as she see the footage, the camera goes back to the ring where the contract lays on the table in the middle of the ring and Rhea Ripley signs where Natalya should have signed, Rhea says natalya won’t make it and that beth won’t get a friendly goodbye from a bland competitor, that she will be forced to retire, just like Natalya, by the woman who will go down as the most dominant woman in professional wrestling history, me, Rhea Ripley. And in the blank stipulation section of the contract Rhea writes Last Woman Standing Match.
Beth Phoenix vs Rhea Ripley
Finish: Beth gets rhea into the glamslam position but rhea reverses underneath and gets behind beth to do the riptide for the 1-2-3. Rhea the kicks beth over the apron, ronda goes to check if beth is okay, Rhea pushes Ronda and shouts her to raise her hand, Ronda does this begrudgingly and as rhea goes to walk away, Ronda still has her arm and judo throws her into an armbar.
3. 4 Man Extreme Tornado Tag Team TLC Match – Stipulation If Dudleys and DIY lose, the teams have to be disbanded forever: (Announcers: M Ranollo, Samoa Joe, Triple H)
Build: Undisputed Era had run through every team and faction and claimed total domination, and started attacking DIY, and with no one willing to help, undisputed era go to attack DIY to put them through the Titan Tron stage, when a firework hits the stage and signals the return of the Dudley Boyz. Who run of undisputed era and. DIY challenge them to a 4 man tag team TLC match, and the Dudleys say its going to be an extreme TLC Match. Adam Cole accepts but only if the stipulation is if Dudleys and DIY lose they have to disband there teams forever.
Dudley Boyz & DIY vs Undisputed Era
Finish: Dudley Boyz put Fish through a flaming table, Roderick strong takes himself and D-von over the rope, Bubba Ray turns around and O’reilly picks up Bubba and Cole is on the other side and they pick him up for what looks like a 3D but Cole converts his end into the Last Shot, and pins him for the 1-2-3. Undisputed era celebrate and make their way to the back, leaving the Dudleys and DiY to hug their partners in a final goodbye, DiY both Superkick the Dudleys, then Ciampa superkicks Gargano.
4. Loser Leaves WWE match -Unsanctioned Match Stipulation: (Announcers: J.R, M Ranollo)
Build: edge – yeah we both came back from injury but you’ve done nothing, I had to sit on the sidelines as you do shit storylines and don’t even go for world titles, and crying about how you owed it to your dumb wife, brie mode? Sounds like something an angry retard would say,…..behind every man is a great woman? Damn. Then you are less of a man, remember what you had, how you had to crawl and claw your way to the main event picture, and now your just happy to be here, you might as well be in the indies, because this Daniel bryan doesn’t belong in the big leagues.
Edge vs Daniel Bryan
Finish: Edge rolls through on the yes lock and hits Bryan with the Spear for the 1-2-3
5. 2 Falls Count Anywhere Lumberjack Match “Career vs Career”- Stipulation: Must get a Pin Win & A Submission Win (Announcers: J.R, M Ranollo, J Lawler)
Build: Jericho called out Owen, to never meet your heroes, and goes on to say that owen doesn’t love wrestling, he is ashamed of it, whether it’s his wife or he’s in the shadow of bret, he needs to get out of wrestling, because he’s taking a spot of people who are 100% committed to be here and that Jericho isn’t going to allow Owen to stay in wwe. And both put careers on the line.
Chris Jericho vs Owen Hart (Outside the ring are The Radicalz and the Hart Foundation)
Finish: Owen Catch jerichos codebreaker and puts him in the sharpshoot for a submission fall, Jericho pushed owen into an exposed turnbuckle then as owen falls on the ground Jericho hits the lionsault for the 1-2-3, then as owen tried to do a sitdown tombstone, Jericho reverses behind, hits a reverse codebreaker then makes Owen submit from the liontamer.
6. Hell In A Cell Match: (Announcers: J.R, M Ranollo, Mick Foley)
Build: Taker says that no matter who came and went, this ring will always be his yard, Walters music hits and he comes out and says taker is just an old soldier that needs to be put out of his misery and that he is the ring general now. Walter says he knows takers weakness and that taker will finally go down in flames.
Walter vs The Undertaker
Finish: As taker goes to hit the last ride, while walter is in the air, he singles to the titantron and waves for help to come down. suddenly 4 flames of fire come from each ringpost and the arena goes dark, the voice of paul bearer screams “he’s here” and out comes 97 kane and rips the hell in a cell cage door off. Does a faceoff with taker then tombstones him, walter crawls over for the win.
7. 20 minute Samoan Strap Match: (Announcers: J.R, M Ranollo, Paige) (Guest Referee: Stephanie McMahon)
Build: bitches about the rock being selective about his samoan legacy, quick to help roman, but where was help for joe when he was struggling at other companies, only mentions his somoan lineage if its good for the p.r. and how he became Hollywood over somoan without hesitation and that he is so paranoid to do anything as he wants to be mr.perfect, no not that guy, and can’t handle anything negative, seems a bit phoney to me rock, you used to tell us to know your role, but what is your role rock and to smell what your cooking, well all I can smell is shit.
Samoa Joe vs The Rock
Finish: the clock is into the last minute, in a last ditch attempt the rock goes to hit the 3rd rock bottom of the match, butjoe swtches behind for the kokina clutch, 10 seconds to go joe wraps the strap around the rocks throat, the rock seems passed out, the ref raises his arm once, twice, then on the 3rd the rock uses his last bit of strength to keep it raised for half a second, the ring bel rings. And the rock lets his hand drop. Result – Time Limit Draw.
Segment : Exclusive Interview with Bray Wyatt on who his next target is (Intentions to destroy the 3 faces of Foley)
Video package opens with Bray in the Firefly Funhouse and says he needs the right conditions to reveal the truth and walks through a door of the firefly funhouse and opens into the heartbreak hotel,
Looks at shawn michaels and says “hi shawn” nah this feels like it could be a screwjob wink wink, goes to walk away and turns back and says hey shawn, don’t you lose that smile and laughs, then bray falls back and lands in a chair, camera zooms out and hes in beefcakes barber shop, laughs and says touch me like I’m Hogan hahaha and runs of with his scissors, he runs into another room and hears a hissing and cuts the head off a snake, then the camera zooms out, he’s in jake Roberts snake pit…..bray holds up a beer and closes his eyes, the scene changes and his beer turns into a cocktail and hes on carlitos cabana, and bray says nah this ain’t cool and runs into a giant apple, and when he comes out the other side he steps out of a giant heart and is looking into the face of brother love, love asks who is your opponent, and bray says it’s something he’s wrestling with, wink wink, and falls through the floor and lands in a royal ring and jerry lawler says welcome to kings court, and bray says you’re a king? It’s all fantasy right, I’d rather be a king than a grand master hahaha, bray looks away and puts his hand over his eyebrows to see further and in the distance you see Christian with his peep show, and just lets it fade to black, and light creeps in as a door opens, but its actually bray stepping out of a coffin into the funeral parlour, and just looks at paul bearer, bray says oh yesssss, bearer falls back and shouts for help, undertaker robotically walks in, and bray says deadman, it’s not your time, yet…and laughs into the coffin. And falls back into an asylum and does his reverse crab walk past dean ambrose and do to a corridor, and into a room where the miz is watching a giant TV and bray says you will be a star and then crawls into the tv and is next to Jericho, and there is a highlight reel playing but it gets darker and darker and bray says your star will fade chris, if you try to be elite hahaha bray screams elite and lands in the ring on a sofa that’s says VIP lounge, MVP welcomes Bray and says give me the exclusive and tell me who you are targeting next to be your opponent, bray stars rocking on the sofa and says I’m not going to help you try and stay relevant…I want this to be right,.and bray gets up and walks into the ring rope and puts his head down on the turnbuckle, and raises his head as he hears bagpipes, brays turns around and smiles at “rowdy” roddy piper., roddy says so you’re the one that’s got the whole world in his hands huh, then I got just one question for you, who’s world are you trying to end? Bray walks into the face of roddy and says why aren’t you afraid, roddy laughs and says enough of the games bray, tell us who should be afraid, who should have fear over their faces, bray smiles and says faces…..roddy says he doesn’t do riddles, and bray says again faces….i want to destroy 3 faces……..Mick Foley……have a nice day and it goes to black with bray laughing, then a flash on the screen of the fiend.
8. Stretcher Match – Stipulation Lose has to not wrestle for a year (which is how long is on hogan contract): (Announcers: J.R, M Ranollo,) 3 on 1 turns into 3 on 2.?
Build: on a Hogan tribute night, Punk interrupts and says to Hogan, that hulk doesn’t like him, why it that, is it because I don’t politic brother, is it my tattoos, is it because I don’t look like you, or do you hate me because I will do a pipebomb on you and there is nothing you can do about it, or do you hate me because I can get the type of women like your daughter or her friends, while you can only get there photos, your time is over old man, your in courtrooms more than rings and that is just the way punk likes it, so hulkster, brother, I want a match and hell I’ll give you the advantage, you can pick the stipulation, hell I’ll even make sure the referee is white. so make sure you take your vitamins, although we know the type of vitamins you like brother,
Cm Punk (With Paul Heyman) vs Hogan (With Jimmy Hart)
Finish: Hall and Nash interfere to take out punk and they go to turn on heyman who runs to the back then comes out with a smile on his face, then the returning brock lesnars music hits, hall and nash get taken out by Lesnar, then jimmy hart eyepokes hogan and punk hits hogan with the go to sleep and hogan falls straight into an f-5 onto the stretcher, punk straps hogan in for the win.
After the match heyman raises brocks hand and jimmy hart raises punks hand, punk looks at brock and brock f-5s hart, heyman grabs a microphone and says hart is just a big a fool as hogan and lets him know the match stipulation meant hogan and hart, and when hart recovers to enjoy irrelevancy stuck at home for a year.
9. Street Fight (Announcers: J.R, M Ranollo, J Lawler) (Guest Referee: Mike Tyson)
Build: Orton calls out stone cold in recent documentary on austin and the attitude era, and orton said it’s funny Austin and attitude go together, but I mean shit attitude, this is a guy that had top spot then as the company was starting to evolve he became a coward and took his ball and went home instead of staying and fighting to keep top spot, because he knows he couldn’t hang with the guys that were going to takeover and realise his one dimension schtick wasn’t going to cut it. And that it’s funny that Austin has had so many neck injuries because randy didn’t think Austin had a spine. the rattlesnake has nothing on the viper.
Randy Orton vs Stone Cold
Finish: Stone cold tried to hit his elbow drop off the top rope and orton rolls out the way and get up and runs and punt kicks Austin for a 1-2-3 (Tyson appeared to count quickly)
Post Match: Orton looks at Austin and said it was ring rust but he gave him a hell of a fight…goes to shake Austins hand..Austin goes to stunners Orton, but Tyson stops him, stone cold goes face to face with Tyson and Tyson rips off his ref shirt to unveil an evolution shirt, Austin looks confused and orton hits a running ko on steve Austin.
10. Stipulation: For the 17th World Title (Announcers: J.R, M Ranollo, JBL) (Guest Referee: Harley Race)
Build: flair previously cost cena a chance to win the title and it gets vacated due to the champ Triple H being injured, and flair blackmails Vince Mcmahon to not give the title to cena, but to put it on the line in a match between the two.
Ric Flair vs John Cena
Finish: Harley appears to be letting a few things go, including flair with a low blow on cena, flair pushes cena into Harley, Harley is down, cena gets put the the figure 4 leg lock, but works his way out as they both get up, batista enters the ring and hits cena with the spear., Cena tried to get back to his feet and Batisa goes to grab cena, but Harley is on his feet and orders batista from ring side, with flair looking at batista and with Harleys back to flair, cena low blows flair then fu’s him for the 1-2-3.
Post Match: Harley hands the World Title to John Cena. Confetti falls.
Segment: a brief advertisement of 50% off on wwe Shop. (this gives the ring crew time to clean up the ring off confetti)
Segment: Interview with Triple H, he says he is happy for cena, and announced while he isn’t back for a while he will be coming for that title, but for now, triple h announces that the next match, the last man standing match, is now a no.1 contenders match for cena’s world title.
11. Last Man Standing Match- Stipulation: (Announcers: M Ranollo, J.R, Triple H)
Build: AJ styles calls out Michaels, and says he’s sick of being compared to him and that styles is better, but shawn is too scared to find out the truth, aj then says he didn’t need a kliq to get where he was and that he never lost his smile, and he didn’t need to screw anyone to get to the top. Shawn says that he was always the guy, and that Aj can’t stand that he was a big fish in a big pond for so long and that aj is just upset that most of his career aj was a medium fish in a small pond.
Aj Styles vs Shawn Michaels
Finish: As aj jumps the the top rope to hit the phenomonal forearm, but as he goes to jump off the rope, hbk hits the sweet chin music and sends styles through the tables on the outside of the ring.
Aj fails to get up at the 10 count, but shawn almost gets up at 9 at the corner but falls back down to the ring., Ref Announces a draw.
Post Match: Aj and Hbk shake hands. (Triple H announces at the next paperview it will be AJ vs Hbk, vs Cena for the world title
12. 30 Minute Ironwoman Match - Stipulation: Charlotte wins, she’s the restored and new Womens Champion and Satomura has to retire, Satomura wins, she is champ and charlotte is not allowed a title shot for a year this includes being invalid for rumble, money in the bank and no.1 contender matches. (Announcers: T Stratus, M Ranollo, AJ Lee) (Guest Referee: Steph Mcmahon)
Build: AJ Lee has had to vacate the Divas championship due to needing surgeries, but she threw it down and presented a new women’s championship, and says there are only two women wrestlers that she respect that aren’t expendable, plastic, poor excuses for women and says it’ll be Charlotte vs Meiko.
Charlotte Flair vs Meiko Satomura
Finish: with a minute left and both 1 fall each, flair puts Satomura in in the figure 4- then converts it into a figure 8, meiko submits making it 2-1 to flair with 12 seconds left, AJ helps Satomura to her feet and says there is only 20 seconds left, Satomura is struggling to walk, and tries to kick flair with a standing inziguri kick, but charlotte ducks and rolls out the ring, circles the ring on the outside and comes in on the opposite end with 1 second to spare and the ref counting to 9. Timer runs out flair wins 2.1.
Post Match: Aj brings in the New Womens Championship and gives it to charlotte, Stephanie raises charlottes hand and Aj stares at the title being lifted by flair, flair catches aj staring, aj does a big smile and skips away. Confetti falls for charlotte.
Closing Credits.
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2020.09.08 20:21 NotYujiroTakahashi Yujiro's What if Anthologies Episode #4: Wrestle Summit 1993

This is the event I brought up in The Brody vs Hogan episode.
In 1993, The World Wrestling Federation was beginning to change after Hulk Hogan had left to Hollywood. The big stories for the road to Summerslam was Bret Hart facing the crafty king of Memphis Jerry Lawler and The unstoppable WWF Champion Yokozuna vs Vince's new experiment Lex Luger. But before all that in July the WWF went on a tour of Japan with Vince's old business partner Giant Baba and his promotion All Japan Pro Wrestling.
The WWF always did well in international tours for Europe but in Japan they struggled due to the showman style the WWF had been using to great effect in America. So anytime they go to Japan they partner up with some major Promotions there. This the story of the final day of the Wrestle Summit tour of 1993.
  1. Chris Von Erich def. The 123 Kid
  2. Tatanka def. IRS
  3. Eagle and The Patriot def. The Beverly Brothers
  4. Bam Bam Bigelow def. Damian DeMento
  5. Misawa, Kobashi and Razor Ramon def. Ted Dibiase and The Holy Demon Army (Kawada and Taue)
  6. Lex Luger and Mr. Perfect def. Shawn Michaels and Diesel by countout
  7. The Steiner Brothers def. Stan Hansen and Steve Williams
  8. Bret Hart def. Bruiser Brody
The show was a success with the 6 man tag being MOTN and the road to Summerslam continued for the WWF while All Japan continued on with upcoming tournaments.
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2020.09.04 17:45 LALakers4Lyf (Episode 47) Rebooking Wrestlemania 35

(Timeline: March 2019, It's Wrestlemania!)
Welcome to the 13th and final episode of Season 2! This season will focus from Post-WM 34 up until WM 35.
Winners and champions-heading-into-the-match are marked in bold. Matches with no write-ups to them are generally kept the same. Links to the real-life PPV will be provided so you can check how things went down irl, and links to previous episodes are made if you want to make sense of how different the superstars here are booked compared to real life.
Link to Episode 46:
Link to Episode 1:

(Pre-Show) Ember Moon wins 20-Woman Wrestlemania Women's Battle Royal 12:22
Unlike the Andre The Giant Battle Royal, this battle royal mostly consists of NXT and NXT UK Women, with some main roster women in it as well. Ember Moon wins this one to further add to her credibility.
(Pre-Show) Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso (c) vs Cesaro & Sheamus (SD Tag Team Titles) 13:20
The Bar invoke their rematch clause for Wrestlemania and the match takes place at the pre-show. Usos retain.
Alexa Bliss, Hulk Hogan segment
Billie Kay & Peyton Royce vs Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville vs Sasha Banks & Bayley vs Ruby Riott & Sarah Logan (w/ Liv Morgan) (c) (Women's Tag Team Titles) (Ladder Match) 14:12
Paige and Corbin have come to an agreement on two things. The first one involves the Women's Tag Team Titles, which is to be defended in a ladder match involving two teams from SD and two teams from RAW. The Tag Team Champions The Riott Squad and The Boss n Hug Connection represent RAW, The IIconics and the newly-named Fire n Desire, previously Absolution, represent Smackdown. In a solid match held together by Sasha, Bayley, & Ruby Riott, The IIconics utilize their chemistry and manage to retrieve the Titles and become the new Tag Team Champions, bringing the gold to Smackdown.
Eric Young wins 30-Man Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal 14:47
Another agreement Paige & Corbin agreed upon was to make the Andre The Giant Battle Royal a brand warfare, consisting of superstars from both RAW & SD. The stakes are raised: Apart from the Andre Trophy and credibility won by the winner, whoever wins the match also ensures that the brand they represent will main event Summerslam. It is for this reason that both Corbin and Paige pulled every available superstar at their disposal to have their differences settled in this match. Some couldn't be convinced (the superstars participating in matches later on the card) but others agreed to put brand loyalty alongside potential individual accomplishment. IC Champ Chad Gable and US Champ Andrade still have the privilege of remaining in the Top 8. This allows Gable to eliminate Bobby Roode, who can't eliminate Gable until 8 men remain. The Revival and 2/3 of The Club (Gallows/Anderson) end up eliminating each other.
The final 8 are Sanity, Gable, Andrade, AJ Styles, Randy Orton, and Braun Strowman. Gable is the first to go, then Orton, then Styles, then Andrade. It's clear that Sanity is using the number's game to their advantage and they corner Strowman 3-on-1. The Monster Among Men fights valiantly, eliminating Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe before Eric Young takes advantage and eliminates Strowman to win the match, and to ensure SD gets the Summerslam Main Event slot. EY is joined by the rest of Sanity (including Nikki Cross) to celebrate.
Apollo Crews & Shelton Benjamin (w/ Titus O'Neil & Dana Brooke) vs Bobby Lashley & Lio Rush vs Rezar & Akam (c) (RAW Tag Team Titles) 14:04
The Worldwide Brand desire to reclaim title glory by challenging the Authors of Pain. Lio Rush manages to get Lashley an exclusive match by inserting himself as Lashley's partner, eager to ensure that despite being out of the world title picture for now, his client can still walk out of Wrestlemania as a champion. During the match, Bobby Lashley spears Rezar and Lio screams at Lashley to cover him. But Lashley spears Lio Rush, allowing Apollo Crews to finish off Rush and win. Lashley hands the titles to the Worldwide Brand, who are all shocked. Then Lashley shakes hands with Titus O'Neil and smiles. WWB celebrate shockingly with joy, as it's clear that Lashley has decided to join forces with them, similar to how Roderick Strong joined The Undisputed Era. They celebrate with the Tag Team Titles.
Lacey Evans Segment
The Miz vs Shane McMahon (Falls Count Anywhere Match) 15:28
Same storyline as irl, because who am I to deny The Miz his greatest face promo ( The difference here is, Miz actually wins. This is Shane's first ever singles match in this universe, and it would also be his last. The finish will remain the same, with Miz suplexing Shane from a high distance, except here The Miz has enough consciousness to cover Shane for the three count and the win. Considering that Miz in this universe didn't main event WM 27, this makes WM 35 his first ever Singles Wrestlemania Moment. And since he is a face, Miz soaks in the cheers of the crowd when he gets enough strength to stand up.
Alexander Rusev vs Samoa Joe (Steel Cage Match) 14:11
The Samoa Joe-AJ Styles feud that involves Joe disrespecting Styles' family is brought here, except with Rusev instead of Styles, and Lana/English instead of Styles' family. This allows Joe to physically assault both Lana and Aiden English while taunting Rusev, further driving the latter into a rage. Paige books the match to take place inside the Steel Cage as to avoid further escalations into the crowd. The match is extremely physical as Samoa Joe has every intention of destroying Rusev while the latter is out for vengeance. Rusev nearly passes out to the Coquina Clutch but manages to grab the bottom rope. Joe is about to go for a 2nd, before Rusev reverses it in and puts Joe into the Accolade, grabbing with all his might. Joe can't escape and has to tap out, and Rusev wins. After the match, Lana and English join Rusev in the ring to celebrate. Aiden English sings the Rusev Day song and the entire crowd sings along.
Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose (Loser Leaves WWE) (Seth Rollins as Guest Referee) 22:01
The buildup here is simple: Ambrose has seen how Reigns and Rollins have tried to move on and apologize, but he can never get over this. He has realized that while both of them have been sincere in their apologies and have done everything they could to atone for their sins, Ambrose himself has gone so far onto the deep end that he could bring himself to forgive them for what they did, nor could he ever forgive himself for the hell he raised on both of them and on himself. Perhaps the only way Ambrose could truly move on is if either him or his brothers have to go. The match is set: Reigns vs Ambrose, Loser Leaves WWE. Reigns tells Rollins that the latter has suffered enough and that he would handle, Rollins states that this all started because of him and his personal ambition. And Rollins knows that Reigns betraying Ambrose for personal success was a domino effect from seeing how Rollins succeeded. So Rollins is the Guest Referee. If Ambrose wins, he and Rollins will be kept on separate brands for the rest of their careers.
The match is both brutal and emotional, with Ambrose unleashing hell on both Reigns and Rollins, with Reigns not holding back and Rollins just swallowing it all up and focusing on officiating. The end of the match is extremely emotional, as both men give it all they have and Ambrose musters the strength to tell Reigns to "finish it." Reigns, tears in his eyes, spears Ambrose and covers him. Rollins counts to 3 and the match is over. There is no celebration. Reigns and Rollins both pick Ambrose up and the final Shield moment they had irl ( takes place here, albeit more emotional and teary-eyed. Ambrose can now truly move on in the only way he realized he could've: Which is to leave The Shield, WWE, and the memory of Dean Ambrose behind.
Elias, John Cena Segment
Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt (c) (World Heavyweight Title) 14:10
Finn Balor chooses to face Bray Wyatt, citing that the reason he joined the Worldwide Brand in the feud against the Wyatts back then is because he wanted to see the mystical Bray Wyatt for himself, the legendary Cult Leader that ended the Undertaker's streak and won the Great War, and what he saw was a man that he could definitely beat. Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor keep playing mind games over the weeks, as Jeff Hardy and Bo Wyatt are instructed by Bray to stay out of it, which leads to Hardy eventually breaking away from the Wyatts. Wyatt knows about Balor's inner darkness and was also curious about it during the feud against the Worldwide Brand. At Wrestlemania, Finn Balor comes out as The Demon, surprising Wyatt. They have a solid match and Wyatt puts up a good fight, however The Demon Finn Balor comes out on top and wins the World Heavyweight Title. This actually marks Bray's first official PPV singles match loss in his career in this universe, however he looks on from the side of the ring while the Demon Finn celebrates.
Asuka (c) vs Charlotte Flair (SD Women's Title) 14:46
Charlotte becomes No. 1 Contender to Asuka's SD Women's Title, overconfident that because she has beaten Asuka before, she can do it again. Asuka welcomes the challenge, as she states that she has had to find herself since losing to Charlotte last year and that beating Charlotte this year would make her redemption come full circle. The match is once again a solid match, that ends with Asuka winning and getting her redemption on Charlotte.
Kofi Kingston (w/ Big E & Xavier Woods) vs Daniel Bryan (w/ Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) (c) (WWE Title) 23:45
The only change here is that Luke Harper is also backing Daniel Bryan, making this an even 3-on-3 feud. Other than that, everything remains. This is by far my favorite storyline and match from Wrestlemania 35, and seeing Kofi win the WWE Title was incredibly cathartic.
Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey (c) (RAW Women's Title) 21:27
Taking from Adam Blampied's booking (, everything plays out that way, with this match being the straight up 1v1 Becky-Rousey feud that we should've had irl. Becky Lynch is in full The Man badass anti-hero character, while Ronda is the big-time Hollywood star arrogant heel. After an incredible match both women are capable of putting, the finish is the one that should've happened irl: Rousey tapping clean to Becky's Dis-Arm Her in the middle of the ring, after Becky barely reaches the top rope after Rousey's Armbar minutes earlier. Becky celebrates on one healthy arm with the RAW Women's Title to end the show.
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2020.08.27 18:18 SaintRidley Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Mar. 21, 1988

March 21, 1988
Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words, continuing in the footsteps of daprice82. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
The Complete Observer Rewind Archive by daprice82
1-4-1988 1-11-1988 1-18-1988 1-25-1988
2-1-1988 2-8-1988 2-15-1988 2-22-1988
2-29-1988 3-7-1988 3-14-1988 *
  • It’s a really slow week for news, so Dave spends a lot of real estate giving his predictions for Wrestlemania and Clash of the Champions. Wrestlemania is first, and he starts with the tournament. There are only three real contenders there: Hogan, DiBiase, and Savage. Everyone else isn’t good enough to carry the company or has loads of baggage the company doesn’t want coming back up. The recent tv taping’s third hour was meant for post-Wrestlemania, so guaranteed non-winners are Andre, Duggan, Reed, Muraco, and Bigelow. Steamboat and Rude probably make it through a round, but not to the final. WWF has foreshadowed things a bit, though. Changing the brackets seems designed to get Savage to the finals, which really necessitates a heel opposite him, which rules out Hogan. Since DiBiase could have won the title in the old bracket without facing Savage in the final (they would have met in the semifinals), changing the bracket to put Savage in the final seems suspect from a DiBiase-must-win scenario. Secondly, the latest issue of WWF magazine has a photo of Elizabeth shopping, captioned “Elizabeth, manager of the World Wrestling Federation Champion Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage”). Red herring? Misprint? Clue? It’s hard to say. The magazine has been out for two weeks. Lastly, a reader swears they were at the taping and peeked behind the curtain and saw Savage carrying the title while doing a promo. Savage has Dave’s vote, as everything just adds up to it and has been since they changed the bracket. For the IC title match, Dave predicts the match will not only be terrible, but that Honkeytonk Man will no longer be the worst Intercontinental Champion ever. Beefer to win it, because somehow he’s managed to get more over than he has any right to be with this barber thing. The Islanders and Heenan vs. Koko B. Ware and the Bulldogs seems destined to go to the Bulldogs, in part because after Dynamite’s injury last year, somehow the company decided to use their time to get Matilda over and this is Matilda’s return. They’ve only got Heenan in so Matilda can chase him around the ring. For the tag titles, Dave predicts Demolition to win. WWF has booked a title change for the tag titles every Wrestlemania to include a tag title match so far, and curiously, Demolition seem to be getting over real well - the last show at the Cow Palace saw all the fans dutifully cheer every face and boo every heel during the announcement of the card with one exception: Demolition got cheered and Strike Force got booed. Dave really hopes Warrior vs. Hercules won’t be the template for pro wrestling in the 90s, as Dave’s only predictions are that this will be a worst match of the year candidate and that neither man will live to see the age of 50. He’s half right: Herc died at 47, but Warrior managed to make it all the way to 54. Lastly, Dave considers the battle royal, a bad concept that Bret Hart managed to single-handedly save and make work previously. There’s no stakes and no heat, it’s just a way to get everyone a payday. Dave’s predictions: babyface will probably win, George Steele won’t get in the ring, Roma and Powers will smile, JYD won’t do anything, Sam Houston takes the best bump going out if he doesn’t win, Harley Race takes the next best bump.
  • Over in Greensboro Coliseum, Crockett’s Clash of the Champions offers its own speculative fun. Flair vs. Sting will certainly go over 20 minutes with loads of near falls and all the usual stuff (Sting not selling the suplex, Flair getting plucked off the top rope). It’s a Ric Flair match, so it’s going to be exactly what you expect, which isn’t a bad thing really. But it does kind of take the excitement out of things. Flair’s gonna get destroyed, but he won’t lose the title and the finish will be one we’ve all seen before. Woo. Dusty and the Road Warriors vs. Ivan Koloff and the Powers of Pain in a barbed wire match seems to exist just for the sake of lots of blood, and barbed wire matches aren’t conducive to good wrestling. Dave figures Dusty wins to the disappointment of many while satiating fans’ blood thirst. For the NWA tag titles, Dave thinks Luger has improved enough to hold up his end of things and the other three are some of the best workers in the territory. Probably a DQ win for the Horsemen, but Luger and Windham winning the titles isn’t a negligible possibility either. On paper, it’s an easy 3.5 star+ match. For the U.S. Tag Titles, Midnight Express vs. the Fantastics looks like a title change. Cornette’s spent too long hyping the length of the Midnights’ title reign for it not to be, and you gotta put over the Fantastics now before fans have a chance to turn on them for being small and too much like the Rock & Roll Express. Rotundo vs. Garvin in an amateur rules match, Dave doesn’t have a prediction for the winner, but figures Rotundo will cheat somehow and Sullivan will do something dastardly, and a hot angle should spin out of it. Finally, Zbyszko vs. Shane Douglas will end, Dave guesses, in a time limit draw or some other kind of unclear finish. Shane’s gotten good, but with Magnum managing others for the Crockett Cup and the Dusty/Zbyszko feud going nowhere, it seems his push is being tweaked.
  • Wrestlemania 4 did finally sell out this past week for the live crowd. You can point out how last year’s show sold over 90,000 tickets to sell out and this show has only 13,500 sold tickets, but there are more things to consider. Last year, all of Michigan was blacked out for closed-circuit and PPV, meaning to see Wrestlemania you either had to leave the state or be in attendance. On the flip side, WWF has eight closed-circuit sites in New York City, eight more in New Jersey, one in Philadelphia, and PPV everywhere. So that’s a huge difference in accessibility, plus tickets this year were way more expensive. Last year’s average ticket price was $16.50, with a lot of $9 tickets for the cheap seats and $100 for the top price. The lowest price this year is $25, and the top price is $150. Overall, this year’s live gate will still be around $1 million, even with the smaller audience.
  • The Crockett Cup’s top ten seeds will be announced at Clash of the Champions. Dave has word about the top 10, and those are Arn & Tully, Dusty & Nikita, Road Warriors, Midnight Express, Powers of Pain, Luger and Windham, Fanatics, Mike otundo & Rick Steiner, Sting & Ron Garvin, and Ivan Koloff & Dick Murdoch. No big name outside teams look to be involved, since even if the Von Erichs and Inoki were to send teams over, they’d insist on them being seeded, if not outright making it to the finals. Crockett’s dropping hints about Puerto Rico and Japan, but there’s no indication other than that of any deals in the works. Steve Williams is returning, but don’t expect him to have a unification match with Ric Flair on night two - the scuttlebutt is that a face from one of the seeded teams will pull out of the tournament to challenge him.
  • WWF looks to be going with Andre vs. Duggan as their big angle following Wrestlemania. They shot the first thing for it on March 9 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where Jim Duggan interrupted an Andre and DiBiase interview, only to get beat up and headbutted off stage before he tries to charge and is held back. This is set to air the day before Wrestlemania. The second part of the angle, set to air after Wrestlemania, has Duggan interfere in an Andre match until Andre chokes him and Duggan bleeds from the mouth until he can somehow get his 2x4 and knock Andre out. They bring out a stretcher for Andre but he wakes up and goes berserk, chasing Pat Patterson to backstage.
  • A bigger surprise from that taping, though, is Owen Hart. Apparently he worked the previous night in Bristol, Tennessee as well, but the big deal is he appeared using his real name. He jobbed in a squash in his first match of the show, then had a match in the third hour against Hercules where he got to do a lot of his really cool offense and the crowd was into it, and definitely seems like this match was taped for April 2. No idea if Hart is in for a try-out or what, though it makes little sense to Dave that they’d debut him as a jobber if this was a debut.
  • Outlet Communications, which owns both WATL in Atlanta and Pro Wrestling This Week, is for sale. They’re using it to fuel an angle on the show, announcing on this week’s episode that someone is attempting a hostile takeover.
  • AGB, the other national ratings source besides Neilsen, came out with their ratings for The Main Event. They listed it 35th for the week out of 72 shows, with a 15.1 rating and 23 share (Neilsen had them at 31st place). WWF winning the time slot for the night, which looked really clear going by Neilsen, is now disputed, as AGB had the CBS Beauty and the Beast that aired at the same time ahead of it at 32nd place for the week. This is a huge blow to WWF. Vince had been claiming that Andre vs. Hogan would put them right at the top for the week and be the highest rated show in prime time all season. And now he can’t even definitively claim top of the time slot, nevermind beating Dallas (which both groups had ranking in the top 20).
  • In syndicated ratings, the week ending February 14 saw the WWF network rank 4th place with an 11.1 combined rating. Crockett had a 7.9, falling to 7th place.
  • The Sammartino family is in the news this week. Last week, Bruno quit WWF to promote a 900 hotline amid many complaints about the state of wrestling and WWF specifically. Bruno’s contentions have to do with insulting the intelligence of the fansand not trying to maintain credibility, but obviously Vince thinks differently about how to promote. He was also upset David never got a push, and when he gave his notice two weeks back, Linda McMahon called the next day to tell him they had the name Bruno Sammartino trademarked so he couldn’t use it in any outside business ventures. Considering Bruno’s drawing power in the 60s is the reason many believe Vince Sr. survived as a promoter and WWF even exists today, obviously that should be upsetting. It may be debatable whether or not he’s the sole reason WWF even exists today, but it isn’t debatable that his popularity is the foundation WWF built off. And to make matters worse, David Sammartino was wrestling in New York on March 9 and apparently assaulted a fan who was heckling him. David reportedly went after the fan and threw him out of his chair. He was arrested and given a court date of April 4, and he lost all of his bookings as a result.
  • Saturday Night’s Main Event, filmed March 7, aired March 12. The five matches that aired were part of a massive 14 match card that drew a 10,000 fan sellout, though the crowd was heavily papered as only 2,000 tickets had sold by March 4. Local radio did a deal where anyone who could name two WWF wrestlers got two free tickets. The televised matches saw 1. Beefer pin Valentine by kicking out during a double pin situation while Honketonk taunted him from ringside. 2. Hogan pinning Harley Race. 3. DiBiase beat Savage by countout, with Virgil ejected quickly and Andre interfering after a ref bump to cause the countout, then Elizabeth ran back and got Hogan to save him. 4. Islanders beat Killer Bees with Haku pinning Blair, and what aired was just the first fall - the live crowd got a two of three falls match that the Islanders won 2-1. 5. One Man Gang squashed Ken Patera. The unaired main event saw Andre squash Bam Bam Bigelow in 3 minutes, which shows where Bam Bam’s future is. Duggan’s been getting more and more over again and is primed to take the spot Bam Bam was set up for as #3 babyface after Hogan and Savage.
Watch: Savage vs. DiBiase from Saturday Night's Main Event
  • The annual Cauliflower Alley Club banquet took place this past Saturday. The Cauliflower Alley Club is a group of “wrestlers, boxers, and Hollywood types” mainly from the early tv era, and their banquet is something of a class reunion type deal every year. Lots of names Dave’s read about but never seen, and special honors were given to Fred Blassie, Roddy Piper, Buddy Rogers, Moolah, and Clara Mortensen (who was a pioneer in women’s wrestling alongside Mildred Burke). Loads and loads of old names there: John Tolos, Doc & Mike Gallagher, Ox Anderson, Count Billy Varga, Billy Darnell, Paul Boesch, Kit Fox, Donna Christanello, Toru Tanaka, Red Bastien, Ray “Thunder” Sterne, Reggie Parks, Bob Orton Sr., George “Crybaby” Cannon, Vic Christy, Mike Mazurki, and more. Fred Blassie hammed it up the entire night, but Piper was subdued and seemed happy to be out of wrestling, and Dave believes that Piper believes he’s got no intention of wrestling again (though never say never, if his film career doesn’t pan out). Buddy Rogers still has his trademark strut and look of arrogance, and his old manager Bobby Davis was with him. Davis apparently wants to work as a manager in WWF.
  • [Memphis] Lawler and Eddie Gilbert collide in their first match of their feud on March 14. It all started when Jerry Jarrett made an appearance presenting Lance Russel with a plaque for winning best wrestling announcer for his fourth consecutive year as voted by the fans (fun fact - 1987 was Lance Russel’s fourth consecutive year winning the Observer award for best wrestling announcer) and Russel noted that the tv show also won the fan vote for best tv show. Anyway, Eddie Gilbert and Missy Hyatt came out and started arguing and Lawler did a phone interview at the same time where he said he was waiting for a doctor’s clearance to wrestle. The main event of the show this week saw Gilbert vs. Steve Keirn, and Gilbert kept arguing with Jarrett and then Tommy Gilbert got hold of Jarrett and Eddie threw a fireball at him, and Lawler said doctor’s orders or not he was going to get his hands on Eddie Gilbert.
  • The Samoans were supposed to win the tag titles in Memphis on March 7. But they quit the week before the match.
  • March 14 for Memphis will also feature a cage battle royal with a key on a pole. The only way to win is to get the key from the pole and use it to unlock the door and escape. Vinny Russo, is this your idea?
  • Not a lot new in World Class, except for the fact that Al Perez is set to go to the NWA. He was supposedly meant to regain the title from Kerry on March 25 in Dallas.
  • The Fabulous Lance, formerly Lance Von Erich, is rumored to be returning to World Class next month. Last Dave had heard of him, he was wrestling in South Africa. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out, given Fritz tried to bury him and outright stated he wasn’t a real Von Erich after he left.
  • [Stampede] Scott McGhee has returned to Florida to recuperate from his stroke. He’s made good progress, reportedly, but still no indication he’ll ever be able to return to the ring. Indeed, McGhee’s career is over. He’ll do two more one-off matches in 1989 and 2010, but otherwise, he’s past his wrestling days here.
  • The 8-man match on February 27 was, according to Ross Hart, one of the best matches in the history of Stampede. Wayne and Owen Hart teamed with Brian Pillman and Jason the Terrible against Akam Singh, Steve DiSalvo, Gerry Morrow, and Makhan Singh in a match that went 47 minutes and came down to Owen getting pinned by Morrow in the end. Wayne was the first eliminated, and Dave doesn’t know it but this was the last match of Wayne Hart’s in-ring career. I tried to find a video, but I couldn’t find one.
  • Not much news on the AWA front, but they are bringing in a new manager and giving him a big push at their Vegas tapings on March 19. On the one hand, they could have chosen Paul E. Dangerously who is dynamic and great at getting heat with his mic work. But this is the AWA, so they’ll choose someone who has been out of the game for 15 years over a young, hot act. So welcome to the AWA Stan “Big K” Kowalski, whose last relevant work was managing Ivan Koloff and Shozo Kobayashi int the early 1970s.
  • Global hasn’t folded yet, and they recorded six weeks of tv on March 5. The interesting angle saw the evolution of the feud between Col. Kirchner & G.I. Joe Palardy vs. Dr. Red Roberts and V.C. Minh. Last taping, Minh came out with a photo of American soldiers in bodybags being carried home from Vietnam, which caused Kirchner and Palardy to freak out. Roberts, whose gimmick is based on his real life day job as a psychologist, diagnosed Kirchner as having “Patriophobia” and invoked the Baker Act to get Kirchner involuntarily committed to an institution for evaluation. Given Kirchner’s promos, Dave notes that this is entirely consistent with his character, at least. Anyway, shenanigans and such, and the heels win a squash so bad they send out medics, and the medics turn out to be Kirchner and Palardy, who attack and beat up Roberts so badly he declares he’s retiring from wrestling to use his skills in his field to help young men work through drug abuse. Dr. Roberts’ real name is Dr. Michael Brannon, and he’d find himself embroiled in the world of wrestling again in 2001 when the Lionel Tate case happened, providing testimony as an expert against Tate, arguing Tate knew wrestling was fake all along. Who knew that this would tie in so neatly with one of the stories from a recent 2002 rewind?
  • About the only news out of Japan is that All Japan’s March 9 card drew a near sellout for Tenryu vs. Stan Hansen. Tenryu pinned Hansen, Hansen’s third pinfall loss in Japan in seven years, to win the PWF Title, making him a triple champion alongside his United National and PWF Tag Titles.
  • The New York State Athletic Commission showed their double standard against independent groups earlier this month. They wrote a memo to Northeast Championship Wrestling citing Misty Blue’s attire as “too short.” Meanwhile, Vince gets to fly in the face of any and all Athletic Commission rules in the state. Granted, some of the rules are beyond asinine (it’s still illegal for a wrestling promoter to have a financial interest in a wrestler), but come on. It’s ring attire.
  • The Von Erich story in Penthouse looks pretty set for the July issue now. Nope.
  • Queen Kong/Mount Fiji from GLOW and POWW is setting up her own tv show called Rasslin Revival. You didn’t hear it from Dave, because he didn’t write it in the issue, but Queen Kong apparently also invented the phone sex line.
Read: The Woman Who Invented Phone Sex and Wrestled Bears
  • Barry Orton was convicted in his vehicular manslaughter trial. His sentence is six years, but he could be out in under two with good behavior. The conviction comes right as he was starting to do some of the best work of his career, but you know, someone’s dead so that should probably be the key takeaway.
  • A sportscaster who has worked with both Kirk Gibson of the L.A. Dodgers and Hulk Hogan called in to give his opinion on the comparison that was made forever ago and which still comes up in some of the letters. Anyway, the guy says Gibson is an asshole 99% of the time and Hogan is often quite nice and is easily 10 times more popular than Gibson on top of being friendlier in public. Good thing those numbers look reasonable, or I’d suspect the sportscaster’s name was Bulk Bogan.
  • A lot of Crockett contracts are set to expire in May, so expect WWF to make a play for several of them to retaliate for Clash of the Champions.
  • Almost everyone who called Dave this week had something to say about Jim Cornette’s comments on TBS this past Saturday. How the hell did he slip “beating meat” past Standards and Practices?
  • Ted Turner is starting a new tv network in October with a focus on sports and MGM movies, and Crockett may wind up switched to that new network. It’s going to be called TNT. Oh yeah, that network will definitely have wrestling on it in the future.
  • Something Dave does now and again that I usually skip over here is give rankings for who he feels are the top wrestlers. This week he ranks his top 25 men’s tag teams and top 40 men’s singles guys. Owen Hart is #1 for singles guys. Ric Flair has fallen all the way down to #3.
  • Fabulous Lance may not be coming into World Class afterall. Apparently his booker didn’t want him as anything but a babyface, while Fritz wanted him to partner with the Freebirds.
  • The Owen vs. Hercules match was apparently not supposed to be taped, so who knows if it’ll air. It definitely did wind up taped, so that’s all up in the air. It in fact did not air.
  • All charges against David Sammartino have been dropped in the case of the incident with the fan. It made a lot of press nationally for such a small thing, and it did result in David getting fired while other WWF guys have skated by with worse incidents. Apparently the fan was heckling David by using insider terms, which I guess absolves David from any responsibility for putting hands on the guy?
  • A reader writes in that as much as Dave complains about bad taste, he’s put out some really tasteless stuff himself. Namely, putting the info to help Al Blake (Vladmir Petrov) pay his legal expenses given his conviction for drug smuggling, and the writer would probably have let it slide if not for it being the Observer and how many readers “seem to live and die by the gospel according to Dave Meltzer.” The other instance he cites is admittedly less severe, but using one of his trademark denigrating nicknames (“Doggie” in this case) to refer to Maurice “Mad Dog” Vachon regarding the hit and run that cost him his leg strikes the writer as blatant and callous disregard for Vachon’s dignity after what he went through. He also throws a plea to Dave to cover GLOW and POWW, “keeping in mind I’m wasting my time.” Or at least, let the readers vote on it. It’d be a better use of space than covering Central States (and if you’re wondering why you rarely see anything about Central States in the rewinds, it’s because nothing and no one of consequence is there).
NEXT WEEK: Interest in Wrestlemania down, Billy Jack Haynes vs. Don Owen promotional war, Dump retirement ratings hit, syndicated ratings rankings, and more
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2020.08.25 16:58 CaspianX2 Huntdown for Nintendo Switch - Review


Genre: Action-Platformer
Players: 1-2 Co-Op (Local)
Huntdown is an Action-Platformer released across all major platforms in 2020 that takes place in a world that seems styled after the Robocop films – corporations now rule society, gang violence has run amok, and human life is cheap and usually meets a horrible, bloody end. However, where Robocop addresses the issue of violent crime by privatizing and mechanizing the police force, Huntdown has bounty hunters acting as one-man armies blasting through the gangs to take out their leaders.
Much as with Robocop, Huntdown has a very tongue-in-cheek vision of a dystopian future that's very rooted in the aesthetics of the '80s. The game's pixel art visuals are reminiscent of classic 16-bit games, but with a lot of detail in the environments, including delightful animations of police mechs in the background, police forces charging ahead of you only to get blasted away, homeless drunks lining the buildings you go through and reacting dispassionately to the violence unfolding in front of them... this game does a great job of giving players a good feel for the sort of hilariously crapsack world the game takes place in.
However, even more than that, there are all sorts of fun little pop culture references, with many of these delivered by the game's delightfully cheesy voiced dialogue. One of the game's three playable characters, a cyborg, absent-mindedly quotes Robocop and then has to correct himself. One of the early level bosses is clearly modeled after an amalgamation of Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage, and even the opening narration is delivered with an over-the-top self-serious voiceover that reminds me of the leader of the titular organization in Team America: World Police. All of this is backed by a pretty rockin' electric guitar-heavy soundtrack that, again, really evokes the '80s and '90s era of videogames this game was styled after. Really, I cannot say enough good things about this game's presentation, as it absolutely nails what it's aiming for.
When it comes to the gameplay, what sets this game apart more than anything is its cover mechanic, with the game really pushing for players to step into the backgrounds to avoid incoming fire, or duck behind cover. Players can't get shot by gunfire when doing so, but cannot attack either, and are still vulnerable to melee attacks, explosions, and other area attacks. As a result of this, gunfights in Huntdown tend to be more focused on timing than this genre usually sees, and that helps the game to stand out.
I also really want to commend this game's local co-op mode. Many games in this genre make this mode feel like a bit of an afterthought, where two players are playing the game at the same time but not necessarily “together”. In Huntdown, players really do need to coordinate your approach - explosive and incendiary attacks can inadvertently damage your partner, players will have to decide who will be hogging which of the limited ammo sub-weapon pickups, and if either player dies the other can even rush over to revive them. Given how this game could have just included a cookie-cutter co-op mode and it would have been fine, it is fantastic that the game went above and beyond to deliver a really well thought-out co-op experience here.
If there's one flaw I can point to, it's that movement seems a bit on the sluggish side, which means that dodging bullets isn't going to be like most games in this genre – you'll rarely have the time to jump to avoid them, so it makes good use of cover all the more important. It's probably an intentional choice, but it's still one that may trip up players used to more fast-paced entries in the genre. I also wish there were a bit more variety in what your character can do, although the game manages to provide variety in the form of its different kinds of enemies.
Overall, Huntdown is an absolutely fantastic entry in the Action-Platformer genre, one that provides some good-quality well thought-out gameplay, excellent multiplayer, and a fantastic presentation with some great tongue-in-cheek nostalgia. Fans of the genre should absolutely give this game a try.
tl;dr – Huntdown is an excellent Action-Platformer that really captures the look and feel of a dystopian '80s-style future, a la Robocop. The combat here is fairly unique for the genre due to its use of a cover mechanic, and the co-op is excellent. This game may be a tad sluggish, but overall this is an excellent entry into the genre well worth getting.

Grade: B+

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2020.08.24 18:04 john14325 Rebook every WWE PPV (WrestleMania 1 - 37) part 2

Survivor Series 1987
Team Madness (“Macho Man” Randy Savage, Strikeforce and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat) /w Miss Elizabeth vs Jimmy Hart’s Foundation (Honky Tonk Man, The Hart Foundation and Danny Davis) /w Jimmy Hart
All of these wrestlers fit perfectly together. Jimmy Hart manages everyone on team Honky. Honky was feuding with Savage and Steamboat throughout 87 over the IC title while the Harts and Strike Force battled for the tag titles often with Dangerous Danny Davis assisting the Harts in their matches. Why these 8 guys weren't working together at this event is beyond me. We also get to see dream matches like Bret vs Savage and Bret vs Steamboat. Savage is the sole survivor for his team.
The Animal Kingdom (Jake “The Snake” Roberts, The British Bulldogs and George “The Animal” Steele) vs The Devious Ones (Kamala, Demolition and Killer Khan) /w Mr. Fuji
Demolition were on the verge of a monster push in 1988, so it seemed odd that they would lose at Survivor Series 87 as they did so instead, they are the sole survivors. This way they can keep their undefeated streak in tact on their path to becoming tag team champions. All of Fuji's wrestlers are paired together, all wearing facepaint to boot, while the babyfaces all have an animal masco accompanying them to the ring: Jake has Damien, The Bulldogs have Matilda, and George had "Mine" a stuffed animal monkey.
Team USA (Bam Bam Bigelow, Koko B. Ware, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and Ken Patera vs The Slicksters (One Man Gang, Butch Reed, Nikolai Volkoff and Boris Zhukov) /w Slick
Duggan was way over in 87 and he's definitely the most over out of this group so he’ll be the sole survivor. This isn't going to be a technical showcase but the pairing's make sense with all the villians being managed by Slick and all of their natural rivals on the oppoising side
The Killer Beefcakes (Brutus Beefcake, The Killer Bees and Don Muraco) vs The Dream Team (Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, The Rougeau Brothers and Dino Bravo /w Johnny V and Frenchy Martin
Not sure why the Rougeau's were babyfaces when they debuted in the WWF as they were such natural heels. Also seems like having Frenchy Martin as their manager would have made more sense then American Jimmy Hart, plus The Rougeaus and Bravo complete a french connection trio along with Bravo's tag partner Valentine. On the face side I think Beefcake and The Bees has a nice ring to it. Anyway, Beefcake is the sole survivor.
The Warriors (The Ultimate Warrior, The Young Stallions and Paul Orndorff) vs Brain’s and Brawn (The Mighty Hercules, The Islanders and “Ravishing” Rick Rude) /w Bobby Heenan
Tempted to go with Warrior but I would have him and Herc brawl on the floor to a double countout to get their feud started. Have it come down to Rude and Orndorff with the old Heenan family member, Onrdorff, putting over the newest family member Rick Rude.
The Incredible Hulkamaniacs (Hulk Hogan, Hillbilly Jim, Junkyard Dog and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs The Heenan Family (Andre The Giant, King Kong Bundy, King Harley Race and Bobby Heenan)
This match is comprised of feuds from Wrestlemania 3 (Hogan/Andre, Hillbilly/Bundy, JYD/Race. The match is initially booked to be 3 vs 3 but Heenan adds himself to the team thinking he wont have to do any actual wrestling but can still give his team a 4-3 edge. Now he can get involved in the match without it being considered cheating. Brilliant move brain. But not so fast. Hogan announces late in the buildup to the event that he found a mystery partner to even the odds. At Survivor Series it's revealed to be Hogan's former arch nemesis Roddy Piper. Piper left the WWF for Hollywood after Mania 3 but I think a one night only return could be worked out. If not, the roster has plenty of depth and someone else could fill the role. But the look of disgust on Heenan's face as Piper walks through the curtain would be priceless. Piper eliminates Heenan via a sleeper very early on in the match to a thunderous pop. This was Andre's comeback match after several months off. The title isn't on the line, so no need for Hogan to win here. This was the actual finish at Survivor Series 1987, so it's one of the few things I wouldn't change.
WrestleMania 4
Andre beats Hogan for the championship just like in real life and also sells the championship to Ted Dibiase but the title is vacated and a tournament is held for the vacant WWF Championship at WrestleMania 4.
Andre The Giant vs "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
Andre wins by DQ when Duggan is caught with the 2 by 4 that Heenan throws in the ring and Andre feigns being hit with it. Duggan chases Heenan with the 2 by 4 after the match.
Hulk Hogan vs Harley Race
Strong match and Hogan bests the aging Race.
Bret Hart vs Jake Roberts
Jake never makes it to the ring as Bad News Brown simply knocks him out and takes his place... We see a version of their classic match from Stampede with Bret stealing the win with a roll up after the match Jake attacks Bad News and chases him from the arena with Damien.
Ted DiBiase vs Virgil
DiBiase manipulates this so that Virgil is is opponent who simply stands outside the ring allowing the countout win for DiBiase, in effect a bye.
Rick Rude vs Ricky Steamboat
Rude wins this if it was real as Steamboat was being punished for his "paternity leave and on the outs". I'm going to go with the latter winning for reasons I'll explain later... It's a great match however when Steamboat wins he and Heenan work over Steamboat enough so he is carrying a "back injury" going forward into the tourney.
Randy Savage v Butch Reed
A solid match with Savage picking up the win but Reed looking dangerous.
Honky Tonk Man(c) vs Brutus Beefcake Intercontinental Championship
Honky tries to use his IC champions #1 contender privilage to get into the tournament. Jack Tunney allows it but tells him that his IC title is on the line in the final. If he loses a match before then he loses his title. Honky manages to best Beefcake by interference from Jimmy Hart and the megaphone.
Bam Bam Bigelow vs One Man Gang /w Slick
Bam Bam emerges the winner when Slick's interference backfires.
Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant /w Bobby Heenan
This is the "rubber match" and the announcers tout it as such... it is a titanic effort on both men's part and as good as their prior encounters. The finish comes when Hacksaw blasts Andre with the 2 by 4 in full view of the ref causing the disqualification. Duggan is shocked and Hogan pleads with the ref to reverse the decision as Andre laughs... Duggan shocks the world by blasting Hogan from behind with the "rigged" 2 by 4, breaking it as he does so and knocking Hogan cold. Ted DiBiase laughs at the top of the ramp as Heenan, Andre and Duggan all walk back. DiBiase hands Duggan a briefcase as Hogan is stretchered from the ring... As DiBiase makes his way to the ring for his match, he is seen telling Hogan "Everybody Has A Price" and laughing.
Bret Hart vs Ted DiBiase
This is a classic near fall filled match of the type the two later had at Survivor Series 1990. DiBiase wins of course but the story is it is Bret's 3rd match of the evening while DiBiase is fresh having that "win" over Virgil... Bret is defeated by the old 3 arm drop to the Million Dollar Dream, he never submits as such much as Austin didn't at WM13... his push as a singles competitor has begun while DiBiase advances to face Andre as part of his masterplan.
Ricky Steamboat vs Randy Savage
The rematch from the prior year - a different match as Steamboat is selling the beating Rude gave him earlier in the night. After a valiant effort, Savage wins with the elbow drop. The two men shake hands and finally bury their differences after the bell.
Honky Tonk Man vs Bam Bam Bigelow
Honky is very afraid of Bam Bam and attempts to leave, only for Brutus to return and prevent the countout. Bam Bam pins Honky with the first ever moonsault in the WWF to advance in the tournament.
Andre The Giant vs Ted DiBiase
Before the match begins as both competitors are in the ring, Jack Tunney makes his way to the ringside area and decrees that both men will wrestle this match cleanly or be eliminated from the tournament. This ruins the plan that Andre was, as Virgil did to just "step aside" in favour of DiBiase. DiBiase is able to beat Andre when he uses his own momentum against him into an exposed buckle and places Andre into a floor based Million Dollar Dream. As DiBiase celebrates he attempts to stuff notes into Andre's mouth - this raises the ire of the Giant whose throat instantly wraps around DiBiase's throat... Andre gets to his feet and threatens his DiBiase as Heenan tries to get in between them (this is basically their split of 2 years later, same thing "I'm the f***ing boss and the slap) Andre attacks Heenan as DiBiase and Virgil scamper away to the final.
Randy Savage vs Bam Bam Bigelow
A great semi final match. The match ends in a countout when Honky Tonk returns and nails Bigelow with his guitar... Savage nobly tries to help Bigelow back into the ring but has to roll back in and take the win. This establishes Savage as a noble face against DiBiase's nasty character and sets up the feud with Honky and Bigelow to go on further.
** Randy Savage vs Ted DiBiase for the vacant WWF Championship**
After a night filled with controversy, Jack Tunney bars everyone from ringside on pain of a $100,000 fine and indefinite suspension and guarantees a clean win. The match must end in pinfall or submission. Virgil is furious while Savage is not happy to let Elizabeth leave... eventually security escort her from the ringside area. We get a clean finish with Savage winning and holding the WWF Championship up high to close the show.
Summerslam 1988
The British Bulldogs vs The Rougeau Brothers
Keep the feud the same but the match ends in a definitive finish with The Bulldogs winning in a great opening tag team match.
”Ravishing” Rick Rude /w Bobby Hernan vs Junkyard Dog
Rude gets a huge win over the popular Junkyard Dog after interference from Bobby Heenan.
Big Bossman /w Slick vs Koko B. Ware
Bossman wins.
Ken Patera and The Powers of Pain vs The Bolsheviks and Dino Bravo
Ken Patera and The Powers of Pain win.
Bad News Brown vs Don Muraco
Bad News Brown wins
Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs Hercules
Keep the same.
Hulk Hogan vs Ted DiBiase /w Virgil
Hogan finally gets revenge on the man who cost him the WWF Championship earlier in the year.
The Ultimate Warrior vs The Honky Tonk Man(c) Intercontinental Championship
Keep the same.
Demolition(c) /w Mr. Fuji and Jimmy Hart vs The Hart Foundation World Tag Team Championships
Demolition retain in dominant fashion.
”Macho Man” Randy Savage(c) /w Miss Elizabeth vs Andre the Giant WWF Championship
Andre looks to reclaim the belt himself but ultimately is cut down to size by Savage who hits five consecutive elbow drops to win the match and retain the championship.
Survivor Series 1988
Outlaws and Order (Ron Bass, Big Bossman, Dino Bravo and Mr. Perfect) /w Slick vs The Barbershop Quartet (Brutus Beefcake, Tito Santana, Ken Patera and Jim Duggan)
The main feud in this match is between Beefcake and Bass, but no one really cared about that. Perfect being the sole survivor of his first ppv event would have been a great way to kick off his career. He actually did win at the ppv, but he was a co-survivor with Bravo and they essentially won via forfeit because there opponent could not continue to compete. Having perfect finish off Beefcake with the perfect plex for a solid 123 win would have been a better start to his run in the WWF. In fact, thats the only reason I'd even include this match on the ppv. Perfect was not at this point associated with Bobby Heenan, nor was Bravo with Jimmy Hart so they do not need to be a part of the Heenan or Jimmy Hart teams.
There was a lot of filler enhancement talent used at Survivor Series 88. I feel including the likes of Red Rooster, Hillbilly Jim, Conquistadores, Young Stallions, Bolsheviks, Scott Casey, and Harley Race (who was long past his prime) diluted the matches they were involved in. Survivor Series should be all killer, no filler. No need for these jobbers. It only makes the matches feel less special and more predictable. Tito Santana was also used at this event but I would have held off on his return until his partner Rick Martel was cleared to return as well.
The Hart Family (The Hart Foundation and The British Bulldogs) vs The Jimmy Hart Band (Honkey Tonk Man, The Rougeau Brothers and Greg Valentine) /w Jimmy Hart
A number of reasons for this match. First, Bret, Davey, Anvil, Dynamite and Owen (Blue Blazer) are all real life relatives (except possibly for Dynamite). Second, Jimmy Hart and The Rougeaus had feuded with both the Harts and Bulldogs throughout 88. Honky and Hammer were about to form a team that would go on to face the Harts at Wrestlemania 5, and adding Danny Davis keeps all the Jimmy Hart guys on one team. Here we get the Hart Foundation stable together 9 years prior to them being an actual stable in 1997 (minus Dynamite Kid in place of Brian Pillman of course. Bret Hart is the sole survivor.
The Snake Warriors (Jake “The Snake” Roberts, The Ultimate Warrior, Hercules and The Rockers) vs The Hernan Family (“Ravishing” Rick Rude, Andre The Giant, The Brain Busters and King Haku) /w Bobby Heenan
This match combines the WarrioRude and Jake/Andre feuds that were going on at the time. As well as The Rockers/Busters feud and the storyline invovling Hercules leaving the Heenan Family and being usurped by King Haku. All The Heenan Family stable members stick together and I think The Warriors team would have been one of the most impressive and coolest ever assembled, minus Hercules of course. But hey, somebody's gotta get pinned.
The Ultimate Warrior is the sole survivor.
The Mega Powers of Pain (Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Warlord and Barbarian) /w Miss Elizabeth vs The Million Dollar Team (Ted DiBiase, Bad News Brown and Demolition) /w Mr. Fuji
How could they have not combined the Mega Powers and The Powers of Pain? It practically writes itself. Fuji "inadvertantly on purpose" gets Demolition disqualified which results in Ax shoving Fuji and some dissention in Demolition. But they do not officially break up with Fuji just yet. That happens on SNME in the coming weeks when, during a title defense, Fuji stabs Demolition in the back and helps The Powers of Pain win the titles. Powers of Pain hold the titles up until Mania 5 where Demolition win them back. This makes a lot more sense then the clusterf*** booking we got at the actual event where they did a double turn which, from Fuji's perspective made absolutely no sense. If hes going to turn on Demoltion in favor of POP why not wait until the titles are on the line so he get's something out of it? Made abo****ely no sense. Anyway, back to the match at hand. Bad News is in the match because he actually had a feud with Savage going on at the time. He naturally gets eliminated leaving Dibiase alone against the Mega Powers. I'd have some miscommunication between Hogan and Savage leading to Hogan getting eliminated probably via countout while fighting Virgil on the floor after Virgil was harrassing Elizabeth or something
After the match Hogan comes in the ring to celebrate with Savage. Macho takes exception to Hogan's presence seeing as how he was eliminated and Savage feels he should have this moment to himself. This plants the seeds for their eventual breakup.
Royal Rumble 1989
The Powers of Pain vs Demolition(c) /w Mr. Fuji World Tag Team Championships
We follow up their involvement in the Survivor Series main event with a match for the tag team titles which Demolition win.
Judy Martin vs Rockin’ Robin(c) WWF Women’s Championship
Keep the same.
The Ultimate Warrior(c) vs The Big Bossman /w “Ravishing” Rick Rude and Slick Intercontinental Championship
Warrior retains after botched interference from Rude.
30 Man Royal Rumble match
Randy Savage wins last eliminating Hulk Hogan further planting the seeds for The Mega Powers split.
WrestleMania 5
The Rockers vs The Hart Foundation
Great tag team match to open the show The Hart Foundation gets the win.
Jim Duggan vs Big Bossman /w Slick
Bossman wins.
The Brain Busters vs Strike Force
Brain Busters win and Rick Martel turns heel attacking Tito Santana after the match.
Bad News Brown vs Big John Studd career vs career
Bad News Brown wins in convincing fashion.
Honkey Tonk Man and Greg Valentine vs Demolition(c) /w Mr. Fuji World Tag Team Championships
Demolition retain.
Brutus Beefcake vs Mr. Perfect
Perfect wins keeping his undefeated streak intact.
Ted DiBiase /w Virgil vs Andre the Giant
Andre the Giant wins.
”Ravishing” Rick Rude /w Bobby Heenan vs The Ultimate Warrior(c) Intercontinental Championship
Rude wins after interference from Heenan.
Owen Hart vs Jake “The Snake” Roberts
Jake wins.
Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage(c) WWF Championship
Stays exactly the same.
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2020.08.24 15:25 devil0o October 1995 Nitro Reviews (I'm erasing the original source sorry for this)

Quick update on how I'm doing this, I'm watching a month worth at a time and reviewing. This will take longer once Nitro goes to two hours and even longer when it went to three hours.
Episode 5
Mongo has googly eyes on his dog, Flair interrupts the announcers and annoys them by calling out Arn.
A recap of Giant, Savage & Luger brawling, well not so much a recap as playing almost the entire match without edits even on the slow parts.
Luger v Savage: fast paced exciting solid match until Giant interferes knocks out Savage, Luger takes advantage and wins
Disco Inferno dances on the ramp prior to the next match
Eddie Guerrero vs Dean Malenko: from 2000 to 2012 this was the primary indie style, an actual wrestling match the reason I liked WCW better then WWF at the time (which is why in the middle of the match, they cut to a Hogan promo) Eddie pins Dean great television match'
Hulk Hogan does an in ring promo (dude in the front room looks like the guy from Entourage with the goatee) this promo says "Big Stinky Giant" makes me question why I got into wrestling...then I watch modern wrestling and realize never mind. At the end Hogan high 5's fans and is attacked by an elderly lady who is actually The Taskmaster, with the Giant, they shave his mustache. The American Males & the Nasty Boys interfere and try to save Hogan. they all get knocked out by the Giant, they have done a great job building him at this point.
Ric Flair vs Arn Anderson: a great battle these two go at it solid until it ends with Pillman attacking Flair. Its the best match so far.
Episode 6
They are in Chicago, The Brain has a Bears jersey with a ? on it, I want it
Sting talks about Savage & Luger and about how he wants them to get along but is tired of the fighting,
The Shark vs Sting: quick squash match does it's job quality, Sting looks awesome in victory
Sabu vs Mr. JL: solid midcard match, Sabu actually wrestles and does it well
Sting, Luger & Savage chat session about trust and frustration; Sting sets up matches as Halloween Havoc for both of them.
Chris Benoit vignette poofy hair
Disco Inferno dances until he is interrupted
Big Bubba Rogers vs Hawk: match is going well modern fans wouldn't get this nothing flashy but nothing slow. Disco Inferno starts dancing on the ring apron. Hawk beats him up outside losing with a countout.
Hulk Hogan comes out in all black for a promo. The Chicago fans are noticeably booing Hogan. This was the time when things changed, when the fans took power from promoters for better & worst.
Coming back from commercial break, the announcers are talking and two guys that look like they wouldn't be allowed to Walmart's mask enforcers dressed like cops whisper in Bischoff's ear. Its non sense about Chicago PD keeping Hogan and Giant desperate.
Ric Flair vs Arn Anderson: steel cage
WCW;s audio sucked and the match reminds that WCW in its prime was better then the WWE. Flair played it up in the ring but not to the crowd, which looks better then everyone trying to get holds directly to the center camera. The action was done for the crowd not the television audience which is actually better for the television audience because then they are watching a staged sport instead of an acted fight, this was so good. Arn was tossing flair into the cage and it was looking so good. Pilman tries to interfere Flair stops him with a punch. Turns around and hit Arn with a double ax handle swear its the first time I've ever seen him hit it. Flair tries to slap on a figure 4 Arn punches him with brassknuckles he's out, Arn wins.
Nitro's wrap with the announce team is interrupt by a berserk Ric Flair challenging Arn & Pilman to a match, The Chicago fans are audibly chanting "Hogan sucks" throughout the entire tease for next week.
Episode 7
Diamond Dallas Page vs Johnny B Badd: TV Championship match
Johnny is over like rover with this crowd; Page hits him with the belt before the match knocking him unconscious. Page acts foolish for a while attempting and self counting pins, the Diamond Doll is not happy.
Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Beniot
The network describes this as Eddie Guerrero has a singles match
MULLETS, oh my god, MULLETS, Benoit wins, and I don't think I need to say this but it was perfect. If someone was a novice into wrestling and started watching this match they would understand wrestling.
Mean Gene shills the WCW Hotline ('memba?) then GIant & Sullivan come out and say Evil so much it means nothing.
Disco Inferno dances (how many times have I typed this?)
Meng vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan: I never got the appeal of Hacksaw, I love America too but still he sucked Meng wins
Hogan gives a way too long promo in all black
Anderson & Pillman vs Flair & Sting:
In a flash back to WCW Pro (?), Flair asks Sting to be his partner. Sting warns him basically if you fuck me I will fuck you. Match starts as a handicap match, great pacing great psychology. Sting comes down to a massive pop. The Brain says "for a team that hasn't better together for 5 years they are looking great together." meanwhile the match has actually broken down into a brawl and they aren't actually tagging, Sting is on a roll destroying both men by himself. The 2 Horsemen run and the match ends in a double countout.
Sting & Flair agree to tag at Halloween Havoc.
Episode 8
Savage vs Kurasawa: Bischoff won't shut up about Kurasawa breaking Road Warrior Hawk's arm. I've noticed watching alot of Japanese wrestlers of the 90s something, I never thought I would say. I understand Kenny Omega's facial expressions. The over exaggerations and weirdness of the facials make sense to me now. It's how he thinks he should wrestle because of growing up on this. Savage wins damn he makes everyone look good not the Kurasawa is bad, in fact the opposite, very good.
lights go out, King Iaukea appears on the screen giving an unintelligible promo that reveals a iceberg that looks like a Georgia O'Keefe vagina flower, its the Yeti. (Google it, it's horrible) Immediately, Sullivan & Giant come out and give a promo making Iaukea, or My Father, irrelevant.
Hogan in all black comes out, all of his theme songs are bangers. Hogan gives one of his style promos, but he calls himself a bad guy, there is a slight pop, so much of this is foreshadowing. (Does anybody buy Bischoff's bullshit that Sting was supposed to be the third man? That would have had no mainstream impact at all, and I love Sting.)
Malenko & Benoit vs Eddie & Mr. JL with Alex Wright
Originally Alex Wright was supposed to team with Eddie, but got injured. THIS IS WRESTLING, nothing formulaic about it, nothing insulting to the intelligence, no reliance on contrived bullshit to entertain the crowd. (which is why mid match they cut to the back where Norton & Shark brawl with each other) Eddie & JL when Malenko is tripped by Alex's crutch.
Pillman DDTs Eddie on the ramp, they are starting to build one of the greatest sites of 90s wrestling, WCW's cruiserweight division.
Harlem Heat vs Luger & Sting
During the entrances the announcers talk shit of In Your House. As the go away show for Halloween Havoc this is a effect simple mainevent with a star tag team and two close friends and tag partners.
Giant comes out at the end of the match, Savage comes out, Hogan comes out its a brawl, DOD comes out and its a brawl.
Episode 9
All Hallow's Eve, luckily this edition of Nitro isn't coming from Detroit where Halloween Havoc was that year. Devil's Night ain't a joke.
Halloween Havoc fallout, where Bischoff says the footage is coming, the footage is coming.
Sgt. Pittman vs Eddie Guerrero
So they think this is making Eddie Guerrero, which is ludicrous. Pittman is absent of any real charisma. this match went on forever, but its Eddie so a great match.
The Shark vs Norton:
There once was a guy on wrestlinginc who always talks about big men and lavish praise of these types of guys. He was into big beefy men & spelling errors. He gained enough traction that when he made a goofy claim that Nash wasn't the lowest drawing WWF champion of all time, that the terrible writers at Forbes copy & pasted it. This match looks like your fat grandpa and construction worker uncle got into a fight over a woman named Sheila outside of a Kicks 66 on a Tuesday night. It ends in a double countout.
The Brain has business dealing with Sonny Ono surrounded by 90s moms.
Tony Schiavani (sic) is in the ring recaps FlaiSting and Anderson/PIllman at Havoc. (spoiler) Flair turned heel. The 3 Horsemen come to the ring, they promo after not regretting being there. I swear Flair has 80s coke fueling him.
Sabu vs Disco Inferno: Sabu does dumb shit gets angry when things don't go his way. How the fuck is Sabu stil alive?
Luger & Meng with Jimmy Hart & Kevin Sullivan vs American Males:
WCW's audio... fuck, match is forgettable, it does what its supposed to which is get Luger & JImmy over as heels
footage of Halloween Havoc of Hogan losing to the Giant, man was Hogan when he sold.
Giant, Luger, Hart & Sullivan do a promo with Tony god is it old school
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2020.08.22 19:36 biggreekgeek Flatten the Curve. #50. PART 1. Jeffery Epstein & Espionage. Peter Thiel & Carbyne. Isreali Surveillance Tech & UAE. China Uyghurs Dentions & Erik Prince. Human Rights Watch; Similar Tech in China & Carbyne. Carbyne in the USA 911 SYSTEM. Michael Chertoff: Wrote Patriot Act + Carbyne Director.

Read Flatten the Curve Part 49. Link Here
Headlines. A line designed to get into your head. And it works, judging by the amount of circulation of conspiracy posts that help move those headlines that masquerade as revealing connections, but are merely propoganda headline clones being disseminated.
So lets get ahead of the lines before the lines get into your head.
Humans have two primary modes of communication; verbal and nonverbal. Nonverbal is body language. Body language on it's own can give you insight. Pairing verbal and nonverbal gives you the whole picture. Headlines are verbal. The content is nonverbal. That's how you get a glimpse of the bigger picture. But we can't look at each article as a completed part of the communicative process. That would be like only watching hand gestures while having a conversation with someone. The article isn't the subject, the event is the subject, and if the subject was person, then we have to find as many articles as we can to profile the body language and interpret the nonverbal communication.
Let me show you what I mean.
Offender Conspiracy Article Profilingcriminal article profiling, is an investigative strategy used by law enforcement agencies conspiracy theorists to identify likely suspects hidden motives and has been used by investigators conspiracy theorists to link cases subjects that may have been committed by the same perpetrator. Multiple crimes may be linked to a specific offender event and the profile may be used to predict the identified offender's conspiracy's future actions real intent. Criminal Profiling Here
And then.
Nonverbal communication (NVC) Multiple Article Profiling (MAP) • is the transmission of messages or signals through a nonverbal platform multiple article content searches (MACS) such as eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, posture, and the distance between two individuals, article source, differing information, dates, pov, and the connections between the sources. It includes the use of visual cues such as body language (content), distance (dates) and organizations/politicians, corporations, law enforcement, environmental issues, economics, and technology/AI. Original NVC Content Here
I have no doubt that the actors who have advanced copies of the script are using data algorithm aggregation that compiles the different content sources into a complete picture for them. We plebs aren't so lucky, we have to peruse and parse multiple sources to connect the dots. In essence, we are the plebs living in a technofuedal era before the invention of the modern Gutenberg technopress for the masses.
So let's throw on some work boots, grab a shovel, and start digging.
The Hacks and Muckrakers.
May 18, 2018: Vanity Fair • “We just got back from the Middle East,” he told a room full of Israelis, upon arriving in Jerusalem from Saudi Arabia last May. Source Here
May 22 2017: Slate • The President Just Told a Room of Israelis That He “Just Got Back From the Middle East” Source Here
Trump. The man's Presidency has come at a time where it's all starting to fall apart. And I can't help but think of Trump as Julius Caesar part two. A populist leader who threatened the establishment and upended the republic, paving the way for Augustus Caesar and the soft introduction of Roman empire, as it let the pretenses of being a Republic fade away. If you aren't familiar with that time of history, I would highly recommend doing so. There is more to my comparison that I'm not elaborating on, except to say, if you dig you will find someone else who loves Roman history, looks like a clone of Augustus, and we watched as he made rounds while articles suggested that he had aspirations of becoming President. Do I think that it'll happen soon? Probably not. History doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes. And we're only at the start of the Hollow Men by T S *Eliot *.
December 14, 2016: Techcrunch • President-elect Donald Trump met with some of the most prominent executives from the tech industry today at Trump Tower, with investor Peter Thiel and Vice President-elect Mike Pence at his side. Trump opened the meeting with CEOs from Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and others by thanking Thiel for his support. “I want to add that I am here to help you folks do well. And you’re doing well right now and I’m very honored by the bounce. They’re all talking about the bounce. So right now everybody in this room has to like me, at least a little bit,” Trump said, perhaps in reference to the fact that he received little support from Silicon Valley during his campaign. “We’re going to try to have that bounce continue. Perhaps even more importantly, we want you to keep going with the incredible innovation. There’s nobody like you in the world. There’s nobody like the people in this room and anything we can do to help this go along, we’re going to be there for you. You’ll call my people, you’ll call me, it doesn’t make any difference. We have no formal chain of command around here,” Trump said.
Interesting, wouldn't you say? No formal chain of command around here. They thanked Peter Thiel for his support. Ok. Maybe nothing, maybe something. Ok. It's something.
August, 2018 Articles: • Trump claims Google is suppressing positive news about him. • Trump: Facebook, Twitter, Google 'have to be careful'.
Stop the presses, because were getting squeezed and pasteurized. The tech leaders meet with Trump. They thank Thiel, suggesting that he organized the assembly. And then Trump starts bashing the Technocrats that he's meeting with? Nothing but Bread and Circus. Plain and simple.
June 27, 2017: Tech Transparency Project • No other company in America was as intimately tied to the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party during Barack Obama’s eight years in office than Google. Today the company is doing everything it can to restore the same cozy White House access it enjoyed under President Obama. Eric Schmidt has attended at least two meetings with Trump and attended a third White House meeting with tech leaders last Monday. At the same time, The Groundwork – a secretive Schmidt-funded startup that ran the Clinton campaign’s data operation – recently relaunched itself as a technology platform for liberal organizations working to fight the Trump Administration’s agenda. By all appearances, Google appears to be working overtime to both ingratiate itself with the Trump Administration while simultaneously cashing in on the “resistance” to Trump’s agenda. Source Here
By all appearances? He's working both sides? Trying to cash in? Really? Seriously? Let's break that down.
** 2020 • Eric Schmidt/Net worth: 15.3 billion USD. Call me crazy, but I don’t think a guy with 15 billion dollars is worried about "cashing in**". As I've stated numerous times, this is no longer about money, it's about control. That's imperative to understand. You don't worry about the money hidden under the mattress when you have a locked vault full of cash. Money is only an incentive for those who either don't have it or need more of it. Neither of those categories apply to Eric Schmidt.
So lets examine how badly the Tech guys and Trump aren't getting along, shall we?
March 2, 2016: Defense News • Google Executive Schmidt To Head New DoD Advisory Board. Source Here
Ah. He's working for the Pentagon to make it better. And this happens almost a full year before meeting with Trump. This doesn't look like someone playing both sides, this looks like a team player in a game that only has one team. This is political wrestling that would make Vince McMahon envious. If you want to dive deeper into how Eric Schmidt funded the non profit that started fake news, here's a previous Flatten the Curve post. Part #19
Attendees included Eric Schmidt and Larry Page of Google, Tim Cook of Apple, Satya Nadella and Brad Smith of Microsoft, Jeff Bezos of Amazon (who expressed his excitement that Trump’s administration could be “the innovations administration“), Safra Catz of Oracle, Chuck Robbins of Cisco and Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook. Thiel’s business partner, Palantir CEO Alex Karp, attended as well.
Those are big names and big companies. But they all hate Trump, right?
Thiel has been instrumental in shaping Trump’s approach to technology, helping assemble a list of candidates for technical roles in the upcoming administration and reportedly bringing David Sacks and other long-time associates to the transition team. During his speech at the Republican National Convention, Thiel talked about spreading the prosperity of Silicon Valley to other regions across the country and cited space travel as one of America’s great technological achievements. “Instead of going to Mars, we have invaded the Middle East,” Thiel said.
I should point out that Thiel and Musk started PayPal together.
November 24, 2019: Business Insider • What do the founders of YouTube, Yelp, Tesla, and LinkedIn have in common? Apart from leading massively disruptive technology companies, their founders all share a common resume line item: employment at PayPal. Known for their entrepreneurial mindset and anti-establishment attitude, this elite group is known as the "PayPal Mafia," and they all put in time during the payment platform's early days some 20 years ago. Source Here
Oh. And Pete's instrumental to creating Facebook. Thiel became Facebook's first outside investor when he acquired a 10.2% stake for $500,000 in August 2004. He sold the majority of his shares in Facebook for over $1 billion in 2012, but remains on the board of directors. And he funded Hulk Hogan's lawsuit to take down Gawker. Told ya, it's just political wrestling to entertain us.
However, one of the biggest proponents of travel to Mars, Elon Musk, has also been one of Trump’s most outspoken critics. Musk donated to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and frequently denounced Trump, saying that the former reality television star “doesn’t seem to have the sort of character that reflects well on the United States.” But since the election, Musk appears to have warmed up to Trump. He was a late addition to the invite list for today’s meeting. The transition team also announced this morning that Musk will join Trump’s strategic and policy forum, a group of business leaders that will serve as an advisory committee to the president-elect. Source Here
Musk and Trump, a marriage made in heaven. It's destiny, I tell you, destiny. Or an act (don't worry Elon, I haven't forgotten about you) designed to make us believe that somebody up there is fighting for us down here.
Yet the inclusion of the quote about Mars and War in the Middle East stands out, wouldn't you agree? And we have environmental collapse triggers happening. Riots happening. Why those riots are also happening in Beruit, aren't they? And Isreal and Saudi Arabia don't get along with Lebanon, or the Hezbollah. And President Trump went from Suadi Arabia to Isreal, didn’t he? And wasn't there an explosion there recently? Must all be a coincidence. Let's get back to Pete the magical Thiel and see what else Hulk Hogan's buddy is mixed up in.
He co-founded Valar Ventures in 2010, co-founded Mithril Capital, serving as investment committee chair, in 2012, and served as a partner at Y Combinator from 2015 to 2017. Through the Thiel Foundation, Thiel governs the grant-making bodies Breakout Labs and Thiel Fellowship, and funds nonprofit research into artificial intelligence, life extension and seasteading. A co-founder of The Stanford Review, he is a conservative libertarian who is critical of high government spending, high debt levels, and foreign wars. He has donated to numerous political figures. At the 2009 Singularity Summit, he said his greatest concern is the technological singularity not arriving soon enough. Source Here
Singularity. Not. Arriving. Soon. Enough. Call me paranoid and pass the tin foil hat, but what Matrix code is needed to decipher his words intent? Not soon enough for what? Better Netflix selection? The Alien invasion? Godzilla awakening because of Fukushima? Are the Decepticons already here? Or have they been downplaying the ELE that's approaching? I'll take ELE for a thousand, Alex.
So he's into AI (he backed Deepmind and OpenAI) and life extension. He went to Stanford. He's also going to have his body cryonically preserved. And his Palantir surveillance is, well, nottofreakyououtoranything, everywhere. Palantir's first backer was the Central Intelligence Agency's venture capital arm In-Q-Tel. Then Palantir became Big Brother. Literally. The Palantir clients include the CIA, DHS, NSA, FBI, CDC, the Marine Corps, the Air Force, Special Operations Command, West Point, the Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization and Allies, the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. And Palantir is also being used by Banks, Hedge Funds, Financial Services, and other corporate clients.
Big Brother wants to be Palantir went it grows up.
Now, are you wondering why I started with Trump, Saudi Arabia and Isreal? Are you curious about how it goes from ex CEO of Google Eric Schmidt "playing" both sides of the fence to Palantir and Peter Thiel? Just sit right back and hold tight, cause I'm about to take you on a one way trip to a Brave New Normal World that's called 1984.
Warning. What you're about to read will make you forever question every officially sanctioned narrative. Trust me. Still game? Are you sure? Last chance. You're about to leave neverneverland and you can't go back. Alright. Let's go.
It's All Hidden In Plain Sight.
Let's talk about Epstein. Yep. Him. I've been strangely quiet about Jeffery haven't I? Nothing written about the Captain Pedo and his Amazing friends didn't mean there was nothing there, it just meant that I didn't find anything that indicated something deeper than a pedophile blackmail ring. And sex and political blackmail is as old as time itself. There's a reason they say the world's two oldest professions are prostitutes and politicians. Yet it turns out the professional pimp and the abducted teens may be playing a bigger role than we thought.
July 31, 2019: NY TIMES • Mr. Epstein’s vision reflected his longstanding fascination with what has become known as transhumanism: the science of improving the human population through technologies like genetic engineering and artificial intelligence. Critics have likened transhumanism to a modern-day version of eugenics, the discredited field of improving the human race through controlled breeding. Mr. Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico, which he confided to scientists and others he hoped to use as the site for seeding the human race with his DNA.
Welcome to the Island of Dr. Moreau. We're it's the monsters trying to make humans. Do you still think this was all about blackmail, cause it wasn't. Stop thinking in normal terms, because normal is dead, long live the New Normal.
At one session at Harvard, Mr. Epstein criticized efforts to reduce starvation and provide health care to the poor because doing so increased the risk of overpopulation, said Mr. Pinker, who was there. Mr. Pinker said he had rebutted the argument, citing research showing that high rates of infant mortality simply caused people to have more children.
Epstein criticized efforts to reduce starvation and provide health care. Hmmmm. My memory is foggy, but isn't there someone in Africa trying to provide health care and reduce starvation? Who could that be? Wasn't he into computers and had pictures taken on Epstein’s private jet? Wasn't it Bill Gates? Now why would Billy be hanging around someone who would vocally espouse an ideology that is completely antithetical to his stated humanitarian goals?
Also at the Indian Summer dinner, according to an account on the website of Mr. Brockman’s Edge Foundation, were the Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page and Jeff Bezos, who was accompanied by his mother.
Then there was Mr. Epstein’s interest in eugenics. Once, at a dinner at Mr. Epstein’s mansion on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Mr. Lanier said he talked to a scientist who told him that Mr. Epstein’s goal was to have 20 women at a time impregnated at his 33,000-square-foot Zorro Ranch in a tiny town outside Santa Fe. Mr. Mr. Lanier, said he had the impression that Mr. Epstein was using the dinner parties to screen candidates to bear Mr. Epstein’s children. Mr. Epstein did not hide his interest in tinkering with genes — and in perpetuating his own DNA. Interviews with more than a dozen of his acquaintances, as well as public documents, show that he used the same tactics to insinuate himself into an elite scientific community, thus allowing him to pursue his interests in eugenics and other fringe fields like cryonics. One adherent of transhumanism said that he and Mr. Epstein discussed the financier’s interest in cryonics, an unproven science in which people’s bodies are frozen to be brought back to life in the future. Mr. Epstein told this person that he wanted his head and penis to be frozen.
More Epstein and Eugenics. Source Here
Now call me crazy, but there's some strangeness happening. Cryonics, don't die, just Let It Go and get Frozen. First Peter Thiel, now Epstein. Let's hope the AI Singularity arrives in time, right?
Now I wouldn't have even bothered with their shared interest of joining the Walt Disney Cryonics Club, if there wasn't more in play, and there's more in play.
August 9, 2019: TRT World • The billionaire shared the same personal network that included Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak, infamous Blackwater founder Erik Prince, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, UAE Crown Prince Mohamed bin Zayed, Donald Trump and Bill Clinton.
According to investigative journalist Vicky Ward, quoting a meeting with Trump’s transition team, Acosta told a White House official: “I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone.”
That's a bit of an exclusive club, kinda like being in the Mouseketeer CIA club. But, hey, nothing to see here, is there? But just in case, let's look into the company that Epstein worked with, Carbyne.
This single company, Carbyne, brought together a who’s who of power brokers and intelligence figures from multiple regions including Russia, China and the Trump administration itself, with Epstein at its heart. Officially, Carbyne provided high-tech solutions for emergency centres. In reality, it existed in a grey area giving it unprecedented access to private information, with significant potential for privacy abuse. Carbyne provides a service for police emergency centres, providing complete access to the caller’s camera and GPS, providing the dispatcher with a live video feed.
Ok. So Epstein and Thiel both are into AI, Surveillance, and Cryonics. President Trump was in Isreal and Saudi Arabia in May 2017. And who ended up in Isreal just afterwards?
PayPal Founder in Israel: Too Much Copying and Not Enough Innovation in High-tech
June 15, 2017: Haaretz • Billionaire Peter Thiel visits Israel – and gives out tips on how to build a successful startup. Source Here
Hey, one month after Trump visited the Middle East, Peter Thiel decides to take middle eastern vacation to give out business tips. And then Thiel must've reciprocated and invited the Fresh Prince of Saudi Arabia to get the all inclusive Palantir surveillance pitch. Smile for the camera everyone, cause the world's a stage and we're filming a world wide Truman Show.
April 7, 2018: Gulf News • Google, Thiel feature in Saudi Prince’s Silicon Valley tour. The Saudi delegation visited several Silicon Valley corporate campuses, including Apple Inc. and Facebook Inc. In addition to Facebook, where Thiel sits on the board, the Saudi delegation visited data-analysis start-up Palantir Technologies Inc and a trio of investment firms created by Thiel: Clarium Capital, Valar Ventures and Founders Fund. Thiel is chairman and co-founder of Palantir. Source Here
March 17, 2020: Forbes • These responders are now using a tool built in part by former members of Israel’s military intelligence—Elichai being one—that’s backed by Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, who is now the company’s chairman, and a small, passive investment from deceased multimillionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. SourceHere
Ok look. I get it. Rich people make investments, those investments are bound to end up in the same company. But these companies aren't exactly run of the mill home security systems, are they? Nope. This is the kind of surveillance systems that the KGB or the Stasi could only dream of. And when you wish upon a star dreams come true. And Peter Thiel must be wishing upon a star.
Ok. Strap in, buckle up, and try to keep up, or you're gonna get left in the dust. Cause it's boom or bust from here on out, and we're gonna add it up like the count.
So Elichai owns Carbyne. Peter Thiel invested in Carbyne. And Carbyne is in the USA linked to the 911 system, and it's being used to fight the pandemic.
Forbes (Link Above) • Its founder thinks Carbyne’s tech could make the lives of 911 dispatch and healthcare professionals much less chaotic in the Covid-19 crisis. Carbyne relies on callers submitting themselves to self-surveillance via their own mobile phone. Once a caller uses their Android or iPhone to call 911 (85% of emergency calls now come from mobile devices), they receive a text message that asks for permission to get their precise location and access video from their smartphone camera.
Step right up and give your permission to be saved. Big Brother is looking out for you.
So Elichai used to work for the 8200. Cool name, right. I'm not sure about you, but that sounds pretty dystopian. And I've gotta say, that all of Technocrats that are promising us an AI utopia, sure seem to be getting ahead of the curve by building doomsday bunkers for a dystopia. And here we sit wasting our time Doomscrolling.
So what else has sprung up from the 8200? Have you ever heard about the NSO Group?
November 1, 2019 - WhatsApp identified an Israeli company, NSO Group, as having developed the spyware called Pegasus, which it held responsible for the breach. This disclosure was part of a lawsuit WhatsApp has filed against the NSO Group in a US federal court, saying the company was actively involved in hacking users of the encrypted chat service. As per the WhatsApp complaint the “target users included attorneys, journalists, human rights activists, political dissidents, diplomats, and other senior foreign government officials.” NSO’s spyware Pegasus has been reportedly used to target journalists in Mexico investigating drug cartels, rights group Amnesty International, human rights activists in UAE, activists in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. According to Israeli news reports, Saudi Arabia paid $55 million for its use. The contract was later frozen over the scandal alleging NSO software's role in Saudi Arabia tracking slain journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the months before he was murdered in the Saudi Embassy in Turkey. In India, 17 people, who are known to be targeted include activists and human rights lawyers. Source Here
Whoops. Do you remember Jamal Khashoggi? He was trying to expose Human Rights abuses against Saudi Arabia. And then Suadi Arabia decided to murder him, and confirm that they were abusing human rights. Jamal paid the ultimate price to prove his point. But who is selling the hacking tools? At this point they all seem to be springing up from members of the 8200, and the companies they started.
TRT - Link Previously Provided • DarkMatter, a UAE surveillance and intelligence group employing former NSA operatives was built on the back of a larger initiative to modernise Emirati intelligence and military operations. The group took part in at the Arab Future Cities Conference in November 2015, where it presented a vision of smarter, tech-driven cities, which caught the eye of Chinese officials. Smarter cities meant Big Brother-esque widespread surveillance installed throughout the UAE. Only two years later in April 25 2017, DarkMatter signed a Global Strategic Memorandum of Understanding with Huawei, a leading Chinese company, for the same ‘Big Data’ systems and ‘Smart City’ solutions. The middle man? None other than Erik Prince, who had gone from working for the Emiratis, to working for a Chinese billionaire. In suspect timing, the Memorandum of Understanding also took place right before China scaled up its total surveillance and crackdown on Uighurs in Xinjiang, China.
February 2, 2019: Reuters • Xinjiang is a major part of China's Belt and Road infrastructure network but the region has faced attacks blamed on members of the Muslim ethnic Uighur minority. Beijing has responded with a security clampdown condemned by rights groups and Western governments. Frontier Services Group (FSG), a Hong Kong-listed company founded by Prince, said in a Chinese-language statement posted on its website on Jan. 22 that it had signed a deal to build a training centre in southern Xinjiang. Prince is deputy chairman, a minority shareholder and a board member of FSG, a security, logistics and insurance provider. Source Here

Watch this video.

Chinese authorities are using a 911 mobile app to carry out illegal mass surveillance and arbitrary detention of Muslims in China’s western Xinjiang region. Source Here
Makes you wonder, doesn't it? Aren't we condemning China for the camps, and yet the West is helping to build those camps? Must be a big mistake. We didn’t know what was happening. And Erik Prince swears he didn't know. Honestly. He's not lying. Cross my heart and hope to die. Pinky swear.
8200 leads to NSO and Carbyne. DarkMatter is in the UAE with NSA employees. The NSO hack was used to capture Khashoggi. Peter Thiel invested in Facebook, Facebook owns WhatsApp. Peter Thiel invested in Carbyne. Eric Prince works for and founded FSG, which built the Muslim reduction school. China is using similar tech to target Muslims and send them back to school. Carbyne 911 surveillance tech accesses your phone camera after you click on the link to give permission. So. Peter Thiel funds Carbyne. Eric Prince is working for the UAE developing security and the UAE ends up with Dark Matter, and then his company (FSG) is sold to China, and they build re-education centers, which uses technology like Carbyne, and that technology is being used in the USA.
Got it? Good. Because I'm seriously having a hard time keeping up with the behind the scene footage of this LARP.
Link Previously Provided • 1,400 people worldwide, including Indian lawyers, rights activists and journalist, were targets of an online spying campaign that used highly sophisticated spyware developed by an Israeli firm via WhatsApp. WhatsApp is at the centre of a global storm over privacy after it was revealed that at least 17 Indians and about 1,400 people worldwide had their phones breached through the social media app. Their privacy was compromised by surveillance technology so invasive that could read and transmit the entire contents of a phone as well as operate its camera.
WhatsApp, Doc, I think I need an appointment because I'm suffering from Mass Psychogenic Illness from too much Doomscrolling.
Do you want to get deeper? I mean really deep? Yes? Ok. Let's jump into the deep.
October 18, 2019: - How a WhatsApp Tax Launched Massive Anti-Government Protests in Lebanon.
What a crazy New Normal World Order we live in. What are the odds that we have a WhatsApp hack tax protest and we also have a WhatsApp hack that uses your phone camera, while also using similar tech in the USA and China. That's inconceivable! That's incredible! Someone call the press and let them know about this! Uhm. Wait. Better not. You might get Khashoggid.
So Eric Prince is involved. Peter Thiel is involved. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg owns Facebook, and Peter Thiel helped Facebook grow. And then there was this.
March 28, 2018: Daily Mail • Employee of Peter Thiel's company Palantir helped Cambridge Analytica harvest the data of millions of the Facebook users. Alfredas Chmieliauskas is said to have suggested to Cambridge Analytica that it create a personality quiz smartphone app to get access to networks of Facebook users. The Times report also claims that Sophie Schmidt - the daughter former Google executive Eric Schmidt - had urged Cambridge Analytica to work with Palantir. Source Here
At this point, I think I'm going to need to buy a whole lot of tacks and string and make pciture maps on my walls. If we're all living in a Truman Surveillance Show, might as well play the part of the New Normal crazy conspiracy theorist, right?
January 17, 2017: The Intercept According to New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, in December Prince attended the annual “Villains and Heroes” costume ball hosted by Mercer. Dowd wrote that Palantir founder Peter Thiel showed her “a picture on his phone of him posing with Erik Prince, who founded the private military company Blackwater, and Mr. Trump — who had no costume — but joke[d] that it was ‘N.S.F.I.’ (Not Safe for the Internet).”
No. Sanity. Fracking. Involved. Is more like it. This insanity can't pass for sanity, can it? And yet they label us crazy when we start to find the big picture, even if we aren't entirely sure what the big picture means.
The Intercpt Continued: In July, Prince told Trump’s senior adviser and white supremacist Steve Bannon, at the time head of Breitbart News, that the Trump administration should recreate a version of the Phoenix Program, the CIA assassination ring that operated during the Vietnam War, to fight ISIS. Such a program, Prince said, could kill or capture “the funders of Islamic terror and that would even be the wealthy radical Islamist billionaires funding it from the Middle East, and any of the other illicit activities they’re in.” Prince also said that Trump would be the best force to confront “Islamic fascism.” “As for the world looking to the United States for leadership, unfortunately, I think they’re going to have to wait till January and hope Mr. Trump is elected because, clearly, our generals don’t have a stomach for a fight,” Prince said. “Our president doesn’t have a stomach for a fight and the terrorists, the fascists, are winning.” Source Here
Sounds good, right? Kill people who kill people and maybe someday we won't have people getting killed. Killer idea! HEWDSHAWT! Grab your BFG and let's go BGH. It's a date!
But then why are these cell phone surveillance hacks companies being constantly linked with their names, and those hacks are being used to target journalists and human rights activists?
It's a small New Normal World Order after all. And it's getting smaller everyday. No worries though, Keep Calm and Carry On, We're All In This Together, and You're Either With Us Or Against Us. It's all good. That kind of thing could never happen here.
July 27, 2019: NARATIV • Michael Chertoff, who ran Homeland Security under George Bush, serves on Carbyne’s advisory board. Chertoff wrote the Patriot Act, which authorized digital surveillance of Americans. Source Here
Uh. Is nobody paying attention? Are the wolves guarding the sheep?
March 16, 2003: Washington Post • It didn't help that as the World Trade Center burned on Sept. 11, 2001, the news interrupted a Carlyle business conference at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel here attended by a brother of Osama bin Laden. Former president Bush, a fellow investor, had been with him at the conference the previous day. Source Here
Need more proof?
September 16, 2015: Carlyle Group • The Carlyle Group and The Chertoff Group Acquire Majority Stake in Coalfire Systems. Founded in 2001 and based in Louisville, Colo., Coalfire is a global cybersecurity and technology services provider specializing in cyber risk advisory, compliance assessments, technical testing and software services for private enterprises and government organizations. With its technical depth and breadth of IT services, Coalfire serves clients in sectors including technology, retail, payments, healthcare, financial services, education, local and state government, and utilities. Michael Chertoff, former U.S. Homeland Security Secretary and the co-founder and executive chairman of The Chertoff Group, said, “Cyber threats are an existential risk to companies and individuals around the globe. We and Carlyle are excited to partner with Coalfire, an innovative technology-enabled services company helping clients to address cyber risks.” Source Here
It's a good thing that Coalfire is on the case, could you imagine how bad the hacks would be otherwise? Have a look. Flatten the Curve. Part 43. [Link Here](]
That's a pretty long trail that I've written. Guess what? The trail goes longer. So long that this will have to be continued in a part 2 later tonight. Until then; Heads Up and Eyes Open.Take Care. Be Safe. Stay Aware and Be Prepared. Talk soon.
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2020.08.19 17:59 daprice82 Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Aug. 5, 2002

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-7-2002 1-14-2002 1-21-2002 1-28-2002
2-4-2002 2-11-2002 2-18-2002 2-25-2002
3-4-2002 3-11-2002 3-18-2002 3-25-2002
4-1-2002 4-8-2002 4-15-2002 4-22-2002
4-29-2002 5-6-2002 5-13-2002 5-20-2002
5-27-2002 6-3-2002 6-10-2002 6-17-2002
6-24-2002 7-1-2002 7-8-2002 7-15-2002
7-22-2002 7-29-2002

OBSERVER REWIND UPDATE: So here's the deal. I started doing the 2002 Rewinds on a whim when the pandemic shut down the U.S. I didn't have much of anything written up in advance before I started, I just dove in and started doing it without a plan. As a result, I couldn't write them up fast enough to keep up with the original M-W-F schedule. So that's why these only get posted once a week right now. Well, I'm starting a new job at the end of the month. I'm super excited about it, but I don't know how it's going to affect the Rewinds. Right now, I've only written up to mid-September 2002. I'm going to have to finish these during my free time outside of work, and that might mess the schedule up even more. So just a heads up in advance, I don't know how this may affect things going forward but I'm trying my damndest to get us through 2002 before slipping off into retirement again.

  • Several major media outlets are working on stories about the high number of deaths in professional wrestling, including HBO Real Sports, The Los Angeles Times, and Sports Illustrated. There's been a lot of talk about steroids in baseball lately (keep in mind, this is just after Barry Bonds broke the home run record) and Dave expects the stories to focus on steroid use in wrestling, the high number of deaths of people from that era, and likely it will all tie into baseball. Sort of a "if baseball doesn't clean up its act, it could end up like wrestling" type of story. Dave says it goes beyond that though. Steroids are a convenient excuse, but no wrestling deaths that Dave can think of can be tied directly to steroids alone. The problem really comes down to the fact that wrestling is an industry that rides people until their bodies break down, with a relentless travel schedule, and many wrestlers turn to painkillers, sleeping pills, alcohol, and other drugs to deal with it all. So there's a lot more to the story of all these deaths than just steroids. Dave briefly recaps the steroid scandal that crippled WWF in the early 90s. In particular, the Sports Illustrated story should be concerning to WWE. Steroids in baseball was kind of an open secret until a recent Sports Illustrated story broke the whole thing open and it became one of the biggest sports stories in years (here's the article in question, if you're feeling nostalgic about 2002 baseball scandals). A similar story on pro wrestling probably wouldn't be nearly as big a deal, but it would still bring bad publicity. And it would put Vince McMahon into a position of having to answer tough questions that he doesn't have any honest answers for. Wrestlers are dying at a horrifying rate and WWE has done nothing to combat it. The schedule is still a nightmare, injuries still pile up, guys still work through them, and the company doesn't do drug testing. If WWE is lucky, these stories will fly under the radar. If not, they're going to be in for some bad PR in the coming weeks and months (yeah this becomes a pretty constant story throughout the early-00s).
  • NWA-TNA has filed a lawsuit against an accounting firm led by a guy named Jay Hassman that was brought in to handle financial and marketing decisions for the new company. Jerry Jarrett recently did an interview explaining the situation. The gist of the lawsuit is that Jerry Jarrett claims the firm misled him about several financial issues that the company was facing. Notably, about how much clearance they have in the PPV market. Jarrett was apparently under the impression that their PPVs were available throughout the country on all the major PPV providers (Cablevision, Dish Network, etc.). But then they started getting feedback from fans who were unable to purchase the weekly PPVs and realized they don't have nearly the exposure they were led to believe. And in fact, Jarrett has allegedly found out that Hassman never even spoke with some of these providers to make the deals he was supposed to make. As a result, TNA is bleeding money because they aren't bringing in nearly as much PPV revenue as they were expecting. There's also issues with the total lack of marketing and promotion for TNA's PPVs, which is another thing Hassman's firm was being paid to handle and apparently did none of it. When the PPV numbers started coming in far lower than expected, Jarrett realized what was happening and it's said he's been consumed with this ever since (hence the mention last week of why Jerry Jarrett wasn't involved in writing the recent shows because he's so busy with all this mess and how, once again, nobody seems to be supervising Vince Russo). It's worth noting that Hassman is affiliated with another marketing group that does consulting work for WWE, which Jarrett wasn't aware of until recently, and reportedly InDemand PPV had some kind of issue with this and told Hassman they would only do business with him for one company, at which point Hassman allegedly pawned TNA off onto someone else (something else Jerry Jarrett claims they were never aware of). I dunno, this is all confusing.
  • Hassman allegedly told TNA that they had gotten 17,000 buys from DirecTV but they later found out the real number was less than 5,000. TNA is claiming Hassman forged an email attachment on DirecTV letterhead and even forged a signature with these fake DirecTV numbers. They're claiming he did a similar forgery with the InDemand PPV numbers as well. Hassman claimed the total PPV buys for TNA's first show were around 74,000 which was great news. But when Meltzer and other media outlets began digging around and reported the number as lower, TNA responded basically claiming that everyone else was lying and that the numbers really were that good. But now they're finding out the hard way that they were wrong. For what it's worth, TNA's deal with InDemand requires the company to air 13 weeks of programming before they will receive any of their PPV money. So if the company was to fold right now, they won't ever see a penny from the last 5-6 weeks of PPVs. And also, if they fold before the first year, they will have to pay InDemand a steep penalty. Jarrett admitted that TNA is currently in survival mode and just trying to make it from week-to-week right now while they sort out this mess. The lawsuit against the firm is asking for compensation for damages based on lost revenue as well as punitive damages for fraud and sabotage. Plus they want Hassman to re-pay the $50,000 fee he received when he and his firm were hired.
  • The Observer Hall of Fame issue is coming up soon but for now, Dave decides to take a look at several active wrestlers who aren't yet on the ballot and see what he thinks their qualifications are and whether he thinks they are HOF-caliber stars. So let's see what Dave thinks about some of these names as of 2002:
  • The Rock: Dave says he's a sure-fire HOF inductee. People might argue about longevity since he only debuted 6 years ago and it looks like he's gonna be gone from the business any day now. But still, he was too big of a star not to be a lock. Even if he retired today, he's a guaranteed first-ballot inductee.
  • Triple H: A year ago, Dave would have said he was a lock. This year, he's not so sure. His last 3 years have been strong and in 2000, he was voted Wrestler of the Year, but the quad injury took him out of the game and he hasn't been anywhere near the same wrestler since he came back. His reputation in the industry, due to his growing backstage power, might also hurt him with some voters (similar to the way Shawn Michaels should be a lock, but so many people have hated him for so long that he's yet to get enough votes). The next few years will probably determine Triple H's fate, but if he stays the same subpar, boring wrestler that he has been since returning from injury, it could hurt him.
  • Kurt Angle: unless he gets hurt or decides to quit the business, Angle will also almost certainly end up inducted. He started late and he doesn't have a lot of longevity yet, and he wasn't as big of a draw as Rock, Austin, or even Triple H. But he's unquestionably one of the best wrestlers in the world and you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who has ever entered the business and become as good as he is, and as big a star, in such a short time.
  • Chris Jericho: right now, Dave thinks Jericho is still missing something that would take him from "very good wrestler" to "Hall of Famer." He's done it all, he's good at everything, but he's never really had a sustained run as a top guy anywhere he's been. Dave compares him to Barry Windham or Curt Hennig, guys who had similar careers and were both very good, but never were full-time top guys and as a result, neither of them got many votes and aren't in the HOF. Jericho's not there yet either.
  • Rob Van Dam: he's going to need a successful run as a top star before he can even be in the discussion. Top star of a small cult-favorite promotion doesn't mean shit in the grand scheme of things (Sabu got almost no votes when he was eligible for the same reason). And given RVD's lack of promo skills, Dave doesn't see him getting that big break any time soon (indeed, RVD never made it to the WON HOF).
  • I'ma be real you guys. This is taking a long time and I just scrolled through and there's a bunch of names on this list. I don't feel like writing out Dave's opinion for all of them. So here we go: Eddie Guerrero (not quite yet), Shocker (big star in trios matches in CMLL but not enough proof that he's a draw on his own), Rey Mysterio Jr. (unquestionably the most influential guy in the business today, but this upcoming WWE run will determine if he goes down as a legend or guy who did cool flips for a few years and disappeared), Los Infiernos (trios team in Mexico, too soon to say), La Parka (not yet), Don Frye (probably not because American voters consider him more of a shoot fighter than a wrestler), Kazushi Sakuraba (same story), Masahiro Chono (got no support in the past and his work went downhill after a neck injury in 1992, so Dave is doubtful he'll ever get the votes), Yuji Nagata (too soon to say), Naoya Ogawa (Dave calls him the Japanese Goldberg. Huge huge HUGE TV ratings draw, big mainstream name, and has headlined some big Tokyo Dome shows. But never worked full time, isn't a great wrestler, and is seen by some as unprofessional with a bad attitude. Says Ogawa was basically handed the opportunity to be a big star in the business and hasn't ever seemed to appreciate it), Satoshi Kojima (depends on how well AJPW does in the next few years. Right now, no, but he's being groomed to be a big part of AJPW's future), and finally Jun Akiyama (a few years ago, Dave would have thought he was on his way to being a guarantee, but he's had some injuries and his momentum has stopped. Dave thinks he's still missing something). And that's it. He actually has big paragraphs on each of these names to explain his reasoning but we got other stuff to do.
  • This isn't wrestling but it's a big story, so real quick: the Nevada Athletic commission suspended UFC heavyweight champion Josh Barnett for 6 months for testing positive for steroids earlier this year. It came as a surprise because most expected the commission to issue a warning and that they wouldn't begin suspending MMA fighters for steroid failures until Jan. 1, 2003, to give everyone time to start with a clean slate under the new guidelines they have. But nope. Barnett was suspended which bans him from fighting not only in Nevada, but for any promotion worldwide that is also sanctioned in Nevada, which includes PRIDE and K-1. They made it clear that if any of those promotions use Barnett during his suspension, they will lose their promotional license in Nevada. The following day, UFC officially stripped Barnett of the UFC title and it will probably be decided at UFC 39 in the fight with Randy Couture vs. Rico Rodriguez. It's thought that Barnett might have escaped punishment originally, but his manager Matt Hume represented him at the hearing and Hume was contentious and argumentative with the commission and had put out a press release beforehand criticizing the commission and its rules. Basically, instead of defending his guy for what he obviously did, he went on the attack against the commission itself and they weren't happy. Barnett himself also spoke at the hearing and denied using steroids, but he failed multiple tests for it so no one's buying it. Barnett actually came off well and everyone who witnessed it thought he should have spoken for himself rather than let Hume piss off all the people who were going to decide his fate. Dave talks about how this whole thing opens up a big can of worms for the sport of MMA going forward, but that's another paragraph for another day.
  • XWF has found a way to survive a few minutes longer. The promotion is now doing an invasion angle of sorts with WWC, to build something for the upcoming anniversary show. The tapes XWF filmed last year, featuring guys like Hogan and Curt Hennig, will air on TV in Puerto Rico over the next 5 weeks, immediately following WWC's TV show (it will also go head-to-head with IWA's first hour on TV, which might hurt their ratings, which is a bonus for WWC). This is to give the XWF names credibility so that when they "invade" WWC, fans will know who they are. And it gives WWC a boost for their anniversary show, which is needed after the recent shocking departure of Ray Gonzalez who is still expected to debut for IWA any day now but is still trying to get the legal issues cleared up to make sure he's freed from his WWC contract.
  • In a quick note from the Zero-1 promotion in Japan, Dave says that Samoa Joe has changed his name to King Joe (this doesn't last too long, he leaves the company for good before the end of the year and joins Ring of Honor).
  • NJPW is doing a tournament to revive the old NWF title, which was the main singles title in NJPW before the creation of the IWGP belt in 1983. The idea is to build this up as a "shooters" type of title and the 4-man tournament will have Kazuyuki Fujita vs. Yoshihiro Takayama (rematch from their famous PRIDE fight from last year) and Tadao Yasuda vs. Tsuyoshi Kosaka. In theory, this may lead to a unification match with the IWGP title next year, but Dave seems pretty down on this idea. For a company that is struggling with so many issues right now, not the least of which is Inoki's obsession with putting his MMA interests ahead of pro wrestling, bringing back a world title from the 70s seems like not the best idea. (Indeed, this does eventually become a big thing. Takayama wins the tournament in January 03 and loses it to IWGP champ Shinsuke Nakamura a year later in 2004 in a unification match, at which point the belt is retired again, with Shinsuke as the final champion).
  • Speaking of, Dave wonders whatever happened to the old WWF World Martial Arts title belt that Inoki presented to Mark Coleman at a PRIDE show awhile back. That was expected to lead to something, but apparently went nowhere.
  • Latest on Goldberg is that he's in negotiations to work matches in Japan. The idea right now is Goldberg would work AJPW's Budokan Hall show at the end of August but that isn't yet finalized. Goldberg's agent Barry Bloom is also one of the American producers for PRIDE so there's a lot of talks there also. Kazuyoshi Ishii of K-1 is rumored to be negotiating for a fight with Goldberg as well, but Dave says there's nothing to the rumors, it's just to drum up publicity. He may make an appearance at the upcoming PRIDE/K-1 stadium show, but Dave seems 100% confident that he's not going to do a shoot fight with anyone.
  • Ring of Honor held its 5th ever show and crowned its first champion in Philadelphia this week. Low-Ki become the first ROH champion, defeating Christopher Daniels, Spanky and Doug Williams in a four-way 60-minute ironman match that got rave reviews from those who saw it. AJ Styles successfully defended the TNA X-Division title, the first time it's been defended outside of the company. AJ was more over than ever and the crowd chanted "TNA" which means that promotion at least means something to some fans.
  • Dave also adds that ROH has gotten a local TV deal in Philadelphia and will be airing on Ch. 48 at midnights on Tuesdays starting next month. Booker Gabe Sapolsky wants to move the show to a new building, preferably the old ECW Arena nearby, but admits they would have to paper the shows a lot to fill up the crowd, plus there's at least 3 other indie companies routinely running shows there already. Dave drops a gem of a tidbit here and says that, aside from their biggest shows, ECW used to paper the Arena shows more than anyone was allowed to know. Apparently Heyman kept it pretty secret, but they evidently had more trouble than people realize when it came to filling up the ECW Arena all those years.
  • David Arquette was on Carson Daley's talk show and they were joking about Arquette being a former WCW champion. Both of them recognized how foolish it was, which Dave says is funny because to this day, Vince Russo refuses to admit it was a mistake. When Daley asked Arquette how the fans responded, Arquette was honest, saying, "They didn't like it at all. They were booing loudly." (It's 2020 and, to the best of my knowledge, I believe Russo still defends this as a good idea. Anyway, here's the footage of Arquette on the show, in a video that looks like it was beamed down from the moon in the 1960s. But Arquette is pretty funny in this and even back in 2002, he clearly understood his place in the business and seemed embarrassed to have ever been put in that position).
WATCH: David Arquette on Carson Daly's show talking WCW
  • Afa Anoa'i Jr. was listed by ESPN as one of the top defensive linemen to watch out for in the 2003 season. Afa Jr. is starting for Pitt this year and recently wrestled on one of his father's indie shows. Given that he's a member of the Anoa'i family and given that Jim Ross is still in charge of talent relations, you can be damn sure guaranteed that if Afa Jr.'s football career doesn't work out, he'll have a shot in WWE (indeed, he signs in 2006 and later becomes Manu, briefly a member of Legacy before getting kicked out and released soon after).
  • XPW is planning to run a show in Philadelphia, but they haven't applied for a license yet. Regardless, tickets are already on sale and Dave says they can just pay a local promoter to use theirs (or lie and try to leech off ROH's, but we'll get there). There's rumors that CZW fans are uniting to get as many tickets as they can, with plans of showing up to start trouble. At least the AEW/NXT war hasn't gotten that petty yet. Then again, we haven't had fans for 5 months, so who knows if it would have happened by now.
  • Colin Scotts, an Australian football player, wrote an autobiography with some Hogan-esque level lies in it. Scotts claims he was a major star in WWF in 1996 and that he wrestled Jerry Lawler at Madison Square Garden in a match that turned into a shoot. He also claims he became best friends with Hogan during that time when they were working together. So here's the real story: Scotts had a real sports background, so WWF brought him in for a look. They filmed a promo with him that never aired on TV. And they sent him to Memphis to train, but he only lasted a week before he quit. Also, Hulk Hogan was in WCW in 1996.
  • TNA is attempting to get a TV deal. Which is no surprise, they need one if they want to have any hope of surviving long-term. But for what it's worth, XWF had Hulk Hogan, Curt Hennig, and higher production values than TNA has, and they weren't able to get a deal. So....good luck.
  • The big question for TNA right now is whether they have enough money to survive the near future, and if so, for how long. PPV numbers are all over the place, of course, but Dave thinks it's possible they can maybe pull in 15,000 buys a week on average at this point. Whether that will generate enough money to keep them afloat, who knows. 15,000 buys definitely isn't enough to break even, but it might be enough to keep the losses manageable and if so, maybe they can stay alive long enough to catch a lifeline (this is exactly what ends up happening). That being said, the recent shows have been atrocious and Dave can't fathom any casual fans checking out this product and being impressed enough to pay for it again the next week.
  • We have more and more news about the shaky situation of TNA. Right now, even TNA itself has no real idea how it's doing on PPV. The only numbers they are informed about are ticket sales, and those are awful too (most of the crowds at these weekly PPV shows have been freebies, although this week there were no freebies. So they only managed to sell 700 tickets in a small building that holds double that. Imagine if the ECW Arena was half empty). Given that, the decreasing amount of star power on every show (reminder, they're splitting up Scott Hall and Ken Shamrock to work alternate weeks so they don't have to pay them both weekly), and the awful creative changes that have taken root since Russo arrived, there's a lot of concern in the locker room that this promotion is already doomed. Even with a small arena, the crowds have often been dead. There's also no video screens (budget cuts) so all the backstage stuff that happens on TV, the live fans are seeing none of it. Which basically means lots of dead air and nothing happening in the arena.
  • X-Pac's days are rumored to be numbered in WWE and Dave thinks he would be a good fit in TNA alongside Scott Hall. But, of course, X-Pac ain't gonna come cheap and TNA doesn't have two dimes to rub together right now. And even if he is let go today, WWE will enforce the 90-day non-compete so who knows what TNA's financial situation will be by then, or if they'll even still be in business (turns out X-Pac didn't have the non-compete in his deal, he shows up in TNA soon).
  • Notes from this week's TNA PPV: Dave says Russo wasn't quite as badly out of control this week as he was last week. Still a lot of the same problems though. Nearly every tag team on the show was bickering and doing that partners-that-don't-get-along gimmick, which is fine when it's one team, but it was done multiple times on the same show. They announced Jeff Jarrett was suspended for 60 days in kayfabe, only to have Ricky Steamboat overturn it before the next PPV, so Jarrett won't miss a single show. Brian Christopher attacked announcer Don West and choked him out, which you'd think would mean he's off the show for the rest of the episode, but nope, he recovered and went right on announcing the show without even mentioning it. K-Krush changed his name to his real name and added a nickname, so now he's Ron "The Truth" Killings and he cut a promo about being held back by white people only to have Monty Brown come out and defend white people and accused Truth of complaining, with Truth calling Brown an "uncle Tom." Dave thinks if this TNA thing doesn't work out, Monty Brown is gonna end up in WWE developmental quickly. He's got the look of course, but he also showed here that he's a shockingly good promo too. Dave thinks he has obvious major star potential. Disco Inferno debuted doing a Piper's Pit-style interview segment. And Shamrock vs. Sabu for the NWA title in a ladder match was a mess that was supposed to end with Sabu passing out in a submission and then Shamrock would go get the belt. That ended up not happening and Sabu never did the pass out sell and Shamrock had to somewhat improvise the finish of the match and it looked awkward as hell on TV. As a result, there's a pretty good chance Sabu won't be brought back because they blamed him for screwing it up. Pretty much all the matches sucked, actually. Even the ones with guys like Low-Ki and AJ Styles felt more like decent indie matches rather than top level performers.
  • Francine getting taken out on a stretcher last week was the last of her, evidently she's gone. As a result, Shane Douglas is likely going to be joining the company soon. Douglas refused to have anything to do with TNA as long as Francine was there, due to some falling out the two had. But now that she's gone, Douglas is said to be back in the picture but they haven't signed a deal yet.
  • Ken Shamrock may not be around too much longer either. He didn't turn out to be the big draw everyone hoped he would be for TNA and hasn't really gotten over all that well. Considering he's the 2nd highest paid guy there (behind Scott Hall), Dave expects them to get the title off him sooner than later and probably won't bring him in as often afterwards. Truth is getting the monster push right now and challenges for the belt next week and may win it (yup).
  • Various other TNA news & notes: they were working on a deal to bring in Howard Stern personality Beetlejuice for a match and would have cross-promoted it on Stern's show, but the deal fell apart. Malice recently filmed an episode of the Jenny Jones show. USA Today had a story about Toby Keith being involved in a wrestling show with Jeff Jarrett, but never mentioned the name of the promotion. Matt Striker vs. BJ Whitmer was supposed to be a dark match at the recent taping, but it got cut for time reasons.
  • Details on Monty Brown: former Division II All-American football star, wasn't drafted to the NFL, but tried out and made it onto the Buffalo Bills where he played for 3 years, including in the 1994 Super Bowl. He got cut, went to the Patriots as a free agent and made the team, but then got injured and was cut again. He tried out for the Jets, but didn't make the team. He always wanted to be a wrestler and went to an ECW show after his NFL career ended and filmed a promo for Paul Heyman, but it never aired as far as Dave knows and that was the end of that. He has been working indies in Michigan ever since until TNA came calling (he eventually makes it to ECW....sorta).
  • Jim Cornette's mother Thelma passed away this week after battling cancer. Dave tells the story of how Cornette's mom used to take him to the wrestling shows when he was still a kid where he'd write the programs and shoot photos for the magazines, which is how he got into the business. And from there, Cornette turned his mom into part of his gimmick of being a spoiled brat raised by his rich mama.
  • Kurt Angle did an interview with his local Pittsburgh newspaper about going for the 2004 Olympics. The belief of most in WWE right now is that he's not going to do it. Angle himself seems unsure, saying some days he's ready to go for it and other days, he thinks maybe he won't. Angle's wife Karen was also interviewed and said she doesn't want him to do it. She said her husband has suffered more injuries in his 3 year WWE career than he did in 20 years of amateur wrestling and noted how difficult it would be for him to be healthy enough for it. Plus, she also smartly noted that he hasn't done amateur wrestling in 6 years and if he fails in the Olympics, it could hurt his WWE career since he's a top star there and being the best wrestler in the world is his entire identity. Angle said he has to decide by the end of this year and Vince McMahon has given him the green light to do it if he wants. Dave points out the obvious: Kurt Angle in the Olympics and going for the gold would draw huge ratings for the Olympics as millions of pro wrestling fans would be watching. Plus it would bring huge publicity to WWE, to have one of their own high profile stars vying for a gold medal. And if he won, he could go back to pro wrestling as the biggest mainstream star in the business. But, as Karen Angle pointed out, all of that is a huge long shot.
  • Notes from Raw: show was built around Rock vs. Flair in Greensboro which sounds like it should have been a huge hit. Not so much. The crowd was polite for Flair and they booed the Rock, but they didn't really seem all that into it otherwise. And the reason was Flair, who seemed distracted and wasn't even close to his usual self. It was one of those matches where Flair's age showed, because they hyped this up as a guaranteed classic dream match and Ric just couldn't hang. Someone attacked Shawn Michaels and left him bloody but it was left as a cliffhanger to decide who. Most likely Triple H, but they tried to play it like it wasn't going to be. Benoit beat RVD for the IC title in the best thing on the show. The Island Boyz (still not yet called 3 Minute Warning) beat up Moolah and Mae Young. Dave says he knows they think they can take it, but it's still scary to see these elderly women taking these moves. That's pretty much it.
  • Notes from Smackdown: excellent show. Jericho vs. Edge cage match was a 4-star barnburner. They pushed new people, and the show ended with Mysterio, Edge, and John Cena in the ring and the commentators pushed those 3 hard as the future of Smackdown. You know the move where a guy is sitting on your shoulders and you drop him down backwards? That move has been around for 20 years and Dave says he's never heard a name for it, but on this show, Michael Cole called it the electric chair. Dave hereby credits Cole for finally naming that move (this just made me wonder, are there any other moves in wrestling that we've seen people do but doesn't have a known name?). Mysterio got a new entrance where he comes out from under the stage and got a huge pop and Dave likes that the presentation for him is so strong because that goes a long way towards getting people over. He and Chavo had a great match. Overall, pretty great show.
  • Various WWE notes: Kanyon was in ICU all weekend for a shoulder injury that got infected that then caused fluid in his lungs. Triple H is working backstage as an agent, helping guys put together matches (not sure if that was ever an official role, I'm sure Bruce Prichard would say it wasn't and Dave Meltzer is wrong 99% of the time and makes up lies). Pretty much everyone backstage felt Eddie Guerrero really had a star-making performance during his promo segment with Rock on Raw last week and he opened some eyes. Brock Lesnar and Jerry Lawler worked house shows for the brands they aren't on this past week, and at this point, what is even the point of the brand split? Speaking of, Raw star Triple H is scheduled to have his first match back since elbow surgery at the big Melbourne, Australia show next week and yes, why, that is a Smackdown-branded show, thank you for noticing. The "Jr." has been dropped from Rey Mysterio's name and was also told to slow down the pace of his matches and not work as much of a Lucha/WCW cruiserweight style. Then why even hire.....ah fuck it, nevermind.
  • It hasn't been made official, but everyone in WWE acknowledges that Tazz's in-ring career is most likely over. Tazz himself is pretty much resigned to it also, due to years of injuries piling up. Good news is that WWE seems happy with his performance as an announcer. (indeed, Tazz wrestled his last real match about 2 months prior to this. He has a "match" at ECW One Night Stand but really he just choked out Lawler in 30 seconds so I don't count that).
  • WWE Confidential this week had a big piece on the life of Randy Orton, with lots of clips of his father and grandfather. Talked about his time in the military, which he hated, and he went AWOL and took a bus home. He later turned himself in and spent 38 days in a military prison. Talked about how his dad brought him to a show and they had him work out in the ring with Tom Prichard. Orton had never wrestled a single match at that point, but he was immediately signed to a developmental deal. That got him a lot of resentment from others in OVW who felt like he was handed an opportunity some of them had worked years for. And, I mean....he pretty much was. They also did a feature on the time DX invaded Nitro and in WWE's latest revisionist history, this moment was painted as the big turning point in the war with WCW. Dave thinks this is a way to paint Triple H as if he was a huge, integral part of the Monday Night Wars on par with Rock and Austin, and needless to say, that ain't the case. There were a million things that led to WCW's downfall and this DX invasion isn't even one of the bigger ones. (And to this day, they still act like it was, even though it was basically just meaningless and funny at the time).
  • Shelton Benjamin's TV debut took place on Sunday Night Heat in a throwaway nothing match against Justin Credible, which is a pretty shitty way to introduce someone who's got as much potential as Benjamin. When he first started, people were talking about him like he was the next Kurt Angle with how fast he picked things up. And he and Lesnar were a tremendous tag team in OVW.
WATCH: Full episode of Sunday Night Heat (the Shelton match is in there somewhere)
  • WWE had a thing on its website where you could give feedback on Raw. By filling out the form, you also agreed to give WWE the right to use any creative idea suggested by fans. The notice said, "By submitting any submissions, whether solicited by us or not, you are automatically granting WWE a perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive, unrestricted worldwide and irrevocable right and license" to any ideas submitted.
  • According to those in the creative meetings, Steve Austin's name is never brought up and WWE is moving forward right now under the assumption that he's gone for good. So things still very icy on that front.
NEXT WEDNESDAY: XPW wrestler Messiah assaulted and has thumb cut off, legendary Portland promoter Don Owen passes away, more on TNA lawsuit and financial situation, WWE getting into the movie business, and more...
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2020.08.18 16:56 Glum-Fortune1342 Rebooking every WWE PPV part 32

Royal rumble 2003
World tag team championships Dudley boys def Booker T & goldust (c) (11:45)
Cruiserweight championship Matt hardy def the hurricane (c) (14:50)
WWE championship Kurt angle (c) def Chris Benoit (19:49)- Benoit beats big show in a #1 contender match on smackdown. He says he’s travelled the world waiting for this opportunity and he has no qualms about going through his ex-partner to climb the mountain top. Angle says he knows Benoit inside & out and he will not hesitate to break Benoit’s ankle if needs be.
World heavyweight championship Triple H (c) def Kane (17:05)- Kane assaults ric flair the night after Armageddon, raging after the loss to Batista. Trips wants revenge for his mentor and takes Kane’s knee out with the sledgehammer. Flair returns during the match, shoves the ref hits Kane in the bad knee. This is followed by a Batista bomb which allows trips to get the win.
Royal rumble match (1:01:01) notes
Chris Jericho (2) is the match’s marathon man
Brock lesnar (13) gets the most eliminations
The final four are Brock, undertaker (30), big show (20) & Batista (16)
Brock wins eliminating undertaker last
No way out 2003
Intercontinental championship Christian def Jeff Hardy (c) (16:23)
World tag team championships Lance storm & William regal def Dudley boys (c) (12:01)
Cruiserweight championship Matt hardy (c) def billy Kidman (9:31)
Six-man tag Brock Lesnar, Chris Benoit & undertaker def Kurt angle & team angle (18:45)- this match is awesome. That is all
Triple H & ric flair def Booker T & Shawn Michaels (13:22)- booker beats Michaels & Chris Jericho in a triple threat #1 contender match to face triple H at wrestlemania.
Steve Austin def Eric Bischoff (4:26)- Austin returns on the raw after the rumble only to be interrupted by Bischoff, who says he doesn’t belong there anymore after “retiring” in May. Austin wants to whoop Bischoff’s arse
The rock def hulk hogan (12:20)- both men are surprise entrants into the royal rumble. They eliminate each other and start brawling around ringside. Hogan challenges rock to this match because he wants to prove he still has it. Rock accepts then rock bottoms hogan turning heel.
Wrestlemania XIX
Cruiserweight championship Matt hardy (c) def rey mysterio (5:37)
Fatal 4 way for world tag team championships Kane & rob van dam def lance storm & William regal vs billy & Chuck vs Dudley boys (c) (12:09)
Triple threat for women’s championship Trish stratus def jazz vs Victoria (c) (7:17)
WWE tag team championships Team angle (c) def Chris Benoit & rhyno (10:48)
Shawn Michaels def Chris Jericho (22:34)- same feud irl
20 years in the making street fight Hulk hogan def Vince McMahon (20:47)- Vince cost hogan the match against the rock at no way out. After that same story irl.
Undertaker def Eddie Guerrero w/ Chavo Guerrero (19:10)- los Guerreros begin mouthing off to taker. He says he’ll make them pay for their lying, cheating & stealing ways. He starts by costing the tag belts against team angle on an episode of smackdown and beats Chavo on the go-home smackdown. He then says he’ll finish the job by adding Eddie to the streak.
Intercontinental championship Christian (c) def goldust (10:35)
World heavyweight championship Booker T def triple H (c) (17:55)- same story, but with the right result this time.
WWE championship Brock lesnar def Kurt angle (21:07)- once again, same irl
The rock def Steve Austin (17;55)- This match is announced ahead of time as the main event. Austin says he has one more match left in him and he wants it against his greatest opponent, the rock. Rock accepts because he would love to finally beat Austin in the main event of Wrestlemania.
Backlash 2003
World tag team championships Kane & rob van dam (c) def lance storm & William regal (13:16)
Cruiserweight championship Rey Mysterio def Matt Hardy (c) (14:17)
WWE tag team championships Team Angle (c) def Los Guerreros (15:03)
Women’s championship Trish Stratus (c) def jazz (5:50)
Six-man tag Booker T, Shawn Michaels & Kevin Nash def triple H, ric flair & Chris Jericho (17:51)- a lot of grudges that get settled here.
Fatal 4 way for WWE championship Brock lesnar def big show vs John cena vs undertaker (16:22)- cena & undertaker are in the middle of a #1 contender match on smackdown when big show interferes and choke slams them both. He says he did it because he wants his title rematch from losing the belt at Armageddon. All three of the other guys want revenge on big show, cena & taker for ruining their match & Brock for show stealing his manager at survivor series so this match is made.
Goldberg def the rock (13:03)- Goldberg returns on the raw after wrestlemania, interrupting a rock concert. Same feud irl
And that’s it for part 32. Come back tommorow for part 33 which will cover judgement day 2003-summerslam 2003, including Kane’s unmasking, Goldberg’s push & the rise of a certain man beast.
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2020.08.15 15:42 Glum-Fortune1342 Rebooking every WWE PPV part 29

Royal rumble 2002
Cruiserweight championship Billy Kidman (c) def Eddie Guerrero (18:24)- Chavo interferes and cost Eddie the match
Tag team championships Hardy boys def DDP & Booker T (c) (12:58)
Women’s championship Trish stratus (c) def ivory (11:47)
Intercontinental championship vs European championship unification match Edge (intercontinental champion) def mike awesome (European champion) (14:45)
Triple threat for WWE championship Hulk hogan def Scott hall vs Kevin Nash (c) (10:15)- the NWO begin infighting after starrcade. Hogan thinks he should be champ as he’s the leader of the group. Nash & Hall are both sick of being hogan’s lackies. Bischoff makes this match to resolve the tension. Hall & Nash begin distancing themselves from hogan after this match.
Royal rumble match (1:54:55)
Kurt angle (1) is the match’s marathon man
Goldberg (20) gets the most eliminations
The final four are Austin (25), Goldberg, undertaker (15) & ric flair (30)
Austin wins eliminating Goldberg last
Superbrawl 2002
Cruiserweight championship Billy Kidman (c) def Scotty 2 hotty (12:52)
Intercontinental championship Rob van dam (c) def edge (c) (18:20)
Tag team championships Hardy boys (c) def perfect event (13:15)
Goldberg def big show (5:50)
The outsiders def brothers of destruction (12:22)
WarGames match Steve Austin, Kurt angle, the rock, triple H & Chris Jericho def hulk hogan, ric flair, sting, DDP & Booker T (40:49)- the WWF continue to fight back against WCW. Bischoff is worried about the continued infighting between the WCW guys. He tells them they have to pull together to put down the WWF once and for all so he makes this match and tells hogan to pick 4 of WCW’s best and challenges Austin to pick 4 of WWF’s best. Austin accepts.
Wrestlemania 18
Note: whichever sides gets the most wins gets control of the company
Chris Jericho wins a WWF vs WCW battle royal eliminating mike awesome last (16:02)
Cruiserweight championship Billy Kidman (c) def dean malenko (12:08)
Chavo Guerrero def Eddie Guerrero (16:15)
Intercontinental championship Rob van dam (c) def Kurt angle (20:58)-Bischoff persuaded van dam to join WCW after Invasion
Fatal 4 way for tag team championships DDP & Booker T def Dudley boys vs hardy boys (c) vs APA (18:46)
Street fight Vince McMahon def Eric Bischoff (8:08)- Vince returns on the raw after Superbrawl. He tells Bischoff that Shane McMahon sold his stocks in WCW to him which means they are now partners. All four of the McMahons appear on stage United. Vince challenges Bischoff to put control of the company back on the line at wrestlemania with whichever side wins the most matches getting control of the company. Bischoff accepts if one of the matches is this street fight between he and Vince. Vince accepts. On the go-home raw the two cut scathing in-ring promos on each other in the main event slot like what happened with Vince & heyman irl
Undertaker def Goldberg (10:24)
Shawn Michaels is special guest referee Triple H & X-pac def the outsiders (11:16)- the Kliq implode!
Sting def Kane (14:46)
The rock def ric flair (24:22)
WWE championship Steve Austin def hulk hogan (c) (12:47)- the biggest star the 80s vs the biggest star of the 90s. Austin is determined to bring the WWE championship back home and repel the invasion once & for all. Hogan wants to reign supreme forever brother! After the match Vince comes down and shakes Austin’s hand as a thank you for saving his company. Austin then stunners him and says “I didn’t do it for you you dumb some of a bitch I did it so I could still have a job.”
Backlash 2002
Cruiserweight championship Jeff hardy w/Matt hardy & Lita def billy Kidman (c) (17:10)- Matt turns on Jeff & Lita post-match
Brock lesnar def dean malenko (4:05)
Tag team championships APA def DDP & Booker T (c) (14:25)
Kane def lance storm (13:17)
Triple threat for intercontinental championship Rob van dam (c) def Chris Benoit vs Kurt angle (18:22)
Women’s championship Jazz def trish status (c) (12:07)

1 contender for WWE championship

Chris Jericho def triple H (16:45)- Jericho turns heel after wrestlemania saying he’s sick of being held down by egomaniacs. Trips thinks Jericho is a whiny little bitch
WWE championship Steve Austin (c) def Kevin Nash (10:10)- Austin still wants to avenge the loss to Nash at Starrcade. Nash accepts because he wants the belt back.
And that’s it for the invasion. Come back tomorrow for part 30 which will continue to deal with the fallout of the invasion angle, covering judgement day 2002-summerslam 2002. Thanks for reading.
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2020.08.05 18:06 daprice82 Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Jul. 22, 2002

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-7-2002 1-14-2002 1-21-2002 1-28-2002
2-4-2002 2-11-2002 2-18-2002 2-25-2002
3-4-2002 3-11-2002 3-18-2002 3-25-2002
4-1-2002 4-8-2002 4-15-2002 4-22-2002
4-29-2002 5-6-2002 5-13-2002 5-20-2002
5-27-2002 6-3-2002 6-10-2002 6-17-2002
6-24-2002 7-1-2002 7-8-2002 7-15-2002
  • WWE hit the reset button again with a new storyline assigning general managers to each brand, and it featured the shocking debut of Eric Bischoff. The new storyline will have Bischoff as the heel GM of Raw, while Stephanie McMahon will be the babyface GM of Smackdown, while Vince McMahon will take more of a backseat role and reduce his TV presence. Of course, just 5 weeks ago, Vince panicked and blew up the existing "feuding GMs" storyline between himself and Ric Flair, so now we're re-starting it with new people I guess. It feels like a last-ditch effort to save the brand extension, which has been an utter flop since day one, with no effort to differentiate the shows and only resulting in diluting the talent and falling ratings.
  • Bischoff and McMahon struck a secret deal about 10 days prior to his debut. Bischoff had talks with WWE last year about coming in during the original Invasion angle, except they only wanted him to do a one-off match with Vince for the PPV (which Vince would obviously have won), but Bischoff turned down that offer. But this time, they agreed to a more long-term deal. Bischoff didn't know he was going to debut on Raw until just a day or two prior, when Vince called him and told him to be there. The whole thing was kept secret and almost no one other than Vince himself knew about it. This is believed to be a unique contract, in which it's a short-term deal with the option to renew it for longer-term if the angle gets over. His only role is as a television character, it's strictly a performance contract. Bischoff is not going to be a part of management or creative.
  • When Bischoff walked across the screen in the backstage segment, almost everyone in the company was just as shocked as the viewers at home. Bischoff's debut saw him come out and hug Vince, which Dave thinks about is the dumbest possible way to introduce him. Sure, the Invasion angle is over but WCW's corpse isn't completely cold yet. It's only been a year or so. There is probably still plenty of money to be made in Bischoff as an outsider trying to destroy Vince McMahon and the WWE. But as always, that would involve Vince allowing himself or WWE to look vulnerable against an "outsider" and his utter refusal to do that is a big part of what tanked the Invasion. But that's par for the course. Bischoff cut a promo, giving the fake "WWE version" of the Monday Night Wars history (Dave points out multiple inaccuracies that WWE still clings on today, such as claiming they stole Hulk Hogan from WWF. Of course, Hulk had been in NJPW and hadn't worked for WWF for nearly a year at the time WCW signed him. Things like that.). Dave thinks it became one of those promos full of old stuff or inside references where so much of it is about things that the average fan doesn't know or care about. Dave thinks most of this audience in 2002 isn't familiar with Alundra Blayze, they don't know Raw used to be taped instead of live, and they don't care about 83-week TV ratings streaks (Dave also notes that Bischoff said 84 on this show, which is incorrect). And once again, it became one of those promos talking about how much WWE sucks lately, which is something you don't want to keep pointing out to the fans who are still watching because you just make them feel dumb for supporting something that even the people producing it knows sucks. Shit like that is partly what drove off WCW fans. Bischoff also gloated about almost putting WWE out of business, and to the many guys in the locker room who remember that vividly, it wasn't a joke or a storyline. Those are guys who really were fighting for their job against a guy who really was trying to put them out of business. Bischoff has tremendous heat from the locker room, with a lot of people who worked for him in WCW or who resent him from the WWE side....they don't want Bischoff there.
WATCH: Eric Bischoff debuts in on WWE Raw - 2002
  • This angle was going to take place regardless, but it's thought that the injury to Kevin Nash may have moved things up a couple of weeks because Vince once again panicked when his plans went down in flames. Nash had surgery last week. Because of the location of the tear, it's not quite as serious as the tear Triple H suffered last year. But Nash is also 10 years older. However, he has vowed to return, noting he doesn't want his career to end like that. With his age and his track record of injuries (this is his 22nd surgery, dating back to his collegiate basketball days), Dave isn't sure how much Nash will be able to offer if/when he returns next year. Also, while nobody wanted Nash to get hurt, the mood in the locker room was said to be much happier this week without him around, as the whole Nash/X-Pac/Shawn/Triple H group isn't very well liked these days (the more things change...)
  • Speaking of X-Pac, a weird situation with him this week led to him being suspended by WWE. The day of the Raw when Nash tore his quad, X-Pac missed his flight to the show. Why? Well, he was hospitalized earlier that day in Minneapolis. Again, you ask, why? No idea. Sounds like X-Pac sure would like to know also. He called WWE saying he was in the emergency room and had no idea how he got there. He left the ER and made new travel arrangements and he got to Raw 90 minutes before the show started. And then he went out there that night and worked his match (and Dave says looked more impressive than he had in a long time). However, after the match, he still couldn't explain to WWE officials how or why he was in the hospital earlier that day and so they were naturally suspicious. As a result, X-Pac has been suspended and removed from all upcoming bookings until they get a medical report on what the deal is. Dave says X-Pac has been acting out of control for weeks now and it's been well-documented (threatening to quit if match finishes weren't changed week after week). The feeling backstage was that as long as Nash was around to go to bat for him, he was basically protected, but no longer. With Hall fired, Nash out for probably a year, X-Pac suspended, and Hogan a babyface, the feeling within the company is that the NWO angle is dead. Shawn Michaels is still expected to appear at upcoming house shows and Raws in some new role, since much of the advertising for those shows was based around him appearing, but this is probably the end of the road for the NWO. (This kinda flew under the radar, but yeah, X-Pac never wrestled another match in WWE. The match where Nash tore his quad remains to this day the last time X-Pac ever worked a match in a WWE ring. He gets released soon after this and we all know in retrospect that he was dealing with some drug issues throughout this time).
  • Dave provides some details on Vince Russo's first (and only) creative meeting when he was briefly rehired by WWE last month. Russo apparently proposed a Raw vs. Smackdown feud that would eventually lead to reviving one of them as WCW and reigniting the WCW vs. WWE war. This time, they would have Eric Bischoff leading the WCW side, while Russo suggested Mick Foley as the leader of the WWE side. It was pretty much made clear to Russo during the meeting that if they were to do a Raw vs. Smackdown angle, it would be Stephanie in charge of the WWE side, not Foley, and sure enough, that's what is expected to happen (but without the whole WCW-revival part). Russo's idea was pretty much a combination of the 2001 Invasion angle and the 2000 WCW Bischoff/Russo angle. Dave notes that Russo wanted to essentially start from scratch again, strip everyone of their belts the way they did in 2000, and bring in Bret Hart and Goldberg to be involved as well.
  • A big recap of UFC's debut show in England, which featured rising star Frank Mir getting beat in what should have been an upset, but word is Mir didn't take the fight seriously and barely trained. As a result, he got murked in the first round. Also, while in England, some people in Tito Ortiz's camp got into a big drunken bar brawl with fellow fighter Lee Murray. Chuck Liddell was somewhere involved too. Anyway, long story short, some people tell the story that Murray knocked Ortiz out. Ortiz denies it (to this day, this is a famous MMA story and both men tell different versions, so depending on who you believe I guess).
  • TNA's 4th show ended with a strong angle that actually got them some national publicity. It involved Tennessee Titans players Frank Miller and Zach Piller hopping the rail and attacking Jeff Jarrett and some other wrestlers, resulting in a big brawl to end the show. So how much of it was real or shoot? Well, Russo is involved, so who knows. The official story is that Jarrett and Piller were supposed to shove each other from across the rail, but that's it. From NFL sources, Dave has actually heard the same thing. It was supposed to stop at a shoving confrontation, and then Malice would come pull Jarrett away. That was the story as Russo allegedly wrote it. But reportedly, Piller had been drinking and he ended up hopping the rail and straight up overpowered Jarrett like it was nothing and took him down. Whether this was a shoot or a work is still unknown, but it ended up getting them coverage on SportsCenter and Dave says it's possible it was a work that only a few people were in on. If it was a work, nobody else was in on it. Ron Harris, who works backstage, almost rushed to the ring to save Jarrett and Malice (who wasn't supposed to touch the football players) got involved and broke it up quickly. After the show, the players were backstage laughing and joking with Jarrett and Miller has been openly telling people it was all planned and they were told to make it look as real as possible, but it's still unknown if jumping the rail and tackling Jarrett was part of the plan or not. Several other Titans players were at ringside with them and saw it unfold, but mostly didn't get involved. So now after the publicity, TNA is trying to see if they can make a match out of this. Either way, it's starting to feel like an elaborate work that none of the rest of the roster was clued in on, which is exactly the kind of shit Russo used to do constantly in WCW that soured morale among the locker room, and for this to happen on Russo's first night in, with an angle he wrote, sure feels a little familiar.
WATCH: Tennessee Titans/TNA brawl
  • Puerto Rico's IWA had its most successful show in company history, drawing more than 11,000 fans (without a single WWE name on the card) to see the payoff of an angle with Savio Vega fighting for control of the company. WHO SAID SAVIO AIN'T A DRAW?!
  • On the other side of things, WWC has postponed its anniversary show from August to September in order to give themselves more time to build up big angles and storylines. Seems like something they probably should have been planning earlier? IWA has become the dominant promotion in Puerto Rico and WWC felt they didn't have the build-up necessary to do a big-money show right now. Especially after this IWA show did such big business, anything less would be an embarrassment.
  • Bischoff's debut on Raw was a pretty big hit. How big, you ask? During Bischoff's in-ring promo after his debut, Raw added nearly 1.1 million new viewers from the previous segment. Meaning that as soon as Bischoff walked across the screen backstage, tons of wrestling fans started calling their friends telling them, "Holy shit, Eric Bischoff is on Raw, turn it on!" The bad news is that as soon as Bischoff's promo was over, a lot of them tuned right back out, leading to a huge drop-off for the rest of the show. On the flip side, this week's Smackdown, featuring the heavily-hyped return of The Rock ended up being the 7th lowest rated episode of the show in history (4th if you don't count holidays). Rock's not a draw, bet he won't even be in the business in a couple more years.
  • Kenta Kobashi is finally back in the ring, wrestling undercard prelim tag matches for NOAH. Even though he's in tags and doing limited in-ring work, his knees are said to be already killing him and one of them totally locked up on him after one of his recent matches. But he still hasn't missed any dates.
  • NJPW announced that Kensuke Sasaki will face Pancrase star Minoru Suzuki at the Tokyo Dome in October. This match was actually planned for the big Tokyo Dome show back in May, but negotiations fell apart because Pancrase didn't like the idea of Suzuki doing a worked pro-wrestling match. Suzuki started his career in NJPW back in 1988 and was being groomed to be a big star for the company, but he quit and joined UWF because he preferred to work shoot-style matches. In 1993, he and a few other guys all started Pancrase, which he's been doing ever since. These days, Suzuki's days of fighting for them at a top level are over and he usually only competes against nobodies or in catch wrestling (grappling and submission only, no striking). Anyway, for those curious, this didn't happen. Not sure why yet, I haven't gotten that far, but Suzuki doesn't return to NJPW until 2003.
  • Goldberg is said to be leaning very much against going to WWE anytime soon and is instead eyeing his options of working big shows in Japan. He's contemplating an offer to make an appearance at Toryumon's show in Tokyo in September, but only an appearance. He doesn't plan to wrestle until later in the year (don't think the Toryumon appearance happens, but he does end up working a few matches in Japan here soon).
  • Bret Hart is still hoping to make his scheduled appearance for Jacques Rougeau's upcoming indie show in Montreal. If you recall, Rougeau's big show there last year drew over 11,000 fans and he's got himself another big stadium to fill this year and Bret was expected to be the biggest draw. Whether he'll be healthy enough to make the show, following his recent stroke, remains to be seen but he's determined to try. As of this week, Hart is able to lift his left arm over his head. Just a week ago, he couldn't move it at all. His grip strength is also coming back and he's able to walk short distances. His vocal cords were also damaged but have started strengthening again and he's able to talk again (though he can't cut a wrestling promo yet, Dave says, so he might not be doing much other than coming out and waving to the crowd if he does make it). He's still having some vision problems also, but not too bad all things considered.
  • Dave says that "no matter what you may hear," a lot of people involved in TNA behind the scenes are very unhappy about Vince Russo being brought in. He also says that a lot of people associate Russo and Ed Ferrara together, but they actually had a major falling out awhile back and hadn't been on speaking terms until now. When it became clear Russo was coming back, Ferrara reached out to Russo and the two sides made up. He goes on record saying for sure that neither Mike Tenay or Bill Behrens are happy about Russo's arrival, among others, but says everyone is being professional.
  • Notes from TNA Weekly PPV: Crowd of about 1,500, only about half paid. Dave says it was easily the best of the 4 shows they've had so far. About 85% of it was written and booked by Jerry Jarrett and the original writing team before Russo was hired, but Russo did make some changes. Dave says some people are beginning to get tired of Don West on commentary already and he definitely brings a ton of enthusiasm (but nothing else, Dave adds) to the table. During the Ken Shamrock vs. Omori match, the crowd was distracted by one of the cage dancers near the entrance who was apparently showing her ass to the crowd. Former WCW wrestler Crowbar (real name Chris Ford) worked a tag match under the name Tempest and Dave notes that when Ford worked a try-out match for WWE awhile back, he also signed over the name Crowbar to them when he did (guessing Dave is mistaken about this. He never used the name Crowbar in TNA, but he's been using it everywhere else ever since for the last 18 years). Brian Christopher is now going by his real name, Brian Lawler, and cut a promo on Jerry Lawler about being a bad father. It got a lot of heat but now they've made fans want to see a match that they can't deliver. K-Krush faced NASCAR driver Hermie Sadler and got DQ'd. Dave says Krush was absolutely awesome here, actually carrying Sadler to a watchable match. Sadler was awful of course, but the Gayda/Stratus match from Raw was light years worse, so hey, who cares? TNA tried to bring in Hermie's more famous older brother Elliott Sadler, but that fell through because Elliott has some type of affiliation with WWE, though Dave isn't sure what (I did the research and apparently Elliott drove a Summerslam-themed car during a race around this time, so I assume that's it).
  • More notes from TNA Weekly PPV, since this recap is huge and big, unbroken paragraphs suck: Mark and Jay Brisco worked a brief match until Malice ran in and destroyed everyone (Dave says this was a Russo addition to the show. Dave also says the Briscos will be great some day and notes that on this show, the announcers lied and said both of them are 18, when in fact, Mark Brisco is still 17 and therefore not even allowed to wrestle in many commission states). Former porn star and ECW valet Jasmine St. Claire debuted and gave Jeremy Borash a lap dance, took off her underwear, and was about to strip nude until a big angle stopped it. And yes, in case it wasn't obvious, this was another Russo addition. AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn are the tag team champions and ended up in a big brawl backstage. If you've been paying attention to the show the last 2 weeks, you would have recognized that they were doing a slow build with these two partners having friction, but Russo convinced Jarrett to hurry up and pull the trigger on the split, so here we are. Dave thinks this had no impact at all because it felt completely rushed, the story hadn't progressed far enough yet for these two to already be coming to blows. Another interview with the Dupps saying "shit" repeatedly was, yes, another Russo addition. Try not to cut yourself on all this edginess. Shamrock vs. NOAH star Takao Omori ended in a no contest because of politics. Shamrock was supposed to win clean, but then NOAH decided they didn't want Omori to do a job, so this is what we got. Dave thinks TNA should have said screw them then and just not used Omori because it's not like TNA's fanbase knows who the fuck he is anyway. Omori was said to have been spaced out all day beforehand and looked bad in the match. Crowd didn't care and they pumped in a ton of fake crowd noise for it. Jeff Jarrett ran in and took everyone out with chair shots, including "NWA rep" Harley Race, who ate a brutal unprotected chair shot to the head from Jeff and Dave thinks that's not good for anyone's brain, especially a guy pushing 60. Race was there basically to help Omori since Harley's small promotion in St. Louis has a relationship with NOAH. And finally, the 6-man X-Division #1 contenders match was excellent. Dave thinks WWE really missed the boat on Jerry Lynn and K-Krush. He admits Lynn probably couldn't have ever been a top guy in WWE or anything, but he makes everybody he wrestles look like a million bucks and guys like that are priceless to have on your roster. They also pumped a bunch of crowd noise in for this match, and at one point, the fake crowd noise loop stopped and there was a moment where it went from a loud roaring crowd to dead silence in a blink. Also, a fight in the stands distracted the crowd near the end. But great match otherwise. Show ended with the Titans players angle.
  • In other news, The Shane Twins have been working as the masked penis wrestlers The Johnsons in TNA but the penis aspect of it has been played down to almost nothing. Upcoming plans were for the team to unmask and revert back to the Shane Twins, but when Russo came aboard, that plan got scrapped and they will remain The Johnsons for now. Because dammit, Russo will get to make penis jokes on TV or he's going to die trying.
  • Many of the key names in TNA (Shamrock, AJ Styles, Jerry Lynn, Mike Tenay, among others) have now signed 1-year contracts. Scott Hall was rumored to have also signed a 1-year deal, but Hall is telling people it's not true and he's only committed for 4 more dates. Low-Ki is signed through the end of the year.
  • At the recent K-1 vs. PRIDE show, there was a huge upset when PRIDE fighter Quinton Jackson knocked out Cyril Abidi, one of the top kickboxers in the world. The "plan" was for Abidi to win and then go on to a bigger money match with Don Frye, but that's what happens when you try to plan things around a shoot.
  • And I'm sorry, I know this ain't an MMA recap, but this is too good: at the UFC press conference for the UK show this week, Dana White showed up with a bag filled with $250,000 in cash and challenged UK boxing promoter Frank Warren to put up any fighter in his stable and White would find a UFC fighter of the same weight to fight him, winner takes all the money. If you recall, Warren made some statements a few weeks back calling UFC fighters unskilled steroid freaks and claiming that his boxers could beat any of them in a real fight. So Dana showed up with a whole bag of cash, doing Dana things.
  • Notes from Raw: Vince came out to the NWO music and said that's the last time we'll ever hear it and that the NWO is dead, so as expected, that's it for that gimmick. Tommy Dreamer is back to his old ECW gimmick and is already 1000x more over than the jobber-eating-gross-stuff gimmick WWE gave him. There was a Coach/Booker T segment backstage which is when Eric Bischoff walked through the shot, leaving everybody with their mouths hanging open, and then his promo. Another hype video for Rey Mysterio debuting on Smackdown next week. Former WCW wrestler and recent developmental guy Johnny The Bull made his Raw debut winning the hardcore title, and Dave is baffled how he got the call up because he's one of the worst guys they have in developmental and is nowhere near ready. But it's all about how he looks. Undertaker & Lesnar beat RVD & Flair in the main event and afterward, Lesnar turned on Undertaker in a good angle, though Dave doesn't have high hopes for the inevitable match.
WATCH: Rey Mysterio debut vignette
  • Notes from Smackdown: it was a pretty bad show and for a pretty surprising reason. It was all built around Rock and he was awful. Rather than trying to sell a PPV, he came off like he was trying too hard to be a funny, "cool" guy and became a parody of himself. Dave is a huge Rock fan and thinks it was painful. He did a big in-ring promo segment with rapper Busta Rhymes that was just an elaborate plug for his new Halloween: Resurrection movie ("coming out in July?" Dave asks incredulously and, right, wtf?). Even Rock using Angle's own ankle lock against him at the end of the show looked hilariously fake and Dave has no interest in the Rock/Angle match at Vengeance after this show. Edge & Hogan defending the tag titles was a super heated match and Dave can't understand it. The live crowds are still nuclear hot for Hogan, but it's not translating at all into TV ratings or ticket sales. But man, the people who do buy tickets sure do love him. They seem to be slow-burning a Randy Orton heel turn. The Nidia segment at the buffet was great and Dave thinks they may have stumbled across a pretty great gimmick with her.
WATCH: The Rock & Busta Rhymes Smackdown segment
  • The crew got a little backstage pep talk before Raw this week, mostly given by the agents (John Laurinaitis, Arn Anderson, and Fit Finlay) as well as Triple H. In particular, Triple H talked about there being too many people in the locker room who think they deserve a push ahead of the newer guys because they've been there longer. He said too many guys are sitting back waiting for someone to give them a push rather than breaking out from the pack and earning the push. He said he got over on his own when management was trying to hold him down after the MSG curtain call incident. Said too many guys are being lazy, playing cards and playing video games backstage rather than watching the matches and learning. He said just because you've had a few good matches on TV doesn't mean you know how to work or deserve a push, and also said everyone needs to work harder at house shows because attendance is down and it was guys like him who worked hard to re-build the company the last time business was down. Needless to say, for a locker room full of people who feel like they bust their asses only to get their legs cut off and hit a glass ceiling (often at the hands of the same guy giving the speech), this went over just about as well as you'd expect with the rest of the locker room. Not that anything Triple H said is wrong. Dave agrees with most of it. But considering who the messenger was, it was not well-received.
  • Lots of backstage talk about last week's Bradshaw/Trish Stratus vs. Chris Nowinski/Jackie Gayda match, which was among the worst matches anyone has seen in years. Fit Finlay is the usual trainer and agent for the women and usually goes over their matches and spots with them, but in this case, Sgt. Slaughter put together this match. Gayda missed a few spots early in the match and seemed to panic and it all fell apart from there. Backstage, she was fully aware of how bad it was and was said to be extremely upset. There's been talk of sending her down to OVW for more training, but she'll probably still be on TV because she's fresh off winning Tough Enough.
  • Steve Austin hasn't had any contact with anyone in WWE except for Jack Lanza, who was the agent Austin often worked with for his matches. All that's known now is Austin told Lanza he's still training hard and Lanza felt like he's getting antsy sitting at home and may be ready to return already (I think he's got bigger problems at home). But Austin and Vince still have not spoken and there's still a lot of bad feelings there.
  • In light of recent events, Dave digs up the transcript from an old Prodigy online chat from 1996, in which Eric Bischoff was asked if he would ever work for Vince McMahon. His response: "I would rather chew off my fingers."
  • Writer Brian Gewertz reportedly has some heat over Raw's declining ratings. The problem is, no matter who it is (Gewertz, Heyman, Russo, or even Stephanie), the final approval for everything you see on television comes down to Vince McMahon. He deserves the credit when it's good and the blame when it's bad, end of story. It's a common occurrence for Vince to rip up a script and tell the writers to come up with something new, so any bad segment that makes it to TV is on him, and resulting in lots of last minute changes. Some people are even blaming Gewertz for Kevin Nash's recent injury because Gewertz wrote the match into the script the day of the show, so Nash wasn't even aware he was going to be wrestling until a couple hours before they went on the air and I guess he didn't have time to properly stretch and get ready, and ended up tearing his quad 10 seconds in. Same thing with Cena's debut, that was a day-of decision, and luckily Cena was already on the road with the crew working dark matches, so he was available. But again, Dave says you can't blame Gewertz for either of those things because, once again, it's Vince who is constantly changing his mind and forcing last minute rewrites and whatnot every week. How is Gewertz or any other writer supposed to build long-term stories under those conditions? (Man, this sure feels familiar)
  • Latest on DDP, he and wife Kimberly are planning on moving from Atlanta to Los Angeles to try their hand at acting careers. They've both saved a lot of money from their years in wrestling and can afford to take a chance on this kind of thing I guess. (DDP has done a handful of acting roles, mostly in the mid-00s, but obviously nothing of note. And Kimberly Page did a few movies, including a starring role with DDP in a movie called The Scam Artist that I can't find anywhere, and of course, her most famous role as "chick who's tit fell out" in The 40 Year Old Virgin).
  • Randy Orton suffered a concussion in a house show match with Batista. Orton was trying to sell a clothesline by flying in the air and taking a big flat back bump, but hit his head on the mat coming down and was knocked unconscious. He should be back in a week or so though, because it's not like concussions are serious injuries or anything. EMT's helped him out of the ring and he walked to the back under his own power but he was knocked clean the fuck out for a bit there.
  • This week's episode of WWE Confidential featured Big Show and Bradshaw playing a game of HORSE with the winner "getting a shot to sexually harass Linda Miles." So obviously they're out of ideas for this show. (Yeah JBL is on some full-blown Jerry Lawler shit with Miles here).
WATCH: JBL perving on Linda Miles for 5 minutes under the guise of playing basketball
  • John Cena is still finishing up in OVW and working the upcoming big Six Flags show in Louisville. Despite being a big babyface on TV, he's still a heel in OVW and is playing a gimmick where his main roster success is going to his head.
  • The New York Daily News ran a story on the "Sex, Lies & Headlocks" book that is coming out soon about Vince McMahon and noted several revelations in the book, such as Vince being paranoid about his office being bugged in 1993 prior to the steroid trial and how he wouldn't sit or talk near windows because he thought the FBI was listening in. It also talked about how Vince gave a job interview to Matt Lauer to host the WBF Bodystars show but didn't think Lauer had the right look, among other things. When asked for comment, WWE responded "No one in WWE has any interest in reading it. No one cares to." Dave says that's 2002 carny talk for, "Can you get us an advance copy?"
NEXT WEDNESDAY: Raw appears to turn a corner (lol no), WWE making major cutbacks and severing developmental ties, TNA also making major budget cuts, WWE Vengeance fallout, and more...
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2020.08.03 00:59 AEWPunk525 Rebooking WWE throughout the 2010's. Part 26/2

Raw is up next and we start out with CM Punk in the ring, he says that for the first time in his career, he felt the Claymore, and it was the hardest hit he has ever taken, but Punk says that it doesn’t matter, he says many times before he has faced men like Drew McIntyre, and Wrestlemania will be no different. Punk says he is going to go into Wrestlemania, and he is going to show Drew McIntyre that he is just another challenger. Punk says that Drew can hit him with as many of those Claymore kicks as he wants, but it will not work. CM Punk holds up the WWE Championship and he says that after Wrestlemania, everyone will still see this image, along with Drew McIntyre sprawled out across the ring mat. Drew McIntyre goes for a surprise Claymore Kick, but Punk dodges the kick and he hits a roundhouse Kick on Drew and then he hits a GTS on Drew and he stands over Drew. Next up we have Tyelr Reks come to the ring, he says that he is done waiting, he says that if the Undertaker is truly in the building tonight then he will come out and face Tyler Reks like a man. Tyler waits a minute, and the Undertaker does not come out. Reks laughs and he says the Undertaker shouldn’t call himself the Deadman, because it is obvious he is not a man, and he knows that if he steps in the ring with Tyler Reks, he will be just what he is, dead. Tyler then leaves the ring, but we hear a gong, Tyler gets back in the ring, and the Undertaker actually does make his entrance down to the ring. Undertaker gets in the ring and he has his mic, him and Tyler stare each other down in the middle of the ring as the Undertaker's music ends. Undertaker asks Tyler Reks if he prides himself on his destruction, Tyler chuckles and he says that of course he does. Undertaker looks at the Wrestlemania sign and he says good, because there, at Wrestlemania 28, your soul will be mine, and I will take it inside of Hell in a Cell. Tyler laughs at the Undertaker, and he says that he will have no hope inside the Cell and he will end up just like Cody Rhodes. Undertaker then unexpectedly hits the Chokeslam on Tyler, and he leaves the ring. Tyler gets right back up and he looks at the Undertkaer who is on the outside of the ring. Tyler says to the Undertaker that at Wrestlemania, the Undertaker is his. Next up we see AJ in the back, she is questioned about her Wrestlemania match. AJ says that she looks forward to it, she says that if Michelle still thinks she can control this division, then she is wrong, AJ says that at Wrestlemania, the bully is going to get bullied. AJ then walks away. Next up we have Cody Rhodes in the ring, he says that he meant absolutely no disrespect towards Sting two weeks ago, he says that he knows Sting will be an incredible challenge at Wrestlemania, but coming off of the toughest rvalry of his life with the IC Championship, Cody feels like he can do anything. We then hear the noise of a crow and the lights go out, they come back on and we see Sting and Cody Rhodes face to face, Sting holds out his hand, and a stunned Cody Rhodes shakes his hand and tells him that it is nice to meet him. We then hear the crow again, and when the lights come back on, we just see Cody again. Next up we see Sheamus in the back and he says that last week he heard exactly what Daniel Bryan said last week, and all he could do was laugh, Sheamus asks if anyone really thinks that a little man like that could defeat the Celtic Warrior? Sheamus calls Daniel Bryan pathetic and he walks away. Finally up next we see the Rock come out and he says that two weeks ago he heard John Cena call him a liar, and it just made him more furious. Rock then says that he knows Cena is in the back, he tells Cena not to come out. Rock says that if Cena comes out, then the Wrestlemania main event will be ruined, and he knows WWE banked a lot on this. Rock says that he hates being called a liar, he then says that if the people do not believe him, then look no further than the late nineties and early two thousands. Rock says he gave his blood sweat and tears for the people, he called himself the Peoples Champion for a reason, the Rock says that he always loved the People, and he remembers the good times he had back then, he thinks about them everyday. Rock says that back then he enjoyed his fueds with the greats like the Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Game Triple H, The Immortal Hulk Hogan. Rock says he enjoyed those matches, and he won them. Rock says that Wrestlemania 28, he will win, mark his words, but it is not about that, it is about destroying John Cena, and FINALLY after all these years, beating some respect into that punk ass of his. Rock looks in the camera, and he says to John Cena that he better keep his mouth shut until Wrestlemania, because if not, it may just well be his last night on this Earth. Rock then leaves the ring and Raw goes off the air.
Smackdown comes up next and we see Chris Masters come to the ring, he grabs a microphone and he says Chris Jericho, he then asks WWE if they are serious, they are taking someone who has never been US Champion before and placing him against the very best United States Champion that ever lived. Chris Masters says that it is absolutely absurd, and that this will be the easiest challenge yet. Chris Jericho then comes out and he says that Masters really needs to learn some respect. Jericho says that in the past, he may have not been the most likable person, and he said some stuff to some people that could be considered a little mean, or maybe even rude, but he at least had respect for those people, Masters does not. Jericho then says that he remembers all the stuff Masters said about the late great Curt Hennig a few months ago to his own son. Masters then says, so what of it, he’s dead. Jericho then tells Masters that a long time ago in WCW Jericho messed up his Lionsault, and he was going to break his neck, and it is likely his career would have been over before it even started, but he was saved, and not just by anyone, but by Curt Hennig. Jericho says that ever since then he loved and respected Curt, Jericho says that sometimes he still likes to talk to Curt an dhe likes to thank him for what he did all those years ago. Masters then calls Jericho pathetic, he says that Curt Hennig should have let Jericho break his neck, that way we would have an open spot on the roster now, that wasn’t taken up by a useless has been, who hasn’t even won the US Championship. Jericho says that Masters is right, he hasn’t won the US Championship before, even though he has tried time and time again, but he says that he is the opposite of Chris Masters in the fact that the US Champiosnhip is the only title he hasn’t won, as to where it is the only championship that Masters has won, and in six years he has only won it once. Jericho says now that is pathetic. Masters gets in Jericho's face. Jericho says that he better save his energy for Wrestlemania, because Jericho looks to lock in the LionTamer, break the neck of Chris Masters, and complete his title collection. Jericho drops the mic and he walks out of the ring and leaves. Next up we see Randy Orton in a match against Rey Mysterio. Orton is able to win after a while, but after the match, he is attacked by Christian who hits the Killswitch. Christian then backs up into the corner and goes for a Punt of his own, but Orton rolls out of the ring and escapes Christian. Next up we see Wade Barrett in the back, he says that Justin Gabriel is right about a couple things, the first is that he does not hat Justin, the second is that they are super competitive and will fight until they cannot fight any longer, Wade says that however Justin left out two things, one Wade has been competing with the other main eventers and beating them regularly, so he is used to this platform and sure Justin was a great US Champion, but that will not cut it at Wrestlemania. And two Wade is fighting for more than the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania, he is fighting for respect, the respect that he has lost. Wade says at Wrestlemania, he is expecting a fight from Justin, but it is nothing he hasn’t overcome before, he says that he wishes Justin luck, both during the match, and after when he is regaining his consiousness. Wade then leaves the area. Finally we see Miz and Riley in the ring. Miz says that him and Riley have already signed the contract, and now it is time for Big Show and his “Partner” to sign the contract. Big Show comes walking out and he goes down to the ring, and he signs the contract. Miz asks Big Show where his partner is. Riley asks if he ate him. Big Show says that no he did not eat him, and he says that he is glad that the Miz asked. Big Show yells for his partner to get out here. We then hear the music of Kane, who marches down to the ring, gets in and signs the contract. Big Show then thanks Miz for signing, and then he and Kane hit Chokeslams on the two men. Smackdown then goes off the air.
Raw is up next and we start out with Tyler Reks coming to the ring, he says that this year has been full of brutality, he says that he destroyed people like Cody Rhodes and Sheamus. Reks says people fear the Undertaker, they crack under the pressure and they choke while facing him at Wrestlemania, Reks says, not him, he will kill the Deadman inside of Hell in a Cell at Wrestlemania. Reks says to Undertaker, that this grave will hold his body down. Reks drops the mic and he leaves the ring. Next up we have John Cena come out to the ring, and he says that of course he heard the Rock last week, he was in the building with him, like the Rock said, and no he did not come out, because the Rock actually had a point, WWE invested a lot in Wreslemania, and Cena says he did not want to ruin Wrestlemania by coming out last week, and injuring the Rock. Cena says that with that being said, he still has some stuff to say, he says he stands by his point, the Rock is a liar, he always was and still is. Cena says if Rock was truly compassionate about these fans then he would have stayed, Cena says not to give him that better opportunity bullsh*t. Cena says that in his time, he has done some movies, meanwhile he barely missed any time in WWE or on Monday night Raw. Cena says that the Rock got a few deals, and then well it was bye bye for the Rock. Cena says that at Wrestlemania he will be the one who truly fights for the fans, because at the end of the day the day after Wrestlemania, the Rock moves on and continues filming movies, as for John Cena, well he comes out the next night on Raw to compete. Cena says that WWE is his life, it is all that he has. And at Wrestlemania he proves it by beating the Rock within an inch of his life. Cena leaves the ring, next up we see a graphic saying that the Rock will be on Raw next week. Next up we see Michelle McCool in the back, she is asked about her Wrestlemania match. Michelle says that it is a must win for her, she says that no matter what, she has to win and beat AJ to regain the Women’s Championship. Michelle says once that happens, then it is back to ruling the division, and she says that she heard AJ, and like AJ, she will allow anyone to challenge her for her Women’s Championship. Next up we see Daniel Bryan in a match with JTG, he beats up JTG, and does well against him, and makes him tap out. After the match, Bryan asks what the time was, it was 6:13. Bryan then challenges Sheamus to a beat the Clock challnege, he wants to see if Sheamus can beat that challenge next week on Raw. Sheamus comes out and he accepts the match. Next up we see Sting out in the ring, he says that last week was all in good fun, but he did want to prove something to Cody, and that is how quick he can strike, he says that he easily could have hit Cody with the Death drop but he didn’t, he says that he likes Cody, and Cody is very good in the ring, but he needed a reality check, and Sting says that he wanted to give him one. Cody comes out and he stands on the stage, he says that perhaps Sting was right, cody did need a reality check, and he got one, now however it is time for Sting to get his, and at Wrestlemania he will get that reality check when he loses the match. Cody tells Sting that he should be ready for that. Finally we see CM Punk come out, he says that he hopes last week, Drew got the message, and that message is that it is not going to be so easy at Wrestlemania, and the fact of the matter is, is that Punk will hit another GTS on Drew at Wrestlemania and he will retain his championship. Drew comes out and he stares a hole through Punk to close the show.
Smackdown is next up and we start out by seeing Christian come out to the ring, he grabs a mic he says that last week was funny, he said that it was funny to see Randy Orton get a taste of his own medicine, Christian says that is not the end of it however, he says he will connect with a Punt kick to Randy Ortons Skull at Wrestlemania, he tells everyone to just watch. Randy Orton then comes out and he says that he dares Christian to try it again, he dares him to, because if he does, he will get another Punt to the skull, and he will be taken out for good. Christian dares Orton to come and try something. Orton walks to the ring, and he gets there, but after that he ends up walking away. Christian laughs at him as he does so. Next up we have a match between the Big Show and the Miz. Miz tries to work on the leg of the Big Show, but it just leads to Miz getting a big leg dropped on him. Big Show then picks Miz up and he hits the Chokeslam on Miz for the victory. Next up we see Gabriel in the back, he says that he heard Wade Barrett last week, and he took everything that he said under consideration, and he says that he still thinks that at Wrestlemania he will be able to hit the 450 and beat Wade Barrett to become World Heavyweight Champion, Justin does say however, good luck to Wade, and he hopes that he can recover well from this. Finally we have a match between Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio. Jericho does really well throughout this match, but the match does not end, as we have Chris Masters come out and put Jericho in the Master Lock. Jericho soon passes out, and Masters throws him to the ground, and wipes his boots onto Jericho to close out the show.
On the go home Raw we see Tyler Reks come out, he calls out the deadman, he says that he wants to see him before Wrestlemania, and he heard a rumor that the Undertaker was in the building tonight, so Tyler Reks tells him to get on out here, so he can come face to face with his destruction. We then hear the gong, and the Undertaker comes down to the ring. Undertaker says that this Sunday we will have an end one way or another, we will have an end to the animalistic Tyler Reks, or we will have an end to the streak. Undertaker walks up to Tyler Reks, and he says that he knows that the streak will not end. Tyler says that he knows the Deadman is wrong. Tyler says the brutality stops for no one, not even the Phenom. Tyler says that Sunday at Wrestlemania he is going to step in the ring with something he has never experienced, and it will cost him big. Both men pause for a second and Tyler Reks gets caught by the Undertaker, who looks to Chokeslam Tyler. Tyler is able to reverse and hit Burning Hammer on the Undertaker. Tyler exits the ring and the Undertaker sits up in the middle of the ring and stares at Tyler Reks. Next up we have Michelle McCool come to the ring to have a match with Layla in a Wrestlemania rematch. Layla puts up a great fight, but Michelle is determined, and she takes everything Layla has. Michelle hits the Faith Breaker on Layla and she wins the match. Afterwards AJ Lee stands atop the ramp and holds up her Championship. Next up we have Sheamus come to the ring and try to beat Daniel Bryans time. Sheamus is able to beat up JTG, but he hits the Brogue Kick just a few seconds too late, and he loses the challenge. Daniel Bryan comes out afterwards, and he laughs at Sheamus, and tells Sheamus that he should be ashamed of himself, and after Wrestlemania, he should be even more ashamed when he has to tap out. Daniel then leaves. Next we see Sting backstage and he says that he heard Cody last week loud and clear, and nothing has changed. Sting says that Cody needs another reality check, but he isn’t going to just appear before him, he is going to beat him and take his title from him, this Sunday at Wrestlemania. Sting says that he expects a fight, and he expects a good one, but he will not lose this Sunday. Next up we have Drew McIntyre come out, he says that he just wants to give some closing thoughts on Wrestlemania, he says that he hopes that Punk truly did learn some things while he was away, because he is going to need everything he can get just to survive this Sunday, and Drew does mean survive, because Punk has no shot at winning. Drew says he will be appearing next Monday night as your new WWE Champion. Finally we have the Rock come out and he says that almost one year ago, John Cena challenged him to this match. Rock said that he was glad to accept, because all this time he wanted to kick John Cenas ass, now FINALLY this Sunday at Wrestlemania 28, he gets that chance, and he says that he is taking it. Rock says that he would wish John Cena luck this Sunday, but truthfully, he doesn’t give rats ass what happens to Cena this Sunday. John Cena then comes out, he looks at the Rock and he says this ends Sunday. Cena says that he is not talking about this year long build, he is not talking about their rivalry, he is talking about the Rock and all of his lies that he tells to the WWE Universe. Rock gets in Cenas face and we can see that both men are shaking with anger. Rock asks Cena what he is saying. Cena calls him a liar. Rock can’t take it anymore, he attacks Cena, and starts punching him in the face, he beats up Cena for a second, before going for the Rock Bottom, Cena reverses into the AA and he hits it. Rock is laying on the ground as Cena looks at him with a look of disgust on his face. Rock is squirming around, and Cena picks him up and takes him to the corner, he punches Rock in the face a few times and he lifts him to the top rope, Cena then gets up and hits an Avalanche AA on the Rock. Cena stands over the motionless Rock to close the show.
The go home Smackdown is up next and we start out with Alex Riley vs Kane. Kane looks dominant throughout the match, and he hits Riley with a chokslam, and surprisingly Riley kicks out. Kane then goes for a Tombstone, but Miz breaks it up, and saves Riley, Big Show comes down to the ring, and we see a staredown between Kane, Big Show, Miz and Riley. Next up we see Wade Barrett in a match against Randy Orton, with both Gabriel and Christian on commentary. Wade Barrett is able to win the match, and he grabs a mic and asks Justin what he thinks, and he asks him if he really thinks that he can stand a chance this Sunday, then out of nowhere Randy Orton hits his RKO, and looks like he is going to Punt Barrett, but Christian attacks and stops Orton. Christian goes for the Killswitch, but Orton hits the RKO, by now Gabriel is in the ring, and Barrett is getting up, so Orton makes his escape. We then see Barrett and Gabriel have a staredown. Barrett holds his belt up, and we see Gabriel just look at it for a minute, before looking back at Wade. Finally we have a match between Chris Masters and Rey Mysterio, the match goes back and forth for a while, before Chris Jericho gets involved and attacks Masters. Jericho goes for his Codebreaker, but Masters is able to push him off, and then hit the Master Lock Slam. Masters takes a mic, and he tells Jericho he is a washed up has been, and that the stupid idiot, will not be winning this Sunday. Masters then spits on Jericho and holds up his Championship to close the show.
Wrestlemania 28
  1. Daniel Bryan makes Sheamus tap out
  2. Chris Jericho wins the US title from Chris Masters (Makes Masters tap)
  3. AJ Lee retains her Women’s Championship against Michelle McCool
  4. Christian defeats Randy Orton (Punts Orton)
  5. Kane and Big Show win the Tag Team titles from Miz and Riley (Big Show pins Miz)
  6. Sting wins the IC Championship from Cody Rhodes
  7. A bloody Undertaker defeats Tyler Reks
  8. Justin Gabriel wins the World Heavyweight title from Wade Barrett (The two hug after)
  9. CM Punk retains his WWE title against Drew McIntyre
  10. Rock defeats John Cena
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2020.07.30 06:04 TheRV1HD SPOILERS Included - AEWs Storytelling Masterpiece

What I liked about AEW is this simmering multi layered storyline that we have going on right now that makes you wonder who is going to turn on who? Let's break down AEWs current big storyline and why it's working so well.
Tonight on AEW Dynamite Cody faced off against Warhorse for the TNT Championship. During the match there were portions were Cody showed heel tenancies and this frustrated his coach, Arn Anderson. Following the match they were attacked by the Dark Order only for Matt Cardona to debut and aid his friend, Cody. Later in the evening the Dark Order then lost to Hangman Page and Kenny Omega before the entire Dark Order rushed the ring only for FTR and the Young Bucks to save the Tag champs.
In the middle of the broadcast FTR signed their AEW contracts with Arn Anderson being announced as their coach. The very same Arn who manages Cody. At the same time on AEW Dark FTR have been watched by Tully Blanchard and have exchanged looks with the former Horsemen member. Tully currently is the coach for Shawn Spears. They seem to have a strange friendship with Hangman Page, who was at their contract signing and toasted their new beginnings. Hangman also in the past teased turning on Kenny Omega. However he is not alone in the teases as his current Tag Team partner has done the same when he attacked Marko Stunt after a match recently hinting that The Cleaner was on his way.
So why would Dark Order randomly attack Cody? What's his place in all of this? Next week he and Matt Cardona team up against the Dark Order. Elsewhere The Dark Order also takes on FTR, Omega, Page and The Young Bucks in 12 man tag team action. The pieces of the story are slowly starting to come together. Eventually someones going to turn and it feels like it may be 2 people. That would then allow Cardona and Cody to slide into the storyline along with the rest of The Elite. So what's a possibility that happens here? FTR reveal their true motives now that they have signed contracts and side with Tully instead of Arn. They leave The Elite in the dust.
This means that Tully now coaches Spears and FTR leaving one spot left to go. This is where AEW creates massive intrigue. You have all the members of The Elite in the ring and Matt Cardona and you have Tully announce that there is one more member of his team and it is one of them that will be the man to turn. He won't tell them to see if they will turn on each other. His plan would be to break apart The Elite. In people's minds who it will be is obvious but let's look at who we have.
We have Kenny Omega who teased a heel turn on Marko Stunt. He randomly keeps showing up late with no explanation. Hangman Page, who has also teased a turn and has become a solid drinking buddy with FTR on screen as of late. Matt Cardona, the new guy, who could be suckering them all in and getting them all on side before stabbing them in the back. Perhaps Spears got in Cardonas ear about Cody stabbing his friends in the back? Or mabe it will be Cody? The man has showed heel tenancies in his matches lately and while Arn appears pissed he secretly is on side the entire time. He and Tully masterminded the entire group and Arn did his bit by getting them contracts. Cody was the one who brought them in. Imagine it being Cody however given that his father Dusty Rhodes battled the original Horsemen back in the day.
Again there are so many layers to this and I feel like this will be their big angle heading into the All Out PPV. This "Who Is It?" storyline that they have expertly woven throughout their programming. It's one thing that WWE has lacked lately is individual characters having their own sub plots that merge together into a bigger picture. It's fantastic writing on AEWs part and I will give them the nod on that. And again the answer could literally be anyone. We all have our choices but AEW could have many spin off paths in place if they decide to choose each person to be the final man.
Interestingly enough this also is a classic WCW call back as the question for the NWO was "who is the 3rd man?" which lead to one of the wrestling worlds biggest babyfaces turning in Hulk Hogan. The company have done their work and they know that the pay off should be a huge one. Again hats off to AEW for superb storytelling.
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2020.07.29 20:02 apehasreturned Booking Cesaro Post WM30 - Part Two: Carving a Path

Part One Here!

Raw, November 24th, 2014
After a huge win at Survivor Series, Team Cena all celebrate to open Raw, with Cesaro being put over by the rest of the team for keeping their jobs intact and removing the Authority from power. He looks elated to have scored the victory for the team, and Cena says he's a future World Champion, clearly piquing his interest.
Out comes Seth Rollins, who insists HE'S the only future World Champion in this arena before holding up his money in the Bank briefcase. Cena shrugs and says he has a date with Lesnar at the Royal Rumble, leading to Seth shaking his head. "John, you think you're so special, so allow me to make a challenge. You fought so hard to get your hands on me at Hell in a Cell, and you couldn't. So I'll face you, as long as if I win, you are no longer Number One Contender." Cena agrees, and the match is set for TLC - but not before Cesaro pokes fun at Rollins for taking the pin on Sunday.

Raw, December 8th, 2014
Cesaro is set up for TLC with a match against Rusev, having been the first man to be responsible for a Rusev loss. He cuts a promo talking about how he eliminated Swagger, Rusev and Rollins in one night by himself, and the crowd are lapping it up as he says he's coming for what's his at TLC.

Smackdown, December 12th, 2014
Cesaro is set to work a match against The Miz, and makes an entrance to a huge pop, only to be BASHED IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH THE MONEY IN THE BANK BRIEFCASE! Seth Rollins stands over Cesaro, dented briefcase held high, before closing it around Cesaro's head... CURB STOMP WITH CESARO'S HEAD SANDWICHED IN THE STEEL! He goes for one more, but John Cena chases him off, Rollins leaping into the crowd as Cesaro is helped by medical officials.
It's announced later in the show that Rusev will instead defend his gold against Jack Swagger at TLC, as Cesaro will be taking time off for "severe head injuries."

At TLC, Rusev knocks off Swagger, while Seth Rollins shockingly defeats John Cena. Cesaro is unseen at the show, but there are chants for him throughout the Cena/Rollins match, with Cena going as far as to dedicate the match to his newfound ally before the bell rang.

On the last Raw of the year, everything happens as it did in real life, with Seth Rollins threatening to gravely injure Edge to force John Cena to reinstate the Authority. Triple H comes out, unceremoniously firing Ziggler, Rowan, Ryback and Cesaro for teaming up with Cena, and says he's going to make John's life hell.

Raw, January 5th, 2015
Seth opens the first Raw of the year, talking the big talk about how Cena is no longer Number One Contender, and is about to announce himself for that spot now that the Authority is back, when some very familiar music hits.
The crowd are ecstatic as the Swiss Cyborg runs down and absolutely DECIMATES Seth Rollins with an uppercut, followed by a SWISS DEATH, AND A NEUTRALIZER! Cesaro grabs the microphone and roars to the back that if Seth is ready to hurt Edge to get what he wants... Cesaro is ready to hurt Seth. He wants his, and his tag team partners, jobs back, and he wants in on the Brock/Seth match, having pinned Rollins at Survivor Series.
Triple H's music hits, and the Game stares at Cesaro with murderous intent as Cesaro holds Seth's head up by the hair. He shakes his head, and Cesaro grabs the briefcase, sandwiching Seth's head in it, before finally, the Game acquiesces. Ziggler, Rowan, Ryback and Cesaro are rehired - and Cesaro has his first ever World Title match in WWE.

Raw, January 12th, 2015
Paul Heyman cuts a promo saying Brock Lesnar is ready for any and all comers, but acknowledges it may be the first time he's facing someone who's pound for pound stronger. Cesaro, however, is still not even medically cleared to compete, and will only just make it in time for the Royal Rumble. Despite this, he promises not to underestimate Rollins or Cesaro, but says the Beast WILL walk out of the Royal Rumble still champion.

Raw, January 19th, 2015
It's the go-home Raw, and Rollins, Cesaro and Heyman are all on the scene for a contract signing. Cesaro is out first, followed by Rollins, and the two look ready to go at each other's throats as Heyman walks out. Rollins signs, followed by Cesaro, but ROLLINS HITS HIM WITH THE BRIEFCASE WHILE HE'S LEANED OVER! Rollins gets onto the table to try and dive on Cesaro, but CESARO DRIVES HIM THROUGH IT!
He looks at Heyman and yells at him to sign, the manager quickly doing so before ducking out of harm's way. Cesaro stands tall over Rollins, but then... oh... oh dear. Lesnar comes out on the stage, and hops onto the apron, straight into an UPPERCUT BY CESARO! Cesaro chases him out and goes for another uppercut, but BROCK WITH A GERMAN INTO THE BARRIER! Cesaro keeps putting up a fight, but soon enough, he falls to an F5, the Beast standing tall ahead of the Rumble.

Royal Rumble 2015
Cesaro vs Brock Lesnar (c) vs Seth Rollins for the WWE World Title
Seth is out first alongside J&J Security, followed by Cesaro, and finally Lesnar. The three men are in their own corners for ring introductions, and then the bell finally chimes for Cesaro's match at the 2015 Rumble - not the pre show like in real life, but the World Title match. Rollins instantly slides out of the ring, and the crowd all erupt as Lesnar and Cesaro go toe to toe.
Lesnar manhandles Cesaro after some offense from the Swiss Superman, getting a few suplexes before Rollins runs interference with a springboard knee. Rollins takes something of a beating too, before Cesaro and Seth reluctantly try to work together, only for Seth to take Cesaro out with a superkick before getting BODIED BY LESNAR!
Rollins is lying in a puddle of his own drool as Brock lifts him up for a tremendous suplex, and then J&J try to get involved, only to be taken out as well. Seth falls out of the ring, and Brock follows him out, throwing him into the steps before CESARO TAKES HIM DOWN WITH A SUICIDE DIVE! He lays in uppercut after uppercut against the barrier, and then hops up onto the apron for a FLYING UPPERCUT INTO THE ANNOUNCE DESK!
Cesaro strips down the table as Brock stirs, calling for Seth to handle Brock with a CURB STOMP! He throws Brock onto the table, but CESARO NAILS A GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB ONTO SETH, THROUGH THE SECOND ANNOUNCE DESK! Cesaro throws Brock into the timekeeper's area before rolling Seth into the ring for two, and then calls for the Swiss Death, only for an INHUMAN BROCK TO SPRINT IN WITH A HIGH KNEE!
Brock throws Cesaro into the turnbuckles before going to work with the body shots, but Srth gets a sleeper hold. Brock tries to shake him off, but CESARO HITS AN UPPERCUT ON BROCK! Brock is dazed, and Seth releases to go for a Curb Stomp, only for LESNAR TO HIT AN F5! Cesaro tries to stop the cover, but Brock hits a belly to belly, rubbing his hands together before following Cesaro out to ringside.
The champion picks Cesaro up, but CESARO HITS HIM WITH AN UPPERCUT! He grabs the wooden table covering and bashes Brock with it til it splinters, and hits punch after punch until Brock falls over on the table... SETH ROLLINS HITS AN ELBOW THROUGH THE TABLE FROM THE TOP! OH MY GOD! Cesaro is in awe, and then tells Seth to help him pick Brock up. Both carry him to the corner of the barrier... SPEAR INTO THE TIMEKEEPER'S AREA BY CESARO! Cesaro is dazed getting up, and SETH HITS A STOMP ON THE FLOOR!
Rollins rolls Cesaro in with a desperate look in his eye, and the two have some amazing back and forth action. Cesaro gets the upper hand after a Big Boot, and calls for the Neutralizer, but SETH COUNTERS AND HAULS CESARO UP... BUCKLE BOMB! SUPERKICK! He goes for the Curb Stomp... CESARO HITS A LARIAT! NEUTRALIZER! INTO THE COVER - ONE! TWO! THR-BROCK BREAKS IT UP! OH MY GOD, HE'S ALIVE! Brock suplexes Cesaro out of the ring before hitting a huge F5 on Seth for the one, two and three, remaining champion despite the incredible efforts of Rollins and Cesaro.
Brock Lesnar def. Cesaro and Seth Rollins (23:43) to retain the WWE World Title

After a gruelling Royal Rumble, Cesaro goes full steam ahead on his feud with Seth Rollins. The two trade blows every week on Raw and Smackdown in increasingly spectacular ways and interfering in one another's matches.
Cesaro def. Sin Cara (5:12)
Cesaro def. Stardust by DQ (9:02)
The bout is made for Fastlane: Cesaro vs Seth Rollins.

Fastlane 2015
Cesaro vs Seth Rollins
Cesaro makes his entrance first, and awaits the arrival of Rollins, only to get J&J Security. Cesaro rolls his eyes and heads up the ramp before commiting brutal crimes against humanity on the two men, UPPERCUTTING NOBLE OFF THE STAGE! He powerbombs Mercury into the LED screens and calls for Seth, but now it's Big Show that comes out, followed by Kane.
Kane and Big Show's size are a lot to handle, but Cesaro survives them, only for SETH TO RUN OUT WITH A CLOTHESLINE! He throws Cesaro off the side of the stage, Cesaro rolling through as Seth follows him, and the two battle into the crowd, exchanging blows left and right. Soon enough, they reach a tech table, and Seth hits a superkick before trying to flee upwards, clambering onto a balcony. Cesaro tries to follow him up, and hits an uppercut, only for SETH TO PULL HIM DOWN AS WELL, BOTH MEN CRASHING AND BURNING THROUGH THE TABLE!
The match is called a no contest as the two are aided by doctors and referees, but it's clear this is far from over.
Cesaro vs Seth Rollins went to a no contest

Raw, March 2nd, 2015
After months of bad blood, Cesaro is the first man to bring up the idea - Seth Rollins vs Cesaro at WrestleMania. Seth takes his sweet time to respond, and soon enough, the Authority assault Cesaro backstage, with Seth walking into frame and grabbing him by the jaw, yelling that he accepts before CURB STOMPING CESARO ONTO THE CONCRETE FLOOR!

Smackdown, March 12th, 2015
Brock Lesnar opens the show, but he's attacked by Seth Rollins, who seeks to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase. Cesaro rushes out and puts a stop to it with an uppercut and a Swiss Death, before HITTING A NEUTRALIZER ON SETH! Brock rolls out of the ring, impressed, as Cesaro grabs Seth and promises ot haunt his dreams until he gets his hands on him properly at Wrestlemania.

Raw, March 23rd, 2015
It's the go-home, and both Cesaro and Seth get into a huge backstage brawl, Cesaro being held back as Seth gets into an Authority-branded car and gets the hell outta dodge. Later that night, Cesaro finds it parked out back, with a bystander saying Seth got in a limo and ditched the marked car, leading to Cesaro tearing the vehicle apart with his bear hands because, well, he's a freak of nature, so why the hell not? He stomps on the Authority symbol on the destroyed hood of the car to end the segment, perhaps a harbinger of Rollins' fortune come Sunday.

WrestleMania 31
Cesaro vs Seth Rollins
It's a year on from winning the Andre, and now Cesaro's in a highlighted match on the card against Seth Rollins. Seth wears his iconic black and gold, while Cesaro opts for the classic red and white as he stares down his foe. The bell rings to an ovation, and WE'RE UNDERWAY WITH ROLLINS VS CESARO, HERE AT WRESTLEMANIA!
Seth instantly rolls from the ring as Cesaro BARRELS OUT WITH A TOPE CON HILO! Cesaro sends Seth back into the ring and hits an uppercut into the corner, wearing Seth down with strikes before connecting with a gutwrench suplex for two. He grabs Rollins for another uppercut, but Rollins lands an enziguri, followed by a high knee and a SETHWALKER FOR TWO!
Rollins keeps the pressure on with a PHOENIX SPLASH, but it again garners two. Seth is getting more and more frustrated as he tries every trick in the book, but Cesaro keeps kicking out. Rollins heads up for a diving knee, but CESARO CATCHES HIM FOR A RICOLA BOMB! He stacks Seth for two, and then pops up... NEUTRALIZER! ONE! TWO! THR-NOOO!
Cesaro's in control now, and he hits a cravate suplex before adjusting his jaw and landing a double stomp. He goes for a Swiss Death, but SETH RAKES THE EYES! Cesaro clutches his face as Seth grabs him... SMALL PACKAGE DRIVER! ONE! TWO! THR-CESARO SOMEHOW KICKS OUT! Seth is seething, but he calls for a Buckle Bomb all the same, hauling Cesaro up, but CESARO UPPERCUTS HIM OUT TO THE APRON!
Cesaro def. Seth Rollins (14:10)

Raw, March 30th, 2015
Rollins comes out with the Authority to celebrate his victory at the END of WrestleMania 31, but he's quickly interrupted by Randy Orton - then Roman Reigns - then Cesaro. All three men stake their claim to the World Title, and it's announced for later that night that they'll face off for the right to challenge Seth Rollins - in an elimination match next week.
However - today, he faces off with new Intercontinental Champion Daniel Bryan.
Cesaro vs Daniel Bryan
These two have a great back-and-forth match to close out Smackdown, going about twenty minutes, with Cesaro maintaining control for the bulk of the bout. They start technical before working their way into grappling and headbutts, with Bryan landing on his feet out of a Cravate Suplex to land a roundhouse to the head, followed by a KNEE PLUS FOR THE WIN!
Daniel Bryan def. Cesaro (20:12)
After the bout, Bryan raises Cesaro's hand high and congratulates him on a match well fought. Cesaro leaves the ring and heads to the back, leaving Bryan to celebrate to close the show until he's attacked by a returning Sheamus.

Raw, April 6th, 2015
Cesaro vs Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton in an Elimination Match
Orton and Reigns have their own history, so they take it to each other, with Cesaro occasionally getting involved. Reigns is in bad shape after a night with Brock, and, alongside interference from the Big Show, is eliminated. Leaving Cesaro and Orton, Cesaro is able to counter an RKO into a Ricola-Plex, followed by a Swiss Death Uppercut to earn a rematch.
Cesaro def. Randy Orton and Roman Reigns to earn the right to face Seth Rollins
It's announced that at Extreme Rules, the main event will see Seth Rollins take on Cesaro in the titular stipulation for the WWE World Title.

the build remains much the same as before WrestleMania, with increasingly inflammatory actions - Seth sics Show and Kane on Cesaro, but over the weeks, Cesaro gradually takes out all of Seth's allies, with Roman Reigns entering his feud with Show to keep him occupied, and with J&J and Kane being taken out by Cesaro in the build to Extreme Rules.

Extreme Rules 2015
Cesaro vs Seth Rollins (c) for the WWE World Title in an Extreme Rules Match
The challenger is out first, followed by a very alone Rollins, who knows Cesaro's pinned him twice now. Both get formal ring introductions, and we get underway with an UPPERCUT OUT OF THE GATES! Cesaro lays in the uppercuts on Seth in the corner before hitting a gutwrench suplex and rolling out of the ring to grab every weapon he can - tables, chairs, a ladder, bat, fire extinguisher, the works.
Cesaro grabs the fire extinguisher and bashes Seth in the face with it, dousing him in the fire retardant before throwing the canister aside and going for a Neutralizer. Seth counters and hits a Buckle Bomb for a reprieve, before setting up two tables in the ring. He tries to lay Cesaro out on them, but Cesaro fights free, before sending Seth to the outside and into the crowd.
Both men battle through the audience, but soon enough Seth rushes out of frame after gouging Cesaro's eyes. Cesaro is confused as to where he is, and looks up to see SETH ROLLINS LEAPING FROM THE BALCONY! CESARO UPPERCUTS HIM OUT OF THE AIR! Seth is knocked right on out, and Cesaro tries to drag him back to ringside. He powerbombs Seth onto the announce table, but it doesn't break, causing Cesaro to... oh no... he's setting up a ladder.
He grabs Seth by the hair, but SETH GOES LOW! Cesaro crumples - CURB STOMP ON THE OUTSIDE! A beaten and bruised Rollins sends Cesaro back in, hooking the leg... ONE! TWO! THR-NOOOO!! Seth is in shock as Cesaro is somehow still alive, and he calls for one more, only for CESARO TO KICK HIM IN THE GUT! Cesaro grabs a chair from the mat and GOES TO TOWN! He hits Seth over and over and over until the chair breaks, and then covers... ONE! TWO! THR-JOEY MERCURY WITH THE SAVE!
J&J are out there, bandaged up, and Cesaro loses his damn mind, beating both down with uppercuts before laying Noble out on the second announce table and POWERBOMBING MERCURY ONTO HIM, THROUGH THE TABLE! He turns around to see Seth, and GETS HIT WITH A SUPERKICK! A dazed Cesaro falls against the Spanish table, and Seth gets up on the apron before climbing up that side of the ladder.
The crowd are awestruck as Seth reaches the top, but CESARO STARTS HEADING UP AS WELL! Seth spits in Cesaro's face, and Cesaro hits an uppercut, hooking Seth's arm and looking fifteen feet below... HE'S GOING FOR A SUPERPLEX! WAIT A MINUTE! WHO THE... BAD NEWS BARRETT! BARRETT IS LIFTING CESARO'S SIDE OF THE LADDER! Seth takes the momentum from the tipping - SETH BRINGS CESARO CRASHING INTO THE RING, THROUGH THE TWO TABLES! HE DRAPES AN ARM OVER... ONE! TWO! THREE!
Seth Rollins def. Cesaro (23:51) to retain the WWE World Title
Seth is helped up by Barrett, who seems to be the newest member of the Authority! We're giving him this since Neville's going to get KOTR, so why not give Bad News Barrett, an awesome gimmick, something to work with by delivering Bad News on behalf of the Authority? Seth looks down upon Cesaro, a man who clearly had it won, and cackles to close the show.

Raw, May 4th, 2015
Right after seeing old enemy Sami Zayn take on John Cena, Cesaro comes out to the ring, bandaged up from his Extreme Rules Match, and challenges BNB to a match at Payback. Barrett comes out to apologize, saying that it wasn't personal before HITTING A BULLHAMMER! He vows that at Payback, he's afraid he'll have some bad news for Cesaro, walking over the Swiss Cyborg on his way backstage.

Payback 2015
Cesaro vs Bad News Barrett
Cesaro's out first, followed by Barrett. The bell rings and it starts surprisingly slow, not with Cesaro sprinting from his corner and going for the kill, but with a wearing down process as he targets Barrett's leg. Barrett is able to get control early, though, and keeps the pressure on Cesaro as the match continues.
Barrett targets Cesaro's midsection with strikes and even manages to land a Wasteland for two, but Cesaro starts to rally after being thrown into the ropes and SPRINGBOARDING OFF WITH AN UPPERCUT! He kicks out Barrett's leg for a basement uppercut, followed by a Ricola-Plex for two and a CESARO SWING!
The swing goes to 25 before Cesaro relents, and Barrett clutches his leg from the G-Forces of the move. Cesaro hauls Barrett up for a powerbomb, again garnering two, and calls for the Neutralizer, but Barrett drops down for a Big Boot, and then lands a WINDS OF CHANGE! ONE! TWO! THR-NOO! Cesaro's in trouble as Barrett turns over the elbow pad, winding up... BULLHAMMER MISSES! CESARO WITH THE BRIDGING FALLAWAY SLAM FOR TWO!
Both men are exhausted, Bad News nursing his leg as he gets to his feet, and Cesaro throws an uppercut, only for BNB to trap his arm in the ropes. He hits a headbutt on Cesaro and traps the other arm before landing several knees, and calls for a Bullhammer, only for CESARO TO HIT AN UPPERCUT! BARRETT'S DOWN - CESARO LOCKS IN THE SHARPSHOOTER! Barrett is struggling, screaming out... BARRETT FORCED TO TAP!
Cesaro def. Bad News Barrett (14:02)
Later in the night, Daniel Bryan vacates his title, putting it up for grabs in the Elimination Chamber.

Raw, May 11th, 2015
The Chamber contestants are announced as Cesaro, Bad News Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, Kofi Kingston (having been banned from the tag chamber) and new KOTR Neville. All six men have a staredown, cutting promos about how they'll all be the next champion, and the showdown ends with Ryback standing tall.

Raw, May 18th, 2015
Cesaro vs Bad News Barrett vs Neville vs Ryback vs Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston in a Gauntlet Match
The six men have a gauntlet match to decide who enters the Chamber last, with Cesaro and Kofi starting things off. Kofi gets a lot of help from the New Day, but Cesaro is just able to overcome the odds against Kingston, and then Ziggler. Ryback gives him a hell of a run for his money, but he rolls the Big Guy up, and Neville is assaulted by Bad News Barrett backstage as revenge for beating him in the KOTR Finals, leaving Cesaro and Barrett as the last two men. BNB picks Cesaro's bones to come away with the win, meaning he'll enter the Chamber last.
Bad News Barrett def. Cesaro, Neville, Ryback, Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston (31:02) to earn the last spot

Elimination Chamber 2015
Cesaro vs Bad News Barrett vs Neville vs Ryback vs Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston in an Elimination Chamber Match for the Intercontinental Title
It's Ziggler and Kofi who start things off, with Cesaro, Ryback, Neville and Barrett in pods. They go back and forth to try and score some time to prepare for Number Three, but neither of them are able to score a fall. Despite this, The New Day are outside the Chamber trying to distract Ziggler, giving Kofi the opening to shove Dolph headfirst into the chains as the clock counts down.
Out comes Ryback, and he turns Kofi inside out with a Meathook before hitting a Belly to Belly on Ziggler onto the floor. He pins Ziggler for two before targeting Kingston, but Ziggler and Kofi begrudgingly work together to handle the Big Guy. The clock starts counting down as Ziggler and Kofi hit a tandem suplex, only for KOFI TO HIT A TROUBLE IN PARADISE ON ZIGGLER FOR TWO!
Next up is Cesaro like a house of fire, with UPPERCUTS FOR EVERYONE! He throws Kofi into the Chamber wall and takes the fight to Ryback, with Ziggler starting to stir. Cesaro calls for a Cesaro Swing on Ziggler, but Kofi rushes in with a dropkick... CAUGHT! DOUBLE CESARO SWING! He throws them around the ring before releasing at 18, and is taken out by Ryback with a Stinger Splash.
Neville rushes out next with a flurry of kicks on Ryback, followed by a POISON RANA! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! He bolts up and hits a superkick on Kofi, before heading to the top of the pod... RED ARROW ON KINGSTON! ONE! TWO! THREE! Dolph goes for the finish on a downed Neville, but Cesaro shoves him aside and throws Neville out of the ring before hauling Ryback up for a NEUTRALIZER! He picks Ryback up and calls for Dolph... SUPERKICK! Both cover Ryback for the One, Two, THREE!
Barrett comes out last, and CESARO BLASTS HIM WITH AN UPPERCUT BACK INTO HIS POD! Cesaro gets on top and rains down punches before hauling him out and THROWING HIM THROUGH THE PLEXIGLASS! Neville hits a springboard shooting star onto the steel, and Ziggler rushes onto the KOTR winner as Cesaro hits a SWISS DEATH ON BARRETT FOR THREE!
Ziggler and Neville go after one another, and Neville lands a big move before going for a Red Arrow, only for Dolph to rush up to try for a superplex... CESARO WITH THE TOWER OF DOOM! Neville drapes an arm over Ziggler... ONE! TWO! THR-KICKOUT! It's down to three men, and Cesaro hauls Ziggler up, throwing him into the corner as Neville rises for an UPPERCUT TRAIN! Neville falls flat, and CESARO LANDS A POWERBOMB ON ZIGGLER, ONTO NEVILLE FOR TWO!
Cesaro picks Ziggler up, calling for a Neutralizer, but NEVILLE HITS A SUPERKICK! Cesaro stumbles back as Ziggler lands on his feet... TANDEM SUPERKICK! ZIGGLER WITH THE ZIG ZAG! He goes for the cover, but NEVILLE CAPITALIZES WITH A POISON RANA, INTO A RINGS OF SATURN! ZIGGLER IS OUT! IT'S DOWN TO TWO!
Now with only two remaining and Cesaro down, Neville starts climbing onto the pod, and then... keeps going. Oh my god - HE'S ON THE CEILING! NEVILLE IS HANGING FROM THE CEILING! He looks down, and tucks his legs in before falling back - CESARO WITH A SWISS DEATH ON A FALLING NEVILLE! HOLY HELL! HE HOOKS THE LEG - ONE! TWO! THREE! CESARO IS THE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION!
Cesaro def. Neville, Dolph Ziggler, Bad News Barrett, Ryback and Kofi Kingston (32:33) to become Intercontinental Champion

Smackdown, June 4th, 2015
Cesaro (c) vs Ryback for the Intercontinental Title
Cesaro starts running open challenges on Smackdown against Cena's on Raw, and the first is answered by Ryback. They have a back and forth bout, with both feeling the effects of the Chamber, but Cesaro carries Ryback to a good match before eventually putting him away with a Neutralizer, proving that it doesn't need to take multiple men to get Ryback down - just one superman.
Cesaro def. Ryback (10:18) to retain the Intercontinental Title

Smackdown, June 11th, 2015
Cesaro (c) vs Luke Harper for the Intercontinental Title
Harper has rejoined the Wyatt Family, but he's still a former IC Champ. These two have a predictably fantastic bout, with both men breaking out the power moves and even some of their high-intensity maneuvers like suicide dives. Harper even manages to drive Cesaro through the barricade, but in the end, a Discus Clothesline is caught with a Swiss Death counter, leading to another defense for Cesaro.
Cesaro def. Luke Harper (13:30) to retain the Intercontinental Title

Money in the Bank 2015
Cesaro makes his way out to the ring for his PPV open challenge, Sheamus having just won Money in the Bank. The crowd are on their feet as he lays the title on the mat, and tells anyone to come and get it. IT'S NEVILLE! The crowd leap from their seats as we get to bear witness to Neville vs Cesaro with the gold on the line after the sneak peak in the chamber, and WE ARE UNDERWAY!
Cesaro (c) vs Neville for the Intercontinental Title
We start off with a bang, as Neville and Cesaro charge, Neville getting the dropkick to the knee before running the ropes, gaining momentum for a BACK HANDSPRING INTO THE DDT! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Neville nearly got Cesaro very early, and keeps the pressure on with a back heel kick, followed by a DROPSAULT, INTO THE SUPERKICK OFF THE ROPES! He goes for a Dragon Suplex, but Cesaro counters before throwing Neville from the ring, nailing a BIG BOOT, FOLLOWED BY A SUICIDE DIVE!
Cesaro hurls Neville into the barricade, working a more brutal style than we're used to against the incredibly popular Neville, before hitting a - oh god - DOUBLE UNDERHOOK POWERBOMB ONTO THE EDGE OF THE BARRIER! Neville screams out in pain as his vertebrae misalign, and Cesaro tosses him into the ring apron before sending him inside.
The champion lifts Neville up for a Ricola-Plex, but NEVILLE FLIPS OUT OF IT! NEVILLE WITH THE SUPERKICK! Cesaro is stunned as Neville runs the ropes to go for a springboard tornado DDT - CAUGHT WITH AN UPPERCUT! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT BY NEVILLE! Cesaro grabs Neville by the legs, and roars as he delivers a DEADLIFT POWERBOMB, STACKING HIM FOR TWO BEFORE HAULING HIM UP FOR A SITOUT POWERBOMB FOR ANOTHER NEARFALL!
Neville is still in this fight as Cesaro picks him up, hitting an uppercut, but Neville fires back with a back heel kick, followed by a DRAGONRANA FOR 2.9! Cesaro pulls himself up on the ropes, but NEVILLE HITS A LEG LARIAT OVER THE ROPES! Cesaro's on the apron as Neville gets up on the turnbuckles - BLOCKBUSTER OFF THE APRON, TO THE FLOOR!
Both men are down, but Neville is the first to get up, sending Cesaro in before calling for the Red Arrow, but CESARO MOVES, AND NEVILLE LANDS ON HIS FEET! OH MY GOD! He goes for the superkick, but Cesaro catches the foot, spinning it around to deliver an UPPERCUT! Neville is dazed, and Cesaro picks him up for A UFO! WE HAVEN'T SEEN ONE OF THESE IN AGES! He falls into the cover - ONE! TWO! THR-NOO!
Cesaro's shocked that Neville is still in it, and throws Neville into the corner to go for an uppercut, only for Neville to KICK HIS LIGHTS OUT! Neville scrambles up to the top rope, setting up for a Red Arrow, but CESARO MOVES FOR A DEADLIFT RICOLA-PLEX! He grabs Neville without a second's delay - NEUTRALIZER! ONE! TWO! THREE! WHAT A WAR!
Cesaro def. Neville (16:01) to retain the Intercontinental Title

Smackdown, June 18th, 2015
Cesaro (c) vs Stardust for the Intercontinental Title
These two have a quick open challenge match, with Stardust getting some help from the Ascension to further their work as a team. Cesaro's able to overcome the odds, though, and Neville neutralizes the Ascension in a show of respect to help set up the SummerSlam tag match with Stephen Amell. Cesaro hits a Swiss Death for the win, and shakes hands with Neville to end the segment.
Cesaro def. Stardust (9:53) to retain the Intercontinental Title

Smackdown, June 25th, 2015
Cesaro (c) vs Xavier Woods for the Intercontinental Title
The two men battle it out for a little while, with the New Day failing to successfully interfere and Cesaro managing to put Woods away. He holds the title high, until he hears this. The crowd erupt as Kevin Owens, moving on from his feud with John Cena, comes out and challenges Cesaro to a title match at Battleground, keeping with the Prizefighter gimmick. Cesaro chuckles and agrees, before the New Day lay Cesaro out for knocking off Xavier as Owens sits in the corner, eyeing the gold.
Cesaro def. Xavier Woods (10:41) to retain the Intercontinental Title

Smackdown, July 2nd, 2015
Cesaro (c) vs Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E in a Handicap Match for the Intercontinental Title
This is a pretty one-sided beatdown for the most part, but Cesaro catches his moment against Kofi with a flurry of uppercuts, knocking Woods and Big E off the apron before going for a Neutralizer, only to be TAKEN OUT BY OWENS! The crowd boo as the bell rings, and Owens hits three successive Pop-Up Powerbombs, sending a hell of a message to the champ.
Cesaro def. Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E (12:32) by DQ
After this, Cesaro takes the next few open challenges off to sell his injuries, sending us to Battleground.

Battleground 2015
Cesaro (c) vs Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental Title
Owens is out first, followed by the Swiss Superman. The two men stare down as the crowd's intensity grows, and commentary talks up Owen's win over Cena. He's trying to rebound from losing his NXT gold to Finn Balor, but Cesaro's looking for a seventh successful defense on TV in just two months. The bell rings, and here we go!
Still feeling the effects of the handicap match, Cesaro's having a tough time getting the ball rolling against Owens. Kevin gets control early, heeling it up and taunting the St Louis crowd as he wears the champion down. Soon enough, Cesaro's strength comes into play as KEVIN GOES FOR A CANNONBALL, ONLY FOR CESARO TO HOLD ON, STAND UP, AND POWERBOMB HIM FOR TWO!
Cesaro's taped up in the shoulders and nurses the joint as he heads over to Kevin, but Owens rolls out of the ring to recover. Cesaro heads out after him, but Owens targets the shoulder with a toss into the barricade, then the apron, THEN THE STEPS, THEN THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! RELENTLESS BY OWENS! Kevin props Cesaro up against the barrier, before RUNNING AROUND THE RING FOR A TREMENDOUS CANNONBALL!
Kevin sends Cesaro back in, calling for a Popup Powerbomb, but CESARO COUNTERS INTO A DROPKICK! Astounding athleticism on display as Cesaro unleashes uppercut after uppercut, before GOING FOR THE CESARO SWING! He rotates and rotates as the crowd count ever higher, before FINALLY SLAPPING IN THE SHARPSHOOTER ON THE CANADIAN!
The challenger is in trouble, screaming out as he tries to get to the ropes... he scratches and claws, before CESARO TRANSITIONS INTO AN STF! Owens tears at Cesaro's fingers, before he tears the bandage off his shoulder and slings it around the rope, using it to PULL HIMSELF TO THE ROPES! Cesaro releases immediately, and hits a GUTWRENCH SUPLEX! RICOLA POWERBOMB! BICYCLE KICK, FOLLOWED BY A SWISS19, and finally a MATCH KILLER FACEBUSTER! ONE! TWO! THR-NOO! WHAT DOES HE HAVE TO DO?
St Louis are stunned by the incredible sequence, but Owens is still in it as Cesaro cranks his neck to call for the Neutralizer, only for OWENS TO GET THE THROAT WITH A PUNCH! Cesaro crumples as Owens cackles, throwing him into the ropes for a POPUP POWERBOMB! ONE! TWO! THR-NOO!! CESARO IS STILL ALIVE!
Everyone in the arena are on their feet as Owens stumbles up, grabbing the champ for another Popup Powerbomb, but CESARO HITS A DIVING UPPERCUT! The champion throws Owens over the ropes to the apron before getting onto the second turnbuckle, calling for his deadlift superplex, but OWENS COUNTERS WITH A HEADBUTT! He rushes up... INVERTED FISHERMANS SUPLEX FROM THE TOP, BUT CESARO BOUNCES UP TO HIS FEET! TREMENDOUS UPPERCUT! THE CROWD ARE ROARING AS CESARO GETS OWENS UP - NEUTRALIZER! ONE! TWO! THREE! CESARO RETAINS IN THE MATCH OF THE NIGHT!
Cesaro def. Kevin Owens (22:07) to retain the Intercontinental Title

Smackdown, July 23rd, 2015
Cesaro (c) vs Curtis Axel for the Intercontinental Title
It's literally the day before Hogan was fired, so this is the curtain call of Axelmania, where Cesaro promptly beats the ever-loving hell out of the former Intercontinental Champion in a pretty quick affair, although Axel still gets a chance to hulk up before getting turned inside out with a Swiss Death for three.
Cesaro def. Curtis Axel (8:28) to retain the Intercontinental Title

Smackdown, July 30th, 2015
Cesaro (c) vs Zack Ryder for the Intercontinental Title
Cesaro gets another successful defense over a relatively established star in Zack Ryder, picking up the win with raw power and leg work before putting Zack away with a Sharpshooter, elevating the move as a legitimate finisher in his arsenal.
Cesaro def. Zack Ryder (11:31) to retain the Intercontinental Title
Later on in the night, Cesaro's impressive winning streak as champion is noted - by one Roman Reigns, who's still looking for a SummerSlam opponent.

Smackdown, August 6th, 2015
Cesaro (c) vs Tyler Breeze for the Intercontinental Title
Another opponent for Cesaro, this time a surprise from NXT, with Tyler Breeze getting a big match in the second hour of Smackdown to build him up for his match with Jushin Liger in Brooklyn. Breeze gets a few solid nearfalls, looking strong, and even gets out of a Cesaro Swing with a selfie stick across the face. However, Cesaro catches a Beauty Shot, flapjacking Breeze into a SWISS DEATH FOR THREE!
Cesaro def. Tyler Breeze (15:00) to retain the Intercontinental Title
After the bout, this hits. Out comes Roman, and he stares down Cesaro, neither taking their eyes off each other until Cesaro raises the title high.

Smackdown, August 12th, 2015
Cesaro (c) vs Big Show for the Intercontinental Title
Cesaro does big strong lad things, breaking out a Neutralizer to put the Big Show away in a definitive manner ahead of the now-scheduled Roman Reigns bout at SummerSlam. Cesaro calls out Reigns to the ring, and the two share... words before the segment ends.
Cesaro def. Big Show (9:50) to retain the Intercontinental Title

SummerSlam 2015
Cesaro (c) vs Roman Reigns for the Intercontinental Title
The challenger is out first for a blockbuster title bout, and everyone is wondering - is Roman really leaving the World Title picture and walking out with the Intercontinental gold, or is Cesaro about to beat one of that year's WrestleMania main eventers? Cesaro enters last as champion, wearing black and gold trunks. He enters the ring and nods at Roman before pushing the title into his face, Roman shoving Cesaro away before the ref tells them to split it up for introductions. The bell rings for what's sure to be a competitive bout, and we are underway!
Starting off with a test of strength, Roman's stunned when Cesaro backs him up into the corner, clapping him on the chest for a clean break. Reigns comes out with a bit more steam to back Cesaro into his corner, but the champ simply spins around and hits an uppercut on Reigns, Roman having to roll out of the ring.
Reigns was banking on his size playing a bigger role, but he doesn't have much time to dwell as CESARO COMES OUT WITH A DROPKICK UNDER THE ROPES! Cesaro seamlessly breaks into a run to uppercut Reigns, followed by a belly to back suplex ONTO THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! Cesaro gets on top of the table and throws his arms up to the joy of the crowd, taunting Reigns before trying to pull him up, only for Roman to pull him down into a SAMOAN DROP ONTO THE FLOOR!
Roman sends Cesaro packing back into the ring before pulling him back over one of the ropes for a DRIVE BY! He scrambles in and covers for two, before picking Cesaro up to lay in the heavy shots, backing him into the turnbuckles, landing a corner clothesline before sending Cesaro into the ropes for a series of shoulder tackles, capping it with a SCOOP POWERSLAM FOR TWO!
Now firmly in control, Roman smells blood in the water and turns up the heat with increasingly damaging strikes, but CESARO LANDS AN UPPERCUT TO STOP THE ONSLAUGHT! He lands a few more, and then CONNECTS WITH A BICYCLE KICK, FOLLOWED BY A SWISS UPPERCUT TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! STRAITJACKET GERMAN! ONE! TWO! THR-NOO!
Brooklyn erupt as they see Cesaro is still in it, but Reigns just takes it in stride, heading to his corner and calling for another Spear. He OOAAAHHS, and rushes, but CESARO POPS HIM UP INTO A SWISS DEATH! ONE! TWO! THR-NOOOOO!!! REIGNS STILL IN IT! Cesaro is in disbelief, and immediately hauls him up for a Neutralizer, but REIGNS FLOATS OVER! Spear avoided by Cesaro, who goes for the springboard uppercut - SPEARED OUT OF MID AIR! ONE! TWO! THREE! ROMAN REIGNS WINS THE INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE!
Roman Reigns def. Cesaro (19:41) to win the Intercontinental Title
Reigns celebrates with his first singles gold in WWE, raising the title high as Cesaro looks on in the corner, dejected. He was on such a roll, eleven successful defenses... and it all got derailed in three seconds. He stares daggers through Reigns as he rolls out of the ring, the crowd applauding his efforts in the brutal battle, but the question looming over Cesaro is... what now?
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